Cervelo P2

By: Mason Arnold

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Cervelo P2 2020 [Review]


Cervelo P2 2020 (Review)

The Cervelo is an affordable race bike that demonstrates tremendous speed, aerodynamics, quality rides, and comfort by featuring an adjustable seat, light carbon frames, stable tires, and good brakes. The bike maintains suitability for novices and professionals and still has compliant steering and ability to climb and descend hills perfectly, sprint excellently and support riding in a standing position. The bike also provides confidence at high-speed levels even without the rider gripping the bars


Aero Carbon Frame

This carbon frame ensures better pedaling results and maintains stability in speed while increasing the rider’s comfort as it is stiff and shaped to pierce through the wind and accelerate rapidly. These frames are not easily destroyed as it is less prone to crash effects and results in less tiring rides,  is powerful, shock-absorbing, producing quality rides with increased rider performance while still retaining its durability and lightness.

Gossamer Brakes

These are powerful and durable brakes that are stiff and properly modulated and maintains a good width, lightness, and little friction. They provide good braking, excellence in rough terrains and ensure that the rider has smooth, safe, and stable rides.

Vittoria Tires

These tires are excellent when it concerns high performance and cornering due to its tread pattern that ensures protection from sharp objects and guarantees the tire’s durability. These tires provide good grips and are very suited for racing for which the bike is structured. In addition, it’s suitable for training beginners and does not wear out easily. Lastly, these tires assure smooth and fast-rolling power in different terrains while also being light and ensuring the comfort of the rider.

Adamo ISM Saddles

These light saddles provide just the right amount of comfort that many types of riders need due to the structure of the sitting position as it allows the rider to make adjustments on the saddle. They are very suitable for races of different categories and helps in increasing performance while maintaining a high level of compliance between the rider and the bike. The composition of the saddle helps the rider maintain good health, ensure that they are more focused on the rider than any other thing, and bring about quality rides.

Frame: Carbon Frame

Cassette: 11-25t Tiagra Shimano

Handlebar: 44cm Extension Profile

Tires: 700c×23c Vittoria Tires

Fork: Carbon FK41 Cervelo

Cranks: 172.5mm alloy, Gossamer FSA

Rear Derailleur: 105 Shimano

Seatpost: SP14 Carbon Cervelo (Aero)

Chain: 4600, Shimano

Saddle: Steel Prologue ISM

Weight: 8.8kg

Wheels: Aluminum: R501, Shimano

Brakes: Pro Gossamer, FSA

Headset: FSA

Wheels: Aluminum R501, Shimano

Stem: Alloy Profile

Shifters: Ace Shimano

Front Derailleur: 105 Shimano

  • The bike has aerodynamic features
  • The bike is suited for aggressive riding
  • The bike is very light, fast and affordable
  • The composition of the bike improves the health of the rider and ensure quality rides.
  • The brakes are not very reliable
  • The tires of the bike are not durable


What is the Cervelo P2 most ideal for?

This bike is most suited for races such as in triathlons and Time Trials

Can beginners enjoy rides with this bike?

Yes, the components of the bike can readily ensure good rides to beginners.


The Cervelo P2 Bike is an extremely fast and affordable aerodynamic bike that seeks to exceed the speed expectations of the rider by guaranteeing comfort, balance, and confidence with its reliable components. It comes with an adjustable saddle that allows the rider to maintain good health. More to this, the rider can take a preferred position that suits their riding style; stiff, fast, and light frames; drag-reducing components; thus giving a racer a greater edge in not only succeeding but having quality rides.