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Abus Gamechanger
Bell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet
Giro Isode MIPS

Looking for the best helmet for road bike?

Then you’re in the right place as I’ve combed the web to find the best value road bike helmet that will not only keep you safe but also looking stylish whilst out on the road.

When it comes to helmets, it can be hard to tell how effective it is going to be in a crash, especially with so many cheap quality helmets on the market. You need to be able to find a helmet that is affordable, and that you can fully trust to keep you safe when the worst happens.

Here’s the deal.

I’ve looked online and compared various different helmets and reviews to pick out only the ones that are made from high-quality materials, durable, comfortable, and a range to suit everyone’s style and budget.

If you’re like me and love to add some color to your bike equipment, then you’ll love the Abus Gamechanger, my number one go-to for road bike helmets.

Here’s a tip- if you go for more extreme types of road biking, aside from the daily commute or casual cycle, then go for a helmet that provides 360 protection covering your whole head and maybe your face too.

Scroll through this list for the best road bike helmet for the money!

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The Best Affordable Road Bike Helmets

Abus Gamechanger

This Abus Gamechanger helmet is number 1 on my list, you’ll see why.

This bike helmet is definitely one for the pros. With an ergonomic design and made from premium materials including a multi-shell in mold for safe shock absorption. Unlike other helmets, you will find that this one has a breathable design and is available in orange, yellow, red, and blue as well as black.

If you’re looking for a breathable bike helmet you can rely on, the Abus Gamechanger is a good choice. With Forced Air Cooling Technology, it sucks in incoming air to distribute the air around your head, keeping it cool even in warmer temperatures or long rides.

And that’s not all.

Abus Gamechanger features a Multi-Position Design for increased aerodynamics no matter how much you move or tilt your head. That means it offers freedom of movement to make it comfortable without restricting you whilst keeping you safe at all times.

No matter if you’re a road biker and like to commute to work every day, or a racer competing with others at high speeds, the Abus Gamechanger helmet provides a comfortable, shock-absorbing design that is breathable and lightweight. You can see why the Abus Gamechanger is top of the list!

What are you waiting for?

  • Forced Air Cooling Technology
  • Multi Position Design
  • Multi Shell In Mold for safe shock absorption
  • Adjustment wheel for a custom fit
  • More expensive
Latest deal: Abus Gamechanger Helmet

Bell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet

This is the best MIPS road bike helmet.

The Bell Stratus MIPS helmet is designed to be ultra-lightweight, with multi-directional impact protection system, which is the leading slip-plane technology to guarantee a safe helmet when your go on your road bike, ideal for picking up some speed.

If you’re like me you’ll love racing down the track on your road bike, and upgrading your helmet to a lightweight internal polycarbonate roll cage like this one can really boost your performance and speed, especially with this helmet designed aerodynamically so you can focus on going faster.

But there’s more!

Bell Stratus helmet has a sleek and sturdy shape and a Float Fit which means it is a minimalist fit system with an easy-to-turn rubber over-molded dial so you can adjust it to your size easily. Combining this with MIPS means it sheds weight without losing impact. Trust me; it can handle the speed and whatever you like to do on your trusty road bike.

Featuring an interior sweat guide pad to pull away moisture from the brow pad and away from eyewear, it is one of the most breathable helmets I’ve encountered, and with no-twist tri-glides, quick-adjust fasteners it’s easy to adjust and get on the go with it.

For the price, the quality and speed will astonish you.

  • MIPS: multi-directional impact protection system
  • Lightweight internal polycarbonate roll cage
  • Interior sweat guide pad
  • Quick-adjust fasteners
  • Slightly Pricey
Latest deal: Bell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet

Giro Isode MIPS Unsex Road Cycling Helmet

Are you looking for that budget friendly bike helmet perfect for your road bike?

The Giro Isode MIPS Helmet is an easy fit helmet for those who want a classic style helmet with the latest technology without spending a fortune. Featuring a simple design, it provides a secure, safe helmet that is easy to adjust and lightweight so you feel supported at all times.

