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Cervelo P3X 2020 [Review]


Cervelo P3X Review

The Cervico P3X focuses on competitiveness and comfortability. It is evident from its triathlon-based development. It means that the rider can speed up quickly and perform better for an elongated period of time. Its layup design helps it achieve rigidity and lightness. The P3X is configurable, and the rider can make adjustments that accurately suits them. Its parts are durable, easy to maintain, and portable enough for travel.

Aerodynamic Cable Design

The P3X utilizes an aero design for its cable components. The mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical cables are hidden in the frame along the handlebars and the fork. It includes shift control and brake lines. The design gives the advantage of protecting essential parts on the bike from debris, elements, and delivering better aerodynamics. It also doesn’t give up performance. The rider has better protection with the P3X in windy conditions.

Perfect Storage Integration

The P3X comes with integrated storage for the rider’s use. They can store supplements, items such as water, and other things that they might need along the way. Cervelo P3X storage is designed in a way that doesn’t affect the structure of the bike. The storage unit is built-in, simple, and functional, with a streamlined flush design. It doesn’t distort the P3X’s aerodynamics, which is an advantage for the rider.

Two-Part RDH

There is a two-part RDH (Rear Derailleur Hanger) fitted on the P3X. It makes it possible for the rider to align dropouts at the back of the bike. The RDH allows for quick installation of rear axles when necessary. It comes in several configurations, including RAT and threaded style. The flexibility of options enables the rider to change out the bike’s fork or the entire frame should the need arise.

Detachable FDM

The FDM (Front Derailleur Mount) on the Cervelo P3X is removable and is held on by a bolt-on screw. The mount comes from an alloy of aluminum, high strength and durable. The rider can couple the setup unto the frame of the bike with two countersunk-type screws. It allows the rider to detach it with ease, should it get damaged. The person can also swap it for other standards that he/she might want, or remove it altogether.


Fork: The P3X uses an all-carbon Cervelo fork

Crankset: The bike uses the Shimano Ultegra 8000 crankset

Front derailleur: Cervelo puts an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra Di2 8050 on the P3X

Back derailleur: There is the 11-speed Shimano Ultegra Di2 8050 for the back derailleur as well

Handlebar: Cervelo uses EX10 Aerobar and HB10 Basebar for the P3X’s handlebars

Wheels: The wheