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Cannondale Jekyll 2020 [Review]

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The Cannondale Jekyll 2020 (Review)

The Cannondale Jekyll al 4 29 is a nimble bike that demonstrates general agility and excellence in climbing and descending, and providing stability and comfort to the rider with parts that exerts confidence to the rider,  produces lesser noise and increases performance. The frame is a stiff Smartform alloy frame with Gemini shocks. The tires are large for good clearance and stability, and the brakes are efficient Shimano Hydraulic brakes; all these puts together makes the bike suited for various styles of mountain rides and increased performance.


Smartform Alloy Frame

This frame maintains a lightness and appropriate stiffness with fine finishing, thus resulting in good speed, reduced stress for the rider, comfort, and increased performance. They are durable, rust-resistant, rightly thick, maintains good agility, and suit a variety of terrains while rendering control to the rider and maximizing speed. The frame also features Gemini shocks that allow for a dual-mode of travel and placements for water bottles.

MT500 Shimano Brakes

This is a reliable and stable brake that excels in mountainous and wet regions and demonstrates perfect braking regardless of the style of riding and season. It is structured to align with the rider’s movements to bring about efficient braking capabilities and high performance. Also, it is easy to maintain, slim and consistent, with abilities to create faster rides and requiring little pressure to bring about full braking power, thus easing the muscles of the rider.

Tubeless-Ready Maxxis Tires

The Maxxis tires are light, efficient, and large enough to ensure stability, support high speed and aggressive riding styles with increased traction and cornering while maintaining smoothness and good grips in rides. They guarantee excellence in rides all year round, toughness, puncture-protectedness, compliance, and durability with suitability for loose and dry surfaces, muds, and pavements.

Scoop Fabric Saddle

This is a popular rider-choice saddle that suits all types of riding as it possesses a soft foam for comfort and profiles that suit three different kinds of riding styles. It is very responsive, uniquely shaped, and suiting aggressive riding styles while also allowing the rider to maintain a good sitting position that charges their performance. It is durable, lightly padded, flexible, and allows the rider to take a natural riding stable position.


Shifters: 12-speed SRAM

Brakes: MT500 Shimano

Frame: 150mm, Alloy C1 Smartform frame

Rear Derailleur: Eagle SRAM

Saddle: Sport Scoob Fabric

Crank: Ai Truvativ

Fork: DebonAir, Lyrik RockShox

Grips: Funguy, Fabrics

Seatpost: Dropper Cannondale

Rear Shock: DebonAir, RockShox

Bottom Bracket: BB30

Chain: 12-speed Eagle SRAM

Stem: Alloy, Cannondale, 1-1/8″

Rims: Tubeless-Ready, WTB

Tires: Tubeless-Ready Maxxis, 29

Rear Cogs: 12-speed, 1230, SRAM

Headset: Integrated

Rear Hub: 12×48, Formula

Handlebar: Cannondale

  • The bike’s Gemini Shocks allows for two types of travel modes(120mm and 150mm) and makes the bike more usable and convenient for the user
  • The bike has a water bottle placements
  • The bike is fast and excellent in mountain surfaces
  • The bike is not very smooth in technical terrains


Is the Cannondale Jekyll 4 29 bike gender specific?

No, the bike is for both males and females

What is the bike most suited for?

The is most suited for racing up and down the hills and trail rides


The Cannondale Jekyll 4 29  is a mountain bike suited for races such as the Enduro race as it is geared towards maintaining excellence in going up and down hilly surfaces and rocking the mountainous terrains to bring about increased performance and satisfaction to the rider. The bike is made up of an excellent geometry system, adjustable seat post, nimble frame with Gemini shocks, stable tires, and a comfortable saddle to meet the needs of the rider.

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