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Venzo Bicycle Men’s Peloton Riding Shoes
Vittoria spin shoes Fusion 2
Vitatalpa Men’s Peloton shoes with SPD and delta cleats

Want to buy yourself some proper spin shoes for your next peloton class?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve combed the web to find everything you need to know about finding the best spin shoes for you.

I’ve spent over 5 hours exploring the web, reviewing different cycling shoes, and comparing reviews to compile this list of my top best spin shoes, so you can find the right pair for you no matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced spinner.

When your regular running shoes just don’t cut it anymore for your spin class, it can be tough to find good quality spin shoes designed to fit your indoor bike and that are comfortable, breathable, and durable.

This is where it gets good.

I’ve scanned every pair of spin shoes on this list to ensure they meet your expectations in terms of weight, material, design, and cost-effectiveness, so you can reach your fitness goals and keep your feet happy so you can focus on pedaling.

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of spin shoes that you can also grab when doing some serious trail riding on your mountain bike or even cross country, check out my number 4. You won’t regret it.

Here’s a tip- Don’t go for overly expensive spin shoes if you are only an occasional indoor cyclist or on a budget. I have some great budget-friendly options including some with funky designs that will do the job just as well as the higher-end options.

Peloton class is painful. Your legs are burning, your muscles hurt, but your feet shouldn’t. Run through this list of the top best spin shoes to bring your peloton game to the next level.

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Review- What are the best spin shoes for Peloton?

Venzo Bicycle Men’s Peloton Riding Shoes

The Venzo Peloton shoes are my number 1 go-to.

They come in the option of black or white, The Venzo’s are perfect for riding your bike, but especially Peloton. They come with separate floating cleats so you can wear them on different pedals securely. From the high quality, breathable fabric to the flexible forefoot and beveled heel, you won’t want to miss out on these.

Most spin bikes use the Look Delta system for Peloton, which is the same set that comes with these Venzo’s. The cleats have a 9 degree floating and you can adjust the floating resistance so you can wear them how it suits you, to give you a much more comfortable ride than fixed cleats.

But that’s not all.

To give you maximum comfort, the Venzo cycling shoe has a removable sock liner to get the perfect fit and has breathable mesh to reduce sweat, so you handle whatever happens in your spin class! The overall shape is low-cut so you can move around easily and without slipping or rubbing on your ankles.

The Venzo’s are definitely worth the investment if you are an avid indoor cyclist. I love the beveled heel and the sole completely adapted so the shoes fit onto your pedals, it will make a huge difference to your cycle game.

Check out the 5-star reviews!

  • Versatile, can use on different bikes
  • Come with cleats
  • Breathable mesh
  • Beveled heel
  • Sizes can run big
Latest deal: Venzo Bicycle Men’s Peloton Riding Shoes

Vittoria spin shoes Fusion 2

If you’re looking for cycling shoes that fit like a glove, stop here.

The Vittoria Fusion 2 are ideal if you want something lightweight and breathable for your next spin class. These shoes are made from Nylon, they are compatible with three bolt cleats and feature Boa dials to make it quick and easy to adjust to you, as well as a breathable design to keep your feet well-ventilated.

I love that the Vittoria fusion 2 have vents all along the sole and the upper part of the shoe to so you’re fresh at all times. As we all know, Peloton is one of those classes where you will sweat and so having a breathable pair of cycling shoes is a must, especially for longer or higher intensity classes.

But wait let me tell you about this.

An extremely useful feature on the Vittoria Fusion 2 is the Boa dial strap design. Often seen on quality spin shoes, it helps you to adjust the sizing and fit of the shoe to yourself very easily and securely. The hook and loop also work similarly in giving you a close fit when you cycle and avoid it slipping off your feet.

What more can I say? The Vittoria Fusion 2 is a sleek spin shoe that doesn’t disappoint in performance. You can also order a wider toebox if you have wider feet, so whatever your feet size and shape the Vittoria Fusion 2 will offer that comfortable, snug fit we all love.

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  • Breathable vents
  • Wider toebox available
  • Easy to adjust
  • Boa dials plus hook and loop strap
  • Limited sizing options
Latest deal: Vittoria spin shoes Fusion 2

Vitatalpa Men’s Peloton shoes with SPD and delta cleats

Treat yourself to the Vitalpa peloton shoes for your next cycling class.

The Vitalpa’s cycling shoes are made from a nylon sole and the shoes come with an adjustable rotating dial for a close fit. They are also breathable and ultra lightweight, so you won’t even feel they’re there.

This indoor cycling shoe is ideal for keeping your feet fresh and well ventilated with breathable synthetic mesh and wear resistant nylon. The shoes have a cleat for a secure hold and anti-slip so you can focus on what really matters.