Perfect for both men and women, the Giro Isode has an In-Mold construction that keeps the weight low whilst providing strong impact resistance and shock absorption found in MIPS helmets. which means you can go a lot faster and feel less pressure from the helmet.

Think about it.

Racing across the track on your road bike completely at ease due to the Roc Loc Sport system that provides a secure fit with a turn dial that you can adjust to yourself easily.

With the ultra lightweight and very durable Giro Isode Helmet construction, it has a simple but smart design that will give you the additional stability without racking up any additional weight, meaning it is still one of the best on the market.

I’d say it was worth it!

  • Budget friendly
  • Roc Loc – easy to adjust
  • MIPS system
  • Lightweight In-Mold construction
  • Doesn’t come in different colors aside from gray or white
Latest deal: Giro Isode MIPS

MOON Bike Helmet

If you want a helmet for road bikes, this one is among the best.

The Moon road bike helmet has an excellent design that makes it firm and also resistant to shock. Made with aerodynamic ventilation it not only scores high in aesthetics but is also super comfortable and durable.

The Moon helmet is made by One-piece technology with EPS high-density foam inside and a PC shell, to allow a more even distribution of power to give a soft cushion so you can even go on long rides. The PC shell is great against impact force and shock absorption to provide a safe and comfortable helmet.

You might be wondering.

This helmet is also designed to be breathable, with 25 air vents to reduce resistance during cycling and allow air to circulate around the head for optimal temperature regulation. Not only this, but it is ultralight, to relieve pressure from your head and neck so you won’t even feel it’s there!

It also has a rotatable and adjustable dial so it will fit any head shape, and has a detachable visor you can choose to wear or not, depending on the type of sport you do on your road bike. At an extremely budget-friendly price, this is value for money.

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  • EPS high density foam
  • 25 air vents
  • Removable sun visor
  • Extremely affordable
  • Not a good range of colors
Latest deal: MOON Bike Helmet 

Sunrimoon Road Bike Helmet

Another bike helmet that will give you the confidence to fly through the streets, is the Sunrimoon Road Bike Helmet.

Sunrimmon Road Bike Helmet is another advanced road bike helmet. It has a dual-fit adjustable design, and the chin rope can move up and down, and it has a back knob to adjust the tension around your head. It has a low resistance and streamlined design which minimizes wind resistance. It’s a popular option especially for those on a budget.

Made with high-density imported EPS foam and PC material which helps absorb impact and adds protection. The bike helmet is ultra-light, which gives you the confidence that you’re buying something at a low price point, but that will be durable and of quality.

And that’s not all.

This bike helmet has a built-in USB rear light that has 9 different lighting modes. To help other people behind you clearly recognize your direction. This makes it optimal for night city riding or any other type or road riding.

The Sunrimoon also has a detachable visor and magnetic goggles that will provide protection from the elements. With thick interior padding and an over brow ventilation system, you will remain cool and relieve pressure from your head as you ride. For the price, it’s a bargain!

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Check this one out!

  • Built in USB light
  • Detachable goggles and visor
  • Over brow ventilation system
  • High density EPS foam and PC material
  • No bright colors/reflective
Latest deal: Sunrimoon Road Bike Helmet

Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet

The Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet is one of my all-time favorites on here.

Made with WaveCell advanced technology, it is definitely one for the pros in terms of lightweight and durability. It’s soft and comfortable, repels moisture, and is easy to wash to give you the best support while out on the road.

It’s one of those must-have helmets for those who do road biking with an intuitive, one-handed Headmaster fit system to make height or width adjustments easily. It is available in a range of sizes including XS and XL too so there is a size for everybody.

You won’t believe what else.

The Bontrager has LockDown dividers so you can manage and adjust the helmet strap easily and has a Crash replacement guarantee if you’re involved in a crash within the first year of use. It also has a lightweight shell that provides a balance of weight, strength and compliance for extra comfort when riding.

