Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100

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Giro foray helmet
Bell falcon MIPS
Smith optics signal

Have you been searching for cycling computers to improve your bike riding experience?

As a much loved and adored hobby, cycling does an amazing job at keeping you active and making you fall in love with working out. The joy you get from going out and exploring the world on your two-wheeled ride is exquisite. There is no other feeling quite like the cool summer breeze hitting your face as you ride down the hill.

But safety is also a crucial concern when you ride your bike. Especially in a world where traffic is increasing at an exponential rate, accidents are bound to happen. And you would want to do your best to avoid such scenarios. You have come to the right place today as we take it upon ourselves to provide you with some of the best helmets you can find online.

Let’s take a look at the best offerings you can find in the world of bike helmets under $100.

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Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100

Giro foray helmet

Most to almost all of us like to keep our bikes low-profile and dark. The all-black colorway looks sleek on the ride and gives it that stealth quality we are looking for. What better way to add protection than to go with a helmet that rides a similar wave? Giro foray is an all-black helmet that has accents of white at just the right places that look elegant. The in-mold polycarbonate shell provides plenty of toughness required for proper protection. The SuperFit technology inside allows you to fit your head perfectly while keeping it super comfortable to wear. You put it on and forget its presence as the helmet is lightweight as well. The angular shape along with openings allow for a great ventilation system that keeps the air flowing and prevents sweat build up during vigorous sessions. The padding is also removable for a wash and you will love what you get with this one.

  • Tough polycarbonate shell
  • SuperFit technology
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Removable padding
  • Could use a wide variety of color options
Latest deal: Giro foray helmet

Bell falcon MIPS

Bell brings you their falcon MIPS helmet that portrays class in the best possible ways. The angular shape along with perfect openings allow for a great design. The black and grey color scheme also looks sleek and on-point. You can get the helmet in all-black design as well if you are feeling low-profile and stealth is your style. The build quality of the shell is amazing as it provides multi-directional impact protection and does not break under pressure. The lightweight internal polycarbonate roll cage helps you forget the helmet while wearing it. This adds to the comfort of wearing the helmet which is only made by the internal soft padding that provides a plush experience. The internal sweat guide pad pulls the moisture away from the brow. Speaking of sweat, the amazing ventilation system prevents all sorts of sweat build up, keeping your head cool and fresh. The helmet will fit you great and you will love the product.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sweat guide
  • Proper ventilation
  • Padding inside
  • Could be less pricey
Latest deal: Bell falcon MIPS

Smith optics signal

If you are in the market for a lightweight and less bulky helmet that also offers a great range of colors to choose from, you have come to the right place. The Smith optics helmet is a great looking angular helmet that gives a very professional vibe while wearing it. The color options you can choose from are black, cloudgrey, neonyellow, pool, rise and white. As far as protection is concerned, you get great build quality with the in-mold polycarbonate shell that keeps it lightweight while providing some of the best protection you will find. The insides of the helmet are lined with impact foam that will help absorb impact while enabling a comfortable riding experience. The ventilation is also some of the best you will find and sweat build-up will not be an issue at all. The helmet has various certifications that increase your confidence in the brand, and it will fit you like a champ. You will be happy with your purchase.

  • In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Impact absorbing padding
  • Lightweight
  • Proper ventilation and certifications
  • Could use a better size scale
Latest deal: Smith optics signal

XINERTER bike helmet

XINERTER, as the name sounds, is a cool and flashy helmet with angular lines and a glossy finish. The perfect blend of black and white looks stunning and the minimal branding on the side also looks cool. You get a white color option as well. As far as safety is concerned, you get great build quality on the helmet with their durable shell and high-quality imported foam that improves comfort and adds to impact resistance as well. The helmet also comes equipped with magnetic goggles that snap into place to protect you from the scorching sun and the wind that hits your face while riding. It’s a great addition that is genius. The helmet is soft and washable which means you can clean it whenever you want, and the ventilation is also spot on thanks to the proper ventilation system. You will love the fit and the company offers money back guarantee if you don’t like what you get. This is a great option for you.

