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The motor-assisted bike is an electric bike which is a combination of a conventional bike with a battery and a motor. You don’t need to put much effort on pedals in electric bikes. If you want to cover miles without getting sweat or much effort, then the best value electric bikes are an excellent choice for you.

These bikes are becoming popular and are getting better day by day. You can make your ride enjoyable and comfortable with the e-bike. In this article, we will show you the best value electric bikes to make your buying decision simple.

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Best Value Electric Bike


Vitus Mach E Urban Bike (Alivio - 2020)

Vitus Mach E Urban e-Bike has lightweight and robust 6061 T6 Aluminum construction. The frame of this bike makes it lightweight, versatile and stylish. There are sleek top-quality aluminium and carbon forks at the front that make the bike stable, agile and reliable.

It provides enhanced riding experience because of the industry-leading Shimano STEPS E6100 E-bike system. This bike offers smooth, intelligent pedalling as it has a powerful, lightweight motor which weighs only 2.8kg.


  • Internal cable routing
  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • High-Quality forks


  • None so far

Latest deal: Vitus Mach E Urban Bike (Alivio – 2020)


Ghost Teru B2.9 E-Bike (2019)

Ghost Teru B2.9 E-Bike is a lightweight and sporty e-hardtail, which provides an excellent riding experience on the trails. It has well-balanced geometry for comfort, confidence-inspiring stability and aggressive handling.

The bike comes with a strong and durable aluminium frame. It provides smooth riding by absorbing the shocks of a bumpy road with S.R. Suntour forks. This bike offers phenomenal grip and control in any weather conditions as the Rodi Blackrock wheels of this bike come wrapped in Continental X-king Pure Grip tires.


  • Exceptional grip
  • Well balanced geometry
  • Stability
  • Good handling


  • No real disadvantage yet

Latest deal: Ghost Teru B2.9 E-Bike 


Vitus E-Sentier Hardtail Electric MTB Black/Red M

Vitus E-Sentier Hardtail Electric MTB is made of E-Sentier 6061 Alloy frame. This bike provides smooth performance and high-quality rolling because of the high-quality 29″ WTB Serra wheels. It comes with Shimano E7000 Drive Unit which makes it great for powering you from the top of the mountain or in the descents.

Shimano STEPS FC-E8000 Crankset on this bike allows ride across woodland with fantastic torque. It has WTB ST i30 Wheelset that provides smooth and stable performance.


  • Stable performance
  • Alloy frame
  • Great rolling
  • Smooth ride


  • None so far

Latest deal: Vitus E-Sentier Hardtail 


Ribble Hybrid AL e - Copper

Ribble Hybrid AL e provides speed, efficiency and outstanding versatility on the roads and trails. You can get three levels of power assistance at the touch of a button. When you need the pedal stroke, this will provide power to each pedal stroke.

This bike comes with SRAM NX 1×11 Speed and SKS Mudguards with Mudflap Front and Rear. The Shimano BL-MT201/UR300 Hydraulic Disc Brake set of this bike provides reasonable control  and grip on difficult terrains.


  • Ribble Classic Saddle
  • USB Light Set
  • Grip
  • Pedal stroke


  • None so far

Latest deal: Ribble Hybrid AL e – Copper


Ribble GCR AL e –Shimano Ultegra

Ribble CGR AL e has an aluminium frame and comes in a more refined shape to its predecessor. You get the powerful and controlled riding experience in all-weather with the ultra-series hydraulic disc brakes of this bike.

The Mavic Aksium Elite EBM wheels on this bike provide reliability and durability. This bike has a slightly triangular shape of the main tube that provides increased strength without adding weight. The seat stays of this bike has a dropped position and curved lower portion.


  • Attractive look
  • Versatility
  • Robustness
  • Reliability and durability


  • Handlebar shape

Latest deal: Ribble GCR AL e –Shimano Ultegra


X-Treme Scooters Electric Powered Mountain Bike

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike has Aluminum Alloy Frame, fully Adjustable Seat, and an RST Capa T7 front fork. There is no need for an expert for the assembly as you can do it yourself.

The bike includes many significant components such as shifter system seven lightweight lithiumion batteries, and seven-speed Shimano tourney gear. The motor of this bike is the Brushless hub motor. Rear hub motor and pedal power is the drive system of this bike.


  • Brushless hub motor
  • Alloy frame
  • Adjustable seats
  • Easy assembly


  • No instructions to assemble

Latest deal: X-Treme Scooters Electric Mountain Bike

Best Value Electric Bike Buyers Guide

While buying any product, one needs to look at different things to get the top or the right product for them. The buyer does some research and makes a comparison between different products to get the one suitable for his requirements.

The comparison is mostly according to the product such as in some products material, comfort and other things matters while in others there can be different features. Here are some of the features one can think of comparing while buying an e-bike:

Material – While buying e-bikes, another feature that can be of great importance is the material of the e-bikes frame. Aluminium is the preference for most e-bikes as it makes them lightweight, strong and durable.

Ratings and Review – The most important thing a buyer should look at while buying any product is its ratings and reviews. One can get to know about the different perspectives of different people who have information about the product. The ratings and reviews help you to differentiate between a good and an average product.

Recurring Features

The following are some of the recurring features of products as mentioned above:

Frame Material: There can be many choices for the frame material while making or selecting an electric bike such as carbon, aluminium, steel and much more. Most brands and market retailers use aluminium as the right choice for frame material as it makes the bike lightweight, durable and provides strength to the bike.

The frame material of most of the products that are mentioned above in the article is aluminium. This material makes these electric bikes great options for bike lovers.

Wheels: Wheels can make a big difference as if they will provide the best performance the rider can get the safe ride. If the wheels are extensive, they can give reasonable control and grip to any type of terrain. They provide excellent performance and absorb or dampen the shocks and vibrations of the bumpy road. Most of the products, as mentioned above, come with wider and great performance wheels which can make them a considerable choice for you.

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about electric bikes:

Are cheap e-bikes good?
If the electric bike were cheap, they must be having competitive drive systems which can bring many problems onwards. Affordable e-bikes will provide a clunky, jerky riding experience. It is not worth buying cheap e buying if you want to have safe and excellent riding experience.

Are electric bikes worth the money?
E-Bikes can be more expensive at first then other bikes, but you can maintain the bike easily with less money than automobiles and motorcycles. It can be worth the cash to get an electric bike if you want to have a different riding experience.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?
Everything that has advantages has some disadvantages too. The electric bikes have some drawbacks that include they are pricey, have a short lifespan of the battery, charging time of the battery is high. They have a low riding range and are considerably more substantial. You have to spend more if there is a need for maintenance and repairs.


There are thousands of choices available for electric bikes in the market, which makes it difficult for anyone to buy the right one. One can get the right one according to the preferences and requirements by making a comparison in each product.

You should research different electric bikes to notice the various features of different bikes. There are many amazing innovations and features in electric bikes. You can go down the hills and climb the trails easily with e-bikes because of the forks. It should be able to provide high performance, grip, and control.

There should be a smooth shifting of gears, and the pedalling must be easy as it the main feature of e-bikes. It should be able to provide a comfortable, stable and safe ride while absorbing the shocks of the bumpy road.

The frame material of the e-bikes needs to be such that it can make them easy to handle, and lightweight. All the products mentioned above can be an excellent choice for you as they all come with great features.

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