I think this is a great road bike helmet for performance and max speed. It even has Virginia Tech 5 star rating so you know you will be in safe hands.

This one is worth having a look at.

  • WaveCell technology
  • Available in a range of sizes including XS and XL
  • One handed Headmaster system for a perfect fit
  • Lockdown dividers
  • More pricey
Latest deal: Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet

Airflow Bike Helmet

The Airflow bike helmet has In-Molded reinforcing skeleton for an ultra-strong and lightweight helmet that you can trust. It’s also comfortable and with easy to adjust design that releases pressure from your head so you feel supported at all times.

This road bike helmet has 3 step construction involving the molded exterior shell, then the reinforcing skeleton and padded foam to create the perfect helmet for road bikers. The Airflow has an aerodynamic which means you can go a lot faster and feel less pressure from the helmet.

Think about it.

With the Airflow you’ll be riding for hours, with shock absorption technology, it also has 22 air vents to maximize airflow around your head to keep you cool at all times. Although not all race bike helmets are very comfortable, I think this is one exception, with a low profile it doesn’t get in the way.

This really is the ultimate helmet, with a sleek classic look, washable pads, and a cushioned chin strap you will love to wear. It also has a quick-release chin strap and a dial at the back to adjust the helmet vertically and horizontally for a secure fit.

I’d say it was worth the investment!

  • 3 step In molded construction with skeleton and padding
  • 22 air vents
  • quick release chin strap and adjustment dial
  • shock absorbing
  • Only available in black or white
Latest deal: Airflow Bike Helmet

Roam Road Bike Helmet

This Roam road bike helmet is a must-have on my list, you’ll see why.

This bike helmet is definitely one of the best. Made with premium EPS foam with rock solid, high-density, PC carbon shell to absorb shock and impact so you can ride in confidence. With a one-size-fits-all, you can expect a snug fit that both safe and comfortable. You will find that this one is available in aqua/pink, navy blue, black, and neon green colorways.

If you’re looking for a high-strength bike helmet you can rely on, the Roam road bike helmet is a good choice. It features a sun visor and detachable magnetic goggles to shield your eyes from the elements so you can maximize your protection.

And that’s not all.

With a unique design, you not only get a quality helmet but also one that is visible out on the road. The Roam comes with a three-setting bike light that you can put on slow flashing, fast flashing, or steady to ensure you are kept extra safe when out on the road at night.

No matter if you’re a man or a woman, the Roam helmet has an adjustable knob at the back to provide a close fit that will be comfortable, shock-absorbing, and breathable. You can see why the Roam road bike helmet is on this list!

Check out the 5-star reviews by clicking on the orange button below!

  • Premium EPS foam and PC carbon shell
  • Available in different colors
  • One size plus adjustment dial
  • 3 setting bike light
  • Sun lens not useful if you wear glasses
Latest deal: Roam Road Bike Helmet

Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

If you want a helmet for a road bike this one is worth checking out.

The Giro Syntax has an excellent design that makes it firm and also resistant to shock. With deeper coverage and high-performance features, it has a sleek, slim design that not only scores high in aesthetics but is also super comfortable and durable.

Giro Syntax has wind tunnel vents with internal channeling to promote ventilation and maximize airflow inside the helmet, to give you the best breathability even on those longer, tougher rides. You won’t have to worry about sweating with its moisture-wicking properties the Giro Syntax has got you covered.

What if I told you,

This helmet is also ergonomically designed so you can reach full speed and potential on your road bike. With a four-piece polycarbonate interlocking hardbody shell, it will provide the necessary impact protection so you won’t have to worry either as it is shockproof and has maximum firmness.

The EPS foam liner is fused within the In-Mold construction as is common with MIPS helmets, so you can expect maximum comfort while you ride.  It also has a full hardbody wrap as well as a Roc Loc system to adjust the fit to you personally.

This bike helmet is honestly for everyone, it is very easy to use and suitable for all kinds of rides.

