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Nicewin winter cycling gloves
Louis garneau winter cycling gloves
Anti-slip winter cycling gloves

Nothing takes the fun out of cold-weather activities like numb hands and feet. When it comes to riding, though, sacrificing fun is the least of your worries. Frozen digits can impede your ability to shift and brake effectively. That’s just downright dangerous! But before you add any old pair of gloves to your online shopping cart, consider the conditions in which you ride, how cold it gets where you live, and the type of riding you do. After all, your hands are right out front on the bar taking the brunt of all things cold: wind, rain, sleet, and snow. It’s imperative to protect them properly.

As all cyclists know, in winter it’s the extremities that freeze first, so a decent pair of winter cycling gloves needs to be able to trap in the warmth first and foremost – helping you to keep riding through the coldest months. Staying warm on a cold-weather ride can often feel like an uphill battle, balancing warmth, resistance to the elements and breathability.

Our best rated winter cycling gloves can transform your ride, with your hands taking the brunt of the cold wind, rain, snow and whatever else your blustery ride throws at you, it’s crucial to find the right level of insulation and wind and waterproofing. What’s worse is even when your hands do get cold beyond just being uncomfortable it can also impede grip and dexterity for braking and shifting.

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Best Rated Winter Cycling Gloves

Nicewin winter cycling gloves

Windproof composite fabric effectively insulates cold wind and locks up inner temperature. High-quality materials of water-resistant surface and polar fleece lining provide a great heat storage effect. The bicycling gloves with polar fleece on the thumb help you to easily wipe sweat away. Lengthened wrist with hook and loop fastener, stylish and easy to put on, also keeps the cycling gloves warm for a long time. Reflective caution strips on dorsum of hand increase warning effect in the night. Special palm pads can effectively absorb the shock and reduce numbness on the bumpy road. Ease your palm fatigue and reduce the probability of skipping. Thumb and forefinger adopt microfiber so you can access to smart phones without taking off the racing gloves to answer calls or respond to messages, which is really a undesirable thing in winter.

  • Superior wind proofing
  • Multi-purpose
  • Screen friendly
  • Reflective stripes
  • Do not offer the best dexterity
Latest deal: Nicewin winter cycling gloves

Louis garneau winter cycling gloves

A beginning cyclist who has a lot of equipment to purchase will be looking for a deal. And with the calory glove, that’s exactly what they’ll get. It offers all the essential features of a comfortable cycling glove while at the same time being the most affordable in its category. With a well-padded palm, highly ventilated fabric and easy-to-adjust cuff, the calory glove has what it takes to go the distance. It enhances your cycling experience. The perforated palm with ergo air ventilation offers maximum airflow while riding. The gloves feature foam padding for added comfort. The hook and loop adjustable cuff makes them easy to adjust. The finger puller and silicone puller at wrists allow for quick and easy removal.

  • Greater grip
  • Palm insulation
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Material: nylon and polyester
  • The gloves aren’t that windproof
Latest deal: Louis garneau winter cycling gloves

Anti-slip winter cycling gloves

The gloves adopt elastic milk fiber and spandex to offer ultra-soft feel and comfortable wearing experience. The silicone printings with classic patterns on the palm increase friction so as to prevent your grip from slipping. They come with upgraded conductive fabric on the index fingers and thumbs enabling you to sensitively touch the screen of mobile phone or tablet without taking your gloves off. The gloves have novel microfiber printings to add fashion sense and night visibility, which not only highly shows your taste but also reduces the possibility of injury at dark. Thickened fleece lining provides soft and cozy feel for you, and stretchy cuff effectively keeps your hands warm in chilly days.

  • Breathable insulating material
  • Comfortable and grippy
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Elasticated wrist
  • No extra insulating
Latest deal: Anti-slip winter cycling gloves

Simari winter cycling gloves

The simari winter gloves are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The material enhances the warmth and elasticity of the gloves so when you go out in cold weather, the simari gloves can keep your hand warm and comfortable. The top of thumb and index finger is padded with special conductive material that allows use of touch screen. The palms of the gloves are covered with a layer of silica gel which can increase the grip strength of the handlebars. Further the reflection patterns on the back of the gloves reflect light and improve the safety of cycling at night. The simari gloves are suitable for women, men, adults and teenagers to do outdoor activities such as riding, cycling, running, skiing, training, camping, climbing, driving and so on.

