Best Rim Brake Pads for Road Bikes

By: John Mark

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A couple pieces of Alritz rim brake pads
Alritz Bike Brake Pads
A close up of a Zeno Full Carbon road bike brake
Zeno Bike Pads
A close up of a red Clarks Elite rim brake pads
CLARKS CPS471 Elite Pad

Irrespective of the type of road bike you own, one of the most important bike components are the brakes. They enhance your safety because they allow you to stop on time in case of an emergency. In order to boost their efficiency, you need to look for road bike brake pads.

The major purpose of brake pads is that they ensure that you stop safely and quickly. You will find that they are made of top quality materials, which enables them to provide the best performance. Today, we are going to reveal the best road bike brake pads for your rims that are worth your money.

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Our Top 5 Picks of Best Road Bike Brake Pads

Alritz Bike Brake Pads Set, 3 Pairs Road Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Blocks Shoes

A couple pieces of Alritz rim brake pads

The first thing you will love about these brake pads is that they are made of rubber and are free from asbestos and emery. Again, they are not noisy as compared to other models. You will also find that they have a slightly curved design which means that they do not interfere with the wheel. Besides that, they are very durable and also suitable for any weather. Another awesome feature is the sand-guide grooves which keeps away sand and stones which might damage the wheel.

  • Very cheap
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Unique sand guide grooves
  • Not durable
Latest deal: Alritz Brake Pads

Zeno Light Weight Road Bike Brake Cartridge Compatible with Brake Pads

A close up of a Zeno Full Carbon road bike brake

Zeno Light Weight Road Bike Brake Cartridge is another great option you should consider It comprises of an CNC aluminum cartridge which has black anodizing finish. What many cyclists love about it is that it provides an excellent performance on both wet and dry conditions. Again, it is sram/Shimano compatible. As compared to other models, this one provides an incredible stopping power.

  • Lightweight
  • Great stopping power
  • Decent price
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Cheap quality
Latest deal: Zeno Brakes

CLARKS CPS471 Elite Road Cartridge Pad

A close up of a red Clarks Elite rim brake pads

In terms of durability, Clarks CPS240 Elite Road Cartridge Bike are unbeatable. Apart from durability they have an excellent stopping power as compared to other models. Again, they do not squeal like the Shimano pads. If you are searching for powerful brake pads you can use in wet conditions, these ones are the best. They also have a beautiful design and color.

  • Powerful
  • Incredible stopping power
  • Durable
  • They do not squeal
  • None
Latest deal: CLARKS CPS471

Kool Stop Dual Compound Pads for Linear Pull Brakes

A close up of a Kool Stop Dual Compound mountain pads for linear pull brakes for road bikes

The most outstanding thing about these brake pads is that they have dual compound design. This means that they work perfectly on both wet and dry conditions. They also have a nice shape that conforms with the rim curvature. You will also realize that they are more attractive as compared to other models. The toe that comes with these pads are sharp and crisp. This enables them to scrap off mud and water from your rim. With these brake pads, you do not need to use disk brakes. Lastly, they provide an excellent grip to the wheels eve when you are at a high speed.

  • Easy to install
  • Amazing stopping power
  • Great for all weather
  • Attractive look
  • Noisy
Latest deal: Kool Stop Pads

Swiss Stop FlashPro Original Black Brake Pads

A close up image of a Swiss Stop Flash Pro Original black brake pads with yellow branding

Swiss Stop FlashPro are a bit expensive but they provide the best performance. They are available in 4 different beautiful colors. Unlike others, these one provide a superior stopping power. They also provide excellent modulation. In order to provide the best performance in wet conditions, you find that they feature deep asymmetrical grooves. Lastly, they provide a quiet and smooth performance and they don’t wear out easily.

  • Very durable
  • Outstanding quality
  • Provides a quiet performance
  • Excellent modulation
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Swiss Stop FlashPro

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Factors to consider when buying road bike brake pads

Much like a road bike bottom bracket, searching for road bike brake pads is not an easy task because they are so many on the market and they all look to do the same thing. However, below are some of the things you should check.

  1. Quality– Brake pads allow cyclist to reduce their speed when cycling. In case of an emergency, you will need to act fast. This is where brake pads come in handy. The material used in their construction highly determines their performance. Ensure that they are made of quality materials that won’t wear out easily.
  2. Compatibility– Even if brake pads are very easy to mount, sometimes the bolts may be too thick or too small. This means that you need to be very sure that they will work perfectly on your bike.
  3. Reviews– You also need to check what customers are saying about them. This is the best way to determine the quality of any product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are road bike pads important?

Without brake pads, your brakes may not be very effective. The good thing about brake pads is that they are the surest way to ensure that you stop quickly and safely. They are also cheap which means that buying them won’t be a big deal.

Which are the best road bike brake pads?

When it comes to rim brake pads, Swiss Stop FlashPro provides unmatched performance as compared to others. They are also durable and ideal in all weather conditions.

Which are the most durable road bike brake pads?

Clarks CPS471 Elite Road brake pad are the best in terms of durability.

When should I replace my brake pads?

You should replace them immediately you realize that they are losing their grip or when you notice signs of wear and tear.

How long do road bike pads last?

You do not need to worry about their durability because they are very cheap. However, most of them have a lifespan of 100-1250 miles depending on the quality of the pads and riding conditions.

Our Final Verdict

Your safety should be your main concert when cycling. This means that your road bike should be equipped with the best safety equipments which will minimize chances of accidents