  • Magnetic goggles
  • Durable shell
  • Proper ventilation
  • Imported foam
  • Visor can be spacious
Latest deal: XINERTER bike helmet

MET rivale road helmet

MET rivale knows how to design a helmet! The helmet has an amazing black and red tone that fades into each other and gives it a very premium classy feel. A lot of attention to detail went into crafting this helmet, and it absolutely shows. There are other color combinations to choose from as well. As far as the build quality is concerned, you can lay back and relax without a worry as the shell fuses beautifully with the expanded polystyrene to provide plenty of toughness and durability. You get a coolmax padding inside that works like a charm and keeps the comfort high. The reflective rear stickers can be a life saver in the dark and the lightweight nature of the helmet makes you forget that you are wearing one. It fits your head well and you will be very happy with your purchase.

  • Tough frame
  • Coolmax padding inside
  • Color combinations
  • Proper ventilation
  • Expensive; Over $100
Latest deal: MET rivale road helmet

Kask mojito X road helmet

Kask mojito is a great helmet but is on the pricey side a little. For good reason though as you will love the design language on this one. The angular design along with the colorway is absolutely stunning. The angular nature also helps with great ventilation. You also get many colors to choose from like purple, grey, white and all-black. The helmet is CE certified which means the build quality is great and tested. The shell is plenty sturdy and will keep your head safe and secure. The foam on the inside provides a plush padded experience, keeping comfort a high priority. The ventilation on this one is also top-notch as there will be minimal to absolutely no sweat build-up during hard riding sessions. The fitting system makes it easy for you to find the right fit, and the aerodynamics cut the wind properly, providing maximum air flow and velocity during fast riding. Overall, this is a great option for you to consider.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Proper ventilation
  • Padded insides
  • Great fit and many color options
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Kask mojito X road helmet

Bell tracker helmet

Bell is back at it again with their tracker series to offer excellence in the bike helmets department. With a very affordable price-tag, you will be amazed at the quality and performance you get out of this. The blue and black angular design is amazing and looks sporty and sleek. The tiny footprint of the helmet sits well with the overall vibe of compactness. The fusion in-mold polycarbonate makes for a great shell that is plenty strong to withstand impact. The padding on the insides keep everything comfortable and you can wear the helmet for hours without feeling it. It is also very lightweight which allows for ease of carry. The great ventilation system prevents sweat from building up and keeps your head fresh. You also get a removable visor included. This is a great option for you.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Soft padding
  • Good ventilation
  • Inexpensive
  • Could use better materials
Latest deal: Bell tracker helmet

Schwinn thrasher bike helmet

Schwinn is a very well-known company in the cycling space. They are known for their deliverance on quality and people all around the world have a lot of trust in the brand name. They bring you their thrasher helmet, a carefully crafted wearable that has a very angular design which looks great in the all-black colorway. The helmet is very well made. It can withstand impact easily and the shell will hold up just fine in rough conditions. The inner padding is also super soft and plush. This allows for an extended riding session without feeling uncomfortable. The lightweight nature is also amazing as you will forget you are wearing it, as the time progresses. The vast color options make it exciting to pick your favorite and the ventilation is great, keeping all the sweat away. Overall, this is a great design and you will love it.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Padding inside
  • Proper ventilation
  • Color options
  • Could use better straps
Latest deal: Schwinn thrasher bike helmet

Best Road Bike Helmets Under $100 Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a bike helmet under $100?

Build quality: This is a very important aspect of helmets. Of course, they have to provide when it comes to impact absorptions. And this is enabled through the shell of the helmet. Make sure you buy a sturdy helmet that can hold up well under stress.

Ventilation: The sweat build-up during riding can be very uncomfortable and can get in the way of your vision, obstructing it. A good bike helmet will have many openings to keep the sweat away.

Padding and Fit:Padding on the inside allows for a comfortable riding experience. The softness enables cushioning that will rest your head well. The fit of the helmet determines how well it will fit on your head. Both of these aspects are crucial to a great riding experience.


Today we looked at some of the best options you can find in the name of great bike helmets under $100. Some of them overshot in the price bracket but provided great quality as well. The build on all the helmets was great as well as the ventilation. The internal padding is crucial for comfort and all of these helmet manufacturers kept that in mind while crafting these helmets. Many color options along with different takes at fitting were also seen.

Overall, no matter which helmet you choose, you will love the experience.