But that’s not the best part.

The Vitalpa shoes are compatible with Shimano spd cleats and look Delta, so you can use them as your mountain bike shoes, road bike, for commuting touring, or just indoor cycling. They offer a stiff shoe with good support so you can ride longer and faster, whilst protecting your feet.

Whether you’re an indoor cyclist, or an outdoor one, we could all use a pair like the Vitalpa’s. Easy to slip on with the buckle strap mechanism, lightweight and strong, we’ll be taking this pair everywhere.

Have you added this one to your basket yet?

  • Breathable mesh
  • Anti slip
  • Adjustable rotating buckle
  • Compatible with spd cleats and Delta
  • Size can run small
Latest deal: Vitatalpa Men’s Peloton shoes with SPD and delta cleats

DHB Troika MTB Shoe

These Troika MTB shoes are cycle shoes designed for both indoor and outdoor riding, including off-road riding. You can fit them with 2 bolt, SPD cleats making them the best spd cleat shoes.

The Troika offers an easy way to adjust the shoes to you with a three velcro strap system, whilst keeping things lightweight. The dhb Troika Mountain (MTB) shoe will ensure a secure fit that is also comfortable to give you even more freedom to pedal with more power.

Now wait until you hear this.

There are perforated holes over the shoe for better breathability so you can take them with you in the warmer temperatures and the side of the shoe has no holes to add a more robust strength against the terrain or bike. The perforated tongue increases airflow and is shaped over the top for extra comfort when you ride

They also have black inner mesh fabric to keep you fresh no matter how long you ride, and a wider toe-box to accommodate bigger feet or thicker socks for winter riding. With a nylon sole, you’ll be able to ride efficiently and in comfort including those off-bike moments.

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  • Three velcro strap
  • Wider toebox
  • Ideal for mtb as well
  • Perforated holes
  • Cleats not included
Latest deal: DHB Troika MTB Shoe

Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling shoes

If you wanted to seriously up your bike game, this is the one.

The Tommaso is the perfect indoor cycling shoe that you can also use as a road cycling shoe, or for commuting, touring, and cycling. This is an extremely versatile cycling shoe, compatible with 2 bolt and 3 bolt cleats so you have a good grip no matter what you ride.

These shoes provide the ultimate ergonomic fit, with low profile hook and lock Velcro straps for a precise, secure fit. For hot weather or long distances, the Tommaso contains mesh portions to allow better ventilation and reducing sweat when you ride.

Check out the best part.

For maximum power when you pedal, Tommasso cycling shoes have a fiberglass-reinforced sole for stronger, stiffer shoes and increased power transfer. This unique technology means you can ride faster, for longer but using less energy.

The Tommaso cycling shoes can be a game-changer when it comes to cycling. So, if you want the best indoor cycling shoe that is also versatile and that you can use to go faster, look no further.

Add this one to your basket, it’s worth it.

  • Hook and lock Velcro straps
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole
  • Compatible with 2 and 3 bolt cleats
  • Ventilated mesh portions
  • Cleats sold separately
Latest deal: Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling shoes

Vibrelli Men’s Cycling Shoes

Now the Vibrelli is a cycling shoe with a lot to offer.

You won’t find another pair of cycling shoes quite like this one. It is compatible with road bikes and mountain bikes as well as any indoor bikes, so you can take these in or out and to every cycling class. They have a dual two bolt and three bolt cleat hole design, so they can be fitted to different bikes easily.

Easily adjustable on the go, they have a three-strap velcro design to eliminate hot spots. They provide extra support to the arch with internal shoe padding to get the perfect fit. They are also equipped for long rides with durable, robust material.

But there’s more.

The Vibrelli has a high power transfer and pedal stroke efficiency with a stiff sole that focuses on supporting the right areas for muscle activation, so you can pedal faster for less energy. Ultra-lightweight means it won’t hold you back either from reaching your potential in your next class.

To ensure it’s as breathable as possible, the Vibrelli cycling shoes have eight air vents along the sole and lots of perforated vents along the side to remove heat and ensure airflow to keep your feet cool, so you can ride for longer.

Have you checked out the reviews on this one?

  • Internal padding and arch support
  • Air vents
  • Dual two bolt and 3 cleat holes
  • Versatile-compatible with any indoor or outdoor bike
  • Cleats sold separately
Latest deal: Vibrelli Men’s Cycling Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes– A Buyer’s Guide:

A trusty pair of cycling shoes is one of those things that can elevate your bike rides from casual to serious fun. Cycling shoes come in different styles and preferences to meet your specific and personal needs.

Depending on your daily routine, you can have to find the best pair of cycling shoes to use daily on your Peloton bike, and that keeps you comfortable no matter how long you use them.

Most cycling shoes are designed to be used with cleats, are also breathable and comfortable, and should be easy to adjust to you. With all these different options available, finding the best ones for you can be difficult.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve sorted through the different types of cycling shoes available so you can find the right ones for you. whether that’s for indoor cycling and outdoor cycling, or ultra-breathable and lightweight within a budget price.

My first choice the Venzo’s cycling shoes is one that is guaranteed not to disappoint with breathable mesh and a delta cleat, as well as a beveled heel and made to fit different types of bikes, it’s my go-to recommendation for best indoor cycling shoes.

If you’re like me and want to spice things up with a funky design I would go straight for the Vitalpa, my number 3 on this list. They’re both practical and look good.

Which one on this list has caught your eye?

What are spin shoes?

Spin shoes are a type of athletic shoe designed to be used on pedal platforms on indoor bikes or regular bikes. They tend to be pointed at the end and have a hard sole that is designed to fit cleats that grip onto the pedals for a secure fit.

They are usually also well ventilated and have an adjustable fit so you can get even more power transfer when cycling.

What to Look for in Spin Shoes:


What really makes a cycling shoe is the cleat system, there are a variety of cleat styles such as Look Delta cleats, SPD cleats, 2 bolt, and 3 bolt cleats etc.

The two main ones are recessed cleats in the heel cup which are usually 2 bolt and non-recessed where the cleat is 3 bolts in the heel cup. It all depends on your preference and the type of bike you cycle. TIP- go for shoes that are compatible with different cleats if unsure.


Cycling shoes are tight, which is why you need them to fit well to you. To get the perfect fit most cycling shoes have a hook and loop system and velcro straps to eliminate hot spots and get them quickly adjusted to you.

Sizes often run small so if you are on the bigger end of your size to have wide feet opt for a size up or a wide toebox,


The best cycling shoe has adaptations to make it breathable and well ventilated for those longer cycling journeys. Most cycling shoes will have air vents along the top and side of the cycling shoe as well as perforations, or mesh inside to increase airflow.

Not all are the same, and even the type of fabric such as synthetic leather or nylon can contribute to a breathable shoe. If you’re cycling in hot weather or over longer distances, its important to have a ventilated shoe.

Why choose spin shoes over trainers?

Regular athletic trainers are made to be worn in different sports and activities, but in general the sole is the biggest difference. Where athletic shoes are designed for contact with the ground, a cycling shoe is designed to grip onto a pedal platform.

If you’re an occasional cyclist, you may find your athletic shoes work just fine for cycling, but if you really want to get the best shoes for cycling, then cycling shoes are way better.

They are shaped in an ergonomic way and have the unique advantage that you can attach cleats to grip onto the pedal. You just don’t get that from an athletic shoe.

Also, the fit will be more snug and tight to get a secure fit so you can go faster for longer, as well as ideally placed ventilation systems.

Why not try out some of my budget-friendly options on this list and see the difference for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are spin shoes worth it?

As an avid cyclist myself, I don’t go anywhere without a pair in my bag. They are great for cyclists who are looking to become more pro and people who ride long distances or do some serious workouts in their spin class. Trust me, once you try them, you will never go back to wearing trainers for your bike!

What are the best spin shoes for Peloton?

Look at cycling shoes with cleats that are compatible with Peloton, for example, the Venzos men’s cycling shoes. You need something that’s well ventilated and that can grip onto the pedal unlike road shoes. Ideal if they work with spd.;

How do spin shoes work?

By gripping onto the pedal, cycling shoes also pull up the pedal instead of just pushing down. It also means a much stronger power transfer you get more from your workout.

How should spin shoes fit?

Spin shoes should have a tight, snug fit unlike running shoes. That’s why a lot of spin shoes seem a bit small, you need to wear them with thin socks and adjust them using the hook and loop mechanism to get them securely fitted to you.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a pair of spin shoes isn’t easy considering the flooded market. Spin shoes can be a bit more technical with cleats which can make it more confusing to the new users so make sure you consider factors such as types of cleats, ventilation, and a snug fit, so you get the best indoor cycling shoes for you.

If you want a pair of spin shoes only for class then and indoor cycling, then you won’t need waterproof elements rather choose shoes for indoor only. However, if you want a general cycling shoe that you can take to spin class and mountain biking for instance, then choosing a versatile shoe is crucial.

Whatever your preference and budget, you don’t need to be a certified personal trainer to choose a good pair of spin shoes. The best indoor cycling shoes are only a scroll away in this list, whether you want hook and loop straps, or a pair of shoes for indoor cycling with a top cleat system, shimano sh or two velcro straps. You can also use them for traditional cycling or from the walk around when you are out riding.

Getting the right pair of shoes for your bike will be a gamechanger