Best Waterproof Mountain Bike Shorts [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Are you looking for some new shorts to provide comfort and style while you’re riding your mountain bike?

Mountain biking is a fantastic activity but without the best clothes, you may not enjoy cycling. Shorts are among the most important gears you must have because they give you a better riding experience.

And with many cheap fabrics being used that don’t deliver on their promises it’s more important than ever to research some products before adding them to your basket.

Hang on though, here’s the best part.

We’ve done all of the research for you. We’ve carefully looked at material, breathability, pockets, and adjustability so we could carefully narrow down 20 products and select the absolute best of the bunch for you to choose from.

And each product listed here has something to offer so be sure to check them all out because every pair of shorts here has its perks and appeal to certain people.

Before we start, here’s something worth considering on your search – consider mountain bike shorts that are waterproof and durable. These shorts will keep you dry when it is raining.

Now you’re up to speed, let’s jump right in.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Our Top 5 Picks


Cycorld Mountain Biking Shorts

Coming in at the top spot are the Cyclord mountain bike shorts.

These shorts are all about comfort. With sweat-wicking, quick-dry, and elastic fabric with reflective strips to keep you move and shine through every move. you’ll feel safe and secure on your ride. 

We love these shorts because they don’t hinder your riding one iota. they provide a seamless riding experience which is what we all want in cycling shorts.

And that’s not all. 

They’re adjustable with extraordinary craftsmanship and custom design. Plus, the ideal fitting and inseams are designed to move with you as you pedal providing a smooth experience.

One customer said that “They exceeded all expectations. Their craftsmanship is top-notch. Well placed zippers. Water repellent. But most important for me is that they are incredibly comfortable!”

You can’t go wrong with these so try them out now.

Very comfortable
Elastic fabric for adjustability
Great pocket placement
Some found the fabric too thin

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BERGRISAR Cycling Shorts

Coming in hot at number two we have the BERGRISAR Cycling Shorts

Made from a breathable fabric that lets water vapor and perspiration move away from the body, these shorts are great for avoiding getting sweaty downstairs.

In addition to this, the 6 pockets provide convenient storage although some customers found that several of these pockets weren’t big enough to be useful so this may be something worth considering.

Better yet.

The reflective logo adds visibility in low light and the lightweight 4-way stretch fabric and gusseted crotch promote mobility so you won’t feel constrained while riding.

Now on to the reviews. One happy customer had this to say: “Very comfortable and light. Also, it may not be 100% waterproof but it is definitely water-resistant from light rain. You can’t go wrong with the cost compared to more well know name brands like FOX that you have to pay 3x more.”

So check it out!

6 pockets (4 zipped)
Elastic waistband
Stretchy fabric
Water resistant
Some pockets are tiny

Latest deal: BERGRISAR Cycling Shorts


Priessei Mens Mountain Bike Biking Shorts

If you are searching for long-lasting mountain bike shorts, these ones are the best.

These bike shorts run a little small so you may order a size up than you normally would. They’re quick-dry & lightweight and best of all in our opinion, these bicycle shorts made of high breathable quality material that helps draw sweat away from the skin and allows you to stay cool throughout your riding.

These are highly functional for bicycle touring and mile ride mountain bike rides so they’re easily a contender for the best mountain bike shorts. Legs are nonbinding, elastic-free, and very soft to wear. Plus, as an added bonus UPF 50+ protects you from UV rays.

But what did others have to say about this?

One customer praised the shorts for their “Good quality. The shorts are light and nice. I usually wear size S but I followed the seller’s size chart and ordered size L. It fits great.” However, another had this to say, ” They’re a little long in the inseam and with my new saddle they get caught on the nose trying to mount the seat”.

So, now it’s up to you. Will you give these a shot or pass them up. We think they’re great for the money provided you follow their advice on the sizes.

Made with breathable material
elastic-free and soft
UPF 50+ UV protection
High-quality and light
Sizes are much smaller than advertised

Latest deal: Priessei Mens Mountain Bike Biking Shorts


Ally Men's Mountain Bike Shorts

Last but not least on our list we have the Ally mountain bike shorts and you’re going to love these.

These shorts are highly breathable and as with any good pair, they draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool throughout your ride.

Mountain bike shorts for men are made from highly durable material which offers vital protection when muddy water splashes to you. They’re machine washable and we love them even if they are slightly pricier than our other entries.

But wait, here’s the best part.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have any issue with these shorts then you can contact Ally and they’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

With a 4.5-star rating and 1500+ reviews, there’s really little reason to not consider this so click the links and see what you make of them.

Highly durable
Customer satisfaction guarantee
Draw sweat from your skin
Size chart is inaccurate

Latest deal: Ally Men’s Mountain Bike Shorts

How we did our research

To ensure that our products are indeed the best, we compared different products to come up with the top 5 products. Some of the things we checked include.

  1. Material– The type of material used in the production of MTB shorts determines their durability. In this regard, we only picked those that are made of long-lasting materials.
  2. Pockets– When cycling, you will need to carry various items like phones, keys, money among other things. This means that you need shorts with large pockets. One of the common things you will find with all the products we have reviewed is that they come with different pockets. These pockets are also waterproof to keep your items safe.
  3. Breathability– Breathable shorts are the best because they keep you dry. They also keep you cool when cycling in hot sunny days.
  4. Adjustments – If your shorts are too tight or too big, you may not enjoy your rides. The best mountain bike shorts should have adjustable waistbands.
  5. Reviews-Customer reviews are very important when buying a product because you can easily tell if the product will meet your expectations. To ensure that you will get the best value from the products, we considered those with the best reviews. You can confirm this from the links we have included.
  6. Waterproof– Waterproof shorts are the best because you can use them in any season. All those mountain bike shorts we have reviewed are waterproof which makes them suitable for winter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are mountain bike shorts worth it?
The good thing about mountain bike shorts is that they have features that make mountain biking more enjoyable. For example, they are durable, stretchy, and come with breathable materials.

Why are mountain bike shorts so expensive?
Mountain bike shorts
are a bit expensive since they are made of durable materials. They are also waterproof and are specially built for mountain biking.

What is the benefit of wearing waterproof shorts?
Waterproof shorts are suitable when cycling in wet climates. Since they do not allow water to pass through, it means that you can easily put your phone or other items in the pocket without any worry.



If you have been searching for waterproof mountain bike shorts (or even the best waterproof jackets) you can choose any of those we have reviewed. They are all made of quality materials to enhance durability. Apart from that, they are lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable. In terms of price, they have different prices to suit your budget.

But whichever shorts you choose be it from our selection or another site entirely, make sure they fit, feel comfortable, and provide you with the best riding experience available. Have fun and more importantly…

Keep pedaling!

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