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Saddles are a personal thing but more often than not it’s getting the correct shape and support that’s key, not going for the most padded one. Road saddles have never been as varied as they are today. The variations in saddles highlight the differences in riders – everybody is different and has their riding position and riding style. Choose length, width and shape of saddle to ensure that you are sitting comfortably. Contrary to popular belief, a comfy saddle is not necessarily one with the most padding.

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Our selection of the highest rated road bike saddles


TOSEEK Comfortable Bike Seat Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bicycle Saddle

Toseek bike saddle is made of carbon fiber t800 + pu + high grade eva. It is durable, sweat-resistant and waterproof. The pu and high grade eva padding provides ultra-comfort and save you from cycling pain. The light weight saddle helps you perform at your fullest potential on a saddle that can match your strongest outputs. And it has excellent shock proofing and maximum firmness. Center cutout offers anatomic relief and ventilation, the seat relieves pressure on the perineum and provides airflow and comfort during long rides.

Weather resistant technology
Easy installation
Ergonomic design
Input via Bluetooth, Aux, Micro-SD
Supports only up to 90 kg of weight

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SGODDE Bike Seat

This bicycle saddle has been upgraded for pure comfort, now it is more than just an ergonomical design. Very comfortable for long rides, from 5 to 20 miles a day. It has a super lightweight design weighing only 218g. When you are riding on the road, bike seat weighs nothing and feels like a cloud on bum. It supports universal replacement for all kind of bicycle seats, like mtb bike seats, road bike saddles. Further the frame with accurate scale rail is convenient to install and you get a comfortable and well-built bicycle seat.

Bicycle seat size: 270*143 mm
Ultra-fiber leather
High elasticity
Wear resistant
Customer support is not easy-to-reach

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Selle Royal Men's Respiro Moderate Road Bicycle Saddle

The selle’s saddle features a unique tri-dimensional gel structure. The royal gel guarantees the highest level of comfort, combined with the effective ventilation channel that is exclusive to the respiro line, provides high respiration while relieving pressure on the perineal area. The extraordinarily cool cover is up to 25°c cooler than a standard black saddle. Royal vacuum light technology is a patented selle royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and therefore water resistant. A patented clip system is positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a selle royal saddle bag or other accessories.

Size: 277 mm x 182 mm
Water resistant
Foam matrix finishing
Suitable for long distances
Seat post may need changing for installation

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OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat Breathable Comfortable Bicycle Seat

With outerdo bike saddle you can say goodbye to the pain. There are high density foam paddings inside for significantly improved riding comfort even after long rides. The bike saddle is made out of durable, weather resistant and waterproof leather material.. The upper surface of the saddle is made out of premium artificial leather, which won’t degrade easily under sunlight. The center cutout offers anatomic relief and ventilation. It helps relieve pressure on the perineum and provides airflow.

Dual shock absorbing
Size: 10.5''x5.9''
Lightweight (i.e. 330g)
Great support
Friction increases without padding

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Why it is important to get the right road bike saddle

Your body comes into contact with your bike at 5 points: your feet, your hands and your posterior. Whilst gloves and shoes help to protect your hands and feet, what about your rear end and the rather sensitive area between your legs?

The trend toward short-nosed performance saddles, which originated with riders looking to optimize soft-tissue comfort while leaning forward on aero bars, is now reaching the mainstream. Why go short? Reducing the saddle length up front means you can ride the drop portion of your bars for longer periods. But the newest saddles aren’t just short; they’re also wider up front, allowing riders to shift forward without compromising power.

Another trend, this one long overdue: more performance-oriented options for female riders. And good news for riders who never plan on racing: everyday bike seats are becoming more comfortable, lighter, and more able to withstand the weather. You must choose a saddle that is suitable for your bike. A road saddle will typically be v-shaped, with a more pronounced seating area and a longer nose. A cross-country mountain bike saddle will have a similarly pronounced seating area, but will sometimes be more t-shaped to let the rider move forward for aggressive climbs. Gravity, enduro, and trail saddles are v-shaped, with rounded edges and a shorter nose to make it easy to move around on the saddle without hooking the rider’s shorts. Women’s saddles usually have a shorter nose.

Find the right padding

Similar the amount of padding varies with the use of the bike. Performance saddles often have less padding to save weight, which is important for racers. Comfort bike seats are shaped like other saddles, but usually have thicker foam or added gel. For an occasional rider, extra padding can prevent sit bones from feeling bruised after a two-hour ride—but spending longer hours on an extra-padded saddle can actually cut off circulation. It’s all about finding the right amount of padding for your riding style and comfort level.

Finding the perfect width

Saddles come in various widths, and most manufacturers say that the right size supports a rider’s sit bones, the bony part of the pelvis where your butt and your leg join. The best way to find the right size saddle is to get a professional fit.

Overview- Are road bike saddles important?

The bike saddle is one of the key parts of a bike because it is the part which supports your body. As a result, it keeps your comfortable when cycling.  Apart from that, it provides a good balance which gives you more control of the bike. It is also the part that connects the pedals, handlebars with other parts of the bike. Getting the right bike saddle will therefore help you to enjoy cycling even more. 

How We Picked the Products

A bike seat is a very important component of a road bike. However, most cyclists do not understand the importance of bike saddles and as a result; they end up purchasing any saddle. Others get confused on which one to buy since most of them have a similar design. To ensure that you will get value for your money,  you should check the following;

Shape of the saddle– Most cyclists do not pay attention to the shape of the saddle when buying. You need to be very careful because some saddles may cause numbness, sores and countless poking especially on bumpy rides. You will find that all the saddles we have reviewed have a narrow and comfortable design which makes them suitable even for long rides.

Comfort– The two common types of cushioning you are likely to find in road bike saddles are foam or gel cushioning. In terms of comfort, gel cushions are the best since they are able to absorb shock and vibrations better as compared to foam cushions. They also adapt easily according to the shape of your body.

Height– This is another key thing you must consider. Ensure that the height is suitable for a normal road bike and also for long distance cycling. It should not be too high or too low. When it is too high, you are likely to experience back pains. Our saddles have a balanced height which means that you won’t experience any discomfort when cycling.

Padding– Unlike mountain bike and hybrid bike saddles, road bike saddles do not require a lot of padding. The saddle should be strong enough to support your weight without absorbing too much of it. In most cases, heavily padded road bike saddles are likely to cause numbness and pain especially when cycling for long distances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are road bike saddles so hard?
Hard saddles are the best because they ensure that the pressure on your sit bones is uniformly distributed. On the other hand, soft saddles put a lot of pressure on the soft tissues which may cause pain or discomfort when riding for long hours.

Which is the best road bike saddle for long rides?
If you are searching for a comfortable saddle for long rides, Tameho Adult Road Bike Seat will be the best choice. It has been upgraded to give you the best comfort.

Why are cycling seats so uncomfortable?
This normally happens when the saddle is placed in the wrong position or when it is too high.

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