Check out the product description by clicking on the link.

  • MIPS in-mold construction
  • Roc Loc system
  • Four-piece polycarbonate interlocking hardbody shell
  • Wind tunnel vents
  • Does not have a sun visor
Latest deal: Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Road Bike Helmet

Hear me out on this one.

The Schwinn Thrasher road bike helmet is one of my all-time recommendations. It’s a lightweight performance helmet for all types of riders featuring 360° coverage and a lightweight micro shell design that won’t weigh you down when you go cycling.

It’s one of those must-have saddles for those who ride regularly and who want complete control and top speed. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from so you can order the right one for you personally. The traditional cyclist with an angular design means it supports you and protects you when you ride too.

You won’t believe what else it has.

The Schwinn Thrasher has 20 air vents in specific heat spots that will provide much-needed ventilation on hot summer days, making it ultra-breathable. It also has a lightweight shell that provides a balance of weight, strength, and compliance. The Schwinn has full-range padding for extra comfort when riding.

I think this is a great road bike helmet for performance and max speed. It even has an adjustable dial fit knob to provide that secure and snug fit. At a budget price, it’s a win for me.

Check out the latest price and color options available by clicking on the orange button below.

  • 20 air vents
  • Available in different colors
  • Full-range padding
  • Budget price
  • Does not come with a visor
Latest deal:  Schwinn Intercept Bike Helmet

Looking for the best budget road bike instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 18 budget road bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at material, size, speed, and brakes to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Road Bike Helmets – A Buyer’s Guide.

Whether you’re looking for the best value road bike helmet, or the best women’s road bike helmet or even the best looking road bike helmet, there is one for you on this list.

Finding a road bike helmet that is reliable in the event of an accident is not easy.

That’s why I’ve spent hours researching on the web to uncover the best road bike helmets that are breathable, lightweight, durable and shock absorbing so you can ride worry free. Every bike helmet on this list is a great option for the best road bike helmet, with some being the best road bike helmet under 100 bucks, so there is a helmet for every budget.

My first choice is the Abus Gamechanger that has forced air cooling technology for maximum ventilation and a multi shell casing to provide the safest protection when you are out riding.

Different types of road bike helmet

Commuter: Commuter helmets are the most stylish ones, with a low profile for easy storage. As a helmet they still offer good ventilation and protection against a crash, and tend to be more affordable. Some have additional features designed for commuting around the city such as bike LED lights for safety.

Time trial: Time trial helmets are super aerodynamic, perfect if you’re looking to pick up some real speed. Designed to save you as much racing seconds as possible so you perform at your best.

Aero: Aero helmets are a mix between traditional road helmets and time trial helmets, as they help reduce drag whilst allowing freedom of movement. They are lightweight and compact, ideal for avid cyclists who like to compete for triathlons or competitions.

Performance: Performance bike helmets are made to be ultra lightweight and are shaped in an ergonomic way to maximize your potential. They are still very sturdy and durable to keep you safe.

Key things to check when buying a road bike helmet

Protection– The primary reason for using a road bike helmet is protection. When buying, you should consider those that meet various standards for safety. You also need to check the quality of the outer shell to ensure that it is hard enough. All those helmets we have reviewed provide the best protection.

Ventilation– A good road bike helmet should have vents to enhance airflow. They also prevent you from sweating. Most helmets will have air vents to increase air flowing inside the helmet, and should be made in a way that sucks in air and channels it aorund your head to keep you cool.

Design and color– You will find that road bike helmets are available in different colors and design. Choose the best design that suits your preference.

Size– The worst mistake you can make when buying a road bike helmets is choosing he wrong size. Such a helmet won’t give you the required level of protection. It will also be uncomfortable to use. The best helmet should have adjustable systems for easier fit.

Weight- This is most important if you’re cycling in competitions, as it could drag you down. Look for ultralight materials and minimal details or a simple design to maintain safety without adding unnecessary weight.

Special features-MIPS– Some top of the range bike helmets come with MIPS, which stands for multi directional impact protection system to guarantee a safe helmet. It means you have extra protection for when you fall at different angles, offering better protection around those crucial, more delicate parts of your head.

Comfort- To protect you during a fall, the helmet has padding in the inside, with most using EPS foam to provide a comfortable fit. Ensuring you wear the right fit can also contribute to comfort and getting a shape that is suited to your riding style.

Padding- Most top bike helmets use an integrated EPS foam, this is the bulk of the helmet that crumples and deforms to provide shock absorption. Sometimes helmets will also use expanded polystyrene or carbon fiber. Removable padding is great as you can wash it better.

Adjustability- Lots of bike helmets come with a knob at the back that functions as a dial, which you can twist to adjust it either horizontally or vertically to your personal head shape.

Fit- for the helmet to work properly, it needs to be fitted snugly on your head, in a way that is comfortable but tight enough to provide protection when necessary. For this you usually have a range of sizes available, also a dial or knob to adjust it, and a chin strap that can also be adjusted to suit you.

Safety- Safety comes first in a helmet which is why you should only use helmets that have been certified as safe to use, and ensure you are using the appropriate helmet style for your riding. For example if you commute, a commuter helmet would be best, but if you do more serious road riding then you will need a helmet with more protection such as a full head.

What makes the safest road bike helmet?

With so many helmets available, here are my top things to look out for if you want to buy the safest helmet possible. And no, it doesn’t always have to do with the price.

Reptuable brand: This is where the price point may increase slightly, but it’s no secret that buying safety equipment from a known bicycle brand rather than an obscure made in china make is going to be a safer option. Check out brands such as Bontrager, Giro, Trek bicycles, Bell, Louis Garneau, and others for a reliable helmet. Ensure you get your helmet form a reliable website too such as Nashbar.

Potential MIPS: This one is not a must, but the latest bike helmets have MIPS which stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This means is offers even more protection all around the helmet, even if you hit the ground at a different angle. Certain angles can be dangerous which is why MIPS provides all-around protection by using strong materials fused together for a seamless helmet.

Lightweight: The safest road bike helmets should also be lightweight. Heavy helmets can cause strain on your shoulders and neck, causing long-term damage and pain. It also will feel much more comfortable and better for you in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the safest road bike helmet?

In terms of safety, Giro Isode MIPS Unsex Road Cycling Helmet is undoubtedly the best. It also lasts longer than other helmets.

Which is the most attractive helmet on the market?

If you are searching for the most attractive helmet, VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women will be an excellent choice. It also comes with more advanced features like LED-backlight which you can rarely see in many road bike helmets.

Why should you wear a helmet when riding a bike?

The good thing about cycling helmets is that they protect your head, face, and brain in case of an accident. It can take a simple fall at the wrong angle to cause serious injuries such as concussion, brain damage and internal bleeding. Wearing a helmet helps to absorb shock so your head is cushioned against the impact.

Do road bike helmets expire?

Road bike helmets don’t expire but they should be replaced after 5 years. This is especially important if you’ve had a fall as it could mean the internal padding has already been damaged so you will need to replace it immediately.

 How do I choose the best road bike helmet?

To choose the best road bike helmet, you need to examine what kind of riding style you will be doing, as this will determine how much protection you need. Once you know the style, go for one that is from a reputable brand, that has a MIPS system for the most protection, and is lightweight. It should also fit you snugly.

Wrapping Up

Cycling is a nice activity but it is very risky especially if accidents occur and you do not have the right safety gear. Whether you take your road bike to work and cycle on the road, or you like to do some racing with a road bike, having an adequate helmet is a must.

For road bike cyclists, a helmet is one of the most important gears you must have. In case there is a crash, a helmet ensures that you are head is well protected.

You can also find some with additional safety features such as a sun visor for protection against the weather, and LED lights for better visibility at night.

We have only reviewed the best road bike helmets that will give you an exceptional value as compared to other models on the market.

Which one was your favorite?