Brake Squat Vs Brake Jack: The complete breakdown

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on March 27, 2020

Jack is busy squatting but we are here to help you out:

Looking for a complete breakdown on Brake Squat Vs Brake Jack? Then, you have hit the braking jackpot, as here we take a deep look at what you have been searching for a while now. This is one of the most googled questions, yet confuses the poor soul searching.

This article will give you the ultimate way around a brake squat and brake jack.

Brake jack:

A mini problem that allows it to make other problems minimized with a brake jack. Many of you do not know the true meaning of a brake jack still, but we are here to give our insight on all the knowledge we have gathered.

To start off in the enriching experience in the world of brakes, we need to understand what is a brake jack? In simple words, when the bicyclist tends to pull the rear brakes, it causes the bicycle to raise a little while braking.

This maybe the reason why the suspension becomes less efficient and effective. At points, it may become inactive as well. This situation varies on the pivotal location. This has a major role in braking functionality.

Wondering why? Because as simple as it sounds, it causes the suspension to be in two polar opposites, which are either extension or compression under tough braking situations. Once you put that hand hard on the brake, the rare wheel bounces a little that renders with the rear suspension of the bicycle.

This means that a brake jack can not be good, but it is believed among the cyclist community that a single pivot bike would never face any issues, such as a brake jack.

Brake squat:

Coming to other parts of the question you might be confused about. We tried to make it as easy as it gets for you to understand brake jack, same is what we will try to accomplish for a brake squat. Now, let’s get to the hard part.

What is a brake squat? A brake squat basically happens during the braking process to the rear end of the bike, as it squats. This is the opposite of a brake jack that happens due to the dependence upon the geometry.

We need to be clear on the fact that brake jack is related to the momentum of the bicycle’s wheel.

What is the reason behind this phenomena?

After the removal of the shocks, you will notice how the suspension of the bike may go woozy. It moves up and down, as the brake calliper moves would be mimicking the brake rotor, or it could just ignore the rotor as a whole.

Thus, once you ride this bike, naturally the calliper would not be inhibiting the rotor, which would result in a momentary suspension lock. Therefore, the introduction of a floating calliper takes place to minimize the effect of the rotor’s movement during the journey.


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