  • Soft and warm fleece lining
  • Humanized design
  • Anti-slip material
  • Conductive yarn allows touch screen usage
  • Not waterproof
Latest deal: Simari winter cycling gloves

Boildeg Cycling Gloves

Boildeg cycling gloves are made of elastic suede and breathable spandex on the back, comfortable to wear, ensuring your hands cool and fresh in spring, summer and fall. Wearing gloves can relieve the compression on wrist joints, provide safer protection for hands in case of accidents, prevent skidding caused by sweat, and reduce the possibility and degree of palm injury when falling off. Thanks to the non-slip grey suede cushion the thickened pads can effectively absorb the shock and reduce numbness on a bumpy road, ease your palm fatigue, and reduce the probability of slipping.

  • Breathable
  • Provide additional safety
  • Comfortable
  • Touch screen compatible
  • No extra insulating
Latest deal: Boildeg Cycling Gloves

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While the temptation might simply be to bung on the first pair of mittens you find in the drawer before you head out, it’s well worth investing in a set of cycling-specific gloves if you spend any significant time on the bike. First of all, they’ll be designed to handle the weather conditions typically faced by cyclists (ranging from biting wind to driving rain), while also offering the grip and dexterity required to change gears and brake effectively.

There’s more than one way to keep hands comfortable in unfavorable weather conditions, but the main things you need to consider are warmth (wind proofing and insulation), waterproofing and breathability. Consider the type of conditions you typically encounter on the bike and decide what you need to prioritize. When you are cycling for considerable distance, your whole body will sweat. Even if you don’t have sweaty palms, the perspiration from your shoulder will flow down to your hand and then to the bar handle. This can result to a slippery grip and eventually unstable handling.

If you’re determined to get out whatever the weather – even torrential rain and plummeting temperatures – then you need a set of gloves with a windproof, waterproof construction. But that may come at the cost of breathability in milder conditions. If you’re more of a fair-weather cyclist, happy to ride when it’s a bit chilly but not when there are dark clouds gathering, you’ll favor a lighter set of gloves, which will in turn offer improved ventilation and lower bulk (improving your dexterity).

On that note, pay careful attention to sizing: too loose and the excess material will bunch up, which can be uncomfortable and affect how much ‘feel’ you have through the gloves; too tight and you’ll restrict blood flow, so you might end up with numb fingers regardless, which sort of defeats the point of wearing gloves in the first place.

Why should you invest in the best cycling gloves for winter?

Some of the benefits you will enjoy when using these gloves includes;

  • Gloves provide improved grip and  excellent control when holding the handlebar
  • They keep your hands warm and dry
  • Most of these gloves features a thick padding which means that they help to absorb shock
  • They prevent ad injuries in case you fall
  • Another benefit is that the minimize hand pressure and this minimizes chances of developing blisters

This is how we compiled this article

Choosing the best winter cycling gloves may seem easy but it is not.  Below are some of the things we checked top ensure that the product we have reviewed will give you the best value.

Material– The best cycling gloves for winter should be made from top quality materials. These materials should be soft, durable and thick enough to keep you warm. You will find that all the materials used in the products we have reviewed are durable and thick.

Fit-Cycling gloves are available in different sizes which means that you need to ensure that the ones you have picked will fit you perfectly. The gloves in our list come with different sizes which makes them suitable for everyone.

Insulation-Another important aspect you should check is whether the gloves have layer of insulation. This is very important because it ensures that your hands are very warm. The layer of insulation also keeps your hands dry when cycling.

Padding– Apart from ensuring that your hands are very warm, gloves with thick padding also keeps your hands safe in case of an accident. They also reduce vibrations when cycling in rough surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my hands warm when cycling in the winter?
Wearing thick gloves is the most effective ways to keep your hands warm during the cold weather. You can also wear a pair of thin gloves inside the thick pair. The thin layer you should also be soft and non-slip.

Why do cyclists wear gloves?
Irrespective of the weather, cycling gloves are very important because they soak up sweat from your hands to keep you dry. They also give you excellent grip when holding the handlebar.