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Mountain bikes are the most versatile bikes that you should consider for off road terrains. Due to their quality, you can use them even on the most challenging terrains. However, most mountain bikes are designed for men which means that women who love cycling may have limited options. If you are a woman who loves cycling and you have been searching for the best mountain bike, we have compiled this guide exclusively for you.

Here we shall reveal the top 4 women mountain bikes that you can find today and why they are worth your money. We shall also discuss some of the most important things you should know about mountain bikes for women and what makes them unique from the standard mountain bikes.

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Our Selection of Best Women's Mountain Bikes


Titan Women’s 18-Speed Pathfinder Front Suspension Mountain Bike

Top Choice Item

Titan Women’s 18-Speed is among the best mountain bikes for women that you can use in any terrain. It features a front suspension fork and 26-inch alloy wheels which boosts its performance. Apart from that, it features a quick release saddle, rear and front derailleur’s. You will also find that it comes 85% pre assembled to save your time. Another great feature is the grip shifting system which provides smooth on-the fly gear changing. The bike allows a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs. To enhance durability, it has a high-tensile steel frame which also provides great stability on all terrains.

Attractive color
18 speeds for challenging terrains
Rugged tires
Adjustable saddle

Latest deal: Titan Pathfinder


Mongoose 26 Inch Excursion Durable Steel Frame Ladies Mountain Bike

Prime Picked Item

One of the things you should consider when buying mountain bikes is the durability. What you will love about Mongolese 26 Inch mountain bike is that it is very durable as compared to others. It features a steel frame which makes it a great option for all outdoor bike activities. It also comes with a suspension fork which gives you more control on trails and bumps. For easier gear changing, it is equipped with Shimano rear derailleur and twist shifters. Apart from that, it features lightweight alloy rims which are also durable.

Durable construction
Lightweight alloy rims
Easy to change gears
Easy to ride
Not the best design

Latest deal: Mongoose Excursion


Roadmaster26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

Best Value Item

Whether you just a starter or an experienced rider, Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike is a top quality bike you should consider. It has a user-friendly design which allows you to ride for many hours without fatigue. It also has a comfortable seat and reliable handlebars that provides stability when riding on different terrains. Apart from that, it comes with reliable wheels which enables it to roll smoothly. As compared to others, this bike is very lightweight which makes it ideal for all riders.

Great design
Easy to ride
Budget friendly
Comfortable seat

Latest deal: Roadmaster Granite Peak


Dynacraft 26” Air Blast Women’s Mountain Bike

The first thing you will this bike is its beautiful design which features pink color with pink spokes. It has a sturdy from and has a fill suspension. Apart from that it comes with twist grip shifting and 21-speed derailleur. Whether you are searching for a long distance or off road mountain bike, this one will be a great option. In terms of safety, it comes with rear and front V brakes which allows you to stop. It is also important to note that it has a weight limit of 275 lbs.

Features a twist grip shifting
Beautiful design
Sturdy frame
Suitable for off road and long distance riding

Latest deal: Dynacraft Air Blast

Benefits of Mountain Biking for Women

Energy booster – Intense cycling may be a bit tiring but it greatly helps to build your stamina. It also minimizes fatigue since it triggers the brain to produced a neurotransmitter known as dopamine. This neurotransmitter is associated with boosting energy levels in the body.

Prevents breast cancer – Sports activities and cycling contributes in lowering risks of breast cancer. As you ride, the blood circulates within your body at a consistent rate. This allows oxygen to reach all parts of your body. As a result, cycling minimizes risks of breast cancer during postmenopausal and premenopausal ages.

Mental well-being – If you are not aware, cycling is one of the best activities that can really boost your moods. It can make you happier instantly. Again, it makes you to be more active which also allows you to maintain a good balance. Exploring new areas beyond your neighborhood is another great way of spending your free time. It also allows you to learn and interact with different environments.

Reduces stress – Cycling is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It allows your heart to pump blood consistently in your body. This means that cycling will not only help you to lose weight but it will also be a great way of reliving stress.

Joints – Bone density in women’s body starts to decrease as they become old. Since cycling involves movements of almost all the body parts, it helps to keep your knees, wrist and joints fit and active. Again, cycling is a great activity for those women with high blood pressure.


What Is the Difference between Unisex Mountain Bikes and Women’s Mountain Bikes?

It is not easy to differentiate between women’s mountain bikes and unisex mountain bikes. However, we have outlined some of their differences to save you from making a wrong choice when buying.

Size – Women cyclists usually have smaller bodies as compared to male cyclists. This means that women’s mountain bikes are smaller. However, women can still use unisex mountain bikes and the choice between a unisex or a women’s mountain bike will depend on personal preferences.

Mountain bike gears – Women’s mountain bikes contain more gears as compared to the unisex or male mountain bikes. Since women riders may not be very strong, several gear systems allows them to navigate challenging terrains more easily.

Frame design – Women are a bit narrower than men especially around the chest area. Due to this, their mountain bikes frame usually have shorter top tubes They also have a short distance between the handlebars and the saddle to boost comfort.


Key things to consider when buying a Mountain Bike for Women

Terrain– The first thing you need to think of is whether the mountain bike will be suitable for the terrain where you are planning to use it. Remember not all mountain bikes can move comfortably on all terrains.

Size– Choosing the wrong size means that you will never enjoy your rides. Before buying, you should test the bike to ensure that it suits your height. In case you are purchasing online, make sure you have ordered the correct size.

Frame material – The material used on the frame will determine whether the mountain bike will last or not. Look for a material that cannot bend easily. It should also be rustproof and corrosion resistant. Again, it should not be too heavy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a woman ride a man’s mountain bike?
Most of the women can still ride a unisex mountain bike but this depends on the body shape. These bikes also have similar features but men’s mountain bikes may not be comfortable for women. If you are a searching for a mountain bike that you will be using every day, it is good to look for one that suits your gender.

What is the difference between men’s mountain bikes and women’s mountain bikes?
The major difference between the two is that men mountain bikes are bigger. As compared to women, men usually have longer legs and arms which means that the distance between the handlebar and the saddle is usually big.

How heavy should a mountain bike be?
Whether the mountain bike has a suspension or hardtrail, it should have an average weight of 21-29 pounds. This means that it should not exceed 9-10 kgs.

The Final Verdict

Whether you are a mountain bike enthusiast or you are just starting out, you need a top quality mountain bike that will allow you to navigate different terrains easily. You need to check the frame, brakes, wheel size to ensure that the one you have picked is the most comfortable. When buying, you should also check the design. This means that it should not be too heavy to make you uncomfortable especially when cycling for many hours. Finding a good women’s mountain bike is not an easy thing because they have unique features as compared to the standard mountain bikes.

If you are not sure about the exact product you are looking for, you may end up buying a non-functional mountain bike. All the mounting bikes we have reviewed provide unmatched value as compared to other similar products on the market. You will just need to pick any from the list that suits your budget.

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