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By: Mason Arnold

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Cannondale Topstone 2020 [Review]

Road Bike

The Cannondale Topstone 2020 Review

The Cannondale Topstone is a road bike that is built for traveling, commuting, comfort, stability, and adventures. It renders control to the hands of the rider while being suited for climbs and structured with a seat position that makes the rider confident enough to take charge even on great speed levels. The frame is a C2 formulated aluminum Smartform frame, the fork is made of carbon, the brakes are discs, and the tires are large and high that ensures comfort and balance. Also, the bike is durable and sporty while also containing three placements for water cans.


C2 Smartform Frame

This frame is made to guarantee comfort by reducing the shocks and vibrations on rides while being stiff, light, and durable. The walls of the bike are perfectly thick and still exhibits flexibility when necessary to ensure the rider has control of the ride. The joints of the bike are strong, and the finishing is excellent, thus making for high performance while also featuring placements for three bottles and other items for a trip. The frame comes with mudguards and rack.

Promax Disc Brakes

These cable brakes are properly modulated to bring about high performance in braking and maintaining lightness and excellence in commuting and traveling. They function highly in all weather conditions and mostly in gravels while being smooth and suited in going up and down the hill and providing excitement in rides. These disc brakes render comfort to the rider and are suited for uphill and downhill rides.

Ridler Tires

These Ridler tires are structured to meet the speed expectations of the rider and guarantee smoothness in different terrains while maintaining traction and grips even in corners. The tires are versatile, light, comfortable, and suitable when riding aggressively and in gravels. The tires also demonstrate swiftness in turns and bends while being puncture-resistant with treads that make for good corners and ensuring the high performance of the rider regardless of the terrain. The tires also ensure stability, agility and make the rider even more confident and take on more adventures.

Cannondale Handlebar

These are easy to use handlebar with great positioning and ability to make good corners while being excellent on gravels and are extremely long-lasting with abilities to take on the impact of crashes better than carbon handlebars. The handlebar is stiff, light, uniquely shaped and smooth while also being suited for aggressive riding.


Frame: C2 alloy Smartform frame with placements for bottles

Tires: 799 Ridler Tires

Handlebar: 6061 Cannondale butted alloy

Stem: 6061, Cannondale

Fork: Carbon fork with flat mounts

Crank: Tempo FSA

Rear Derailleur: Sora

Brakes: R Promax Decoder

Saddle: Ergonomic Cannondale saddle

Shifters: 2×9 Sora

Bottom Bracket: FSA

Front Hub: 12×100 Formula

Seatpost: 6061, Cannondale

Brake Lever: Sora

Spokes: 4g steel

  • The bike allows the rider to be positioned in a relaxed manner while riding
  • The bike is excellent on off-roads
  • With this bike, quality rides are ensured
  • The bike has placements for bottles
  • The saddle of the bike is not very comfortable
  • The brakes are not very reliable when braking


In what terrain is the  Cannondale Topstone bike most suited for?

The bike is most suited for terrains with gravels.

Is the Cannondale Topstone bike only suited for roads?

The bike is also suited for bikepacking


The Cannondale Topstone bike is one bike that is versatile enough to take on bikepacking, off roads, and road biking while being inclined to bring about exciting, comfortable, and stable rides in lengthy and short rides and is an excellent companion in commuting. The bike is sporty, light, stiff, and fast and can suit beginners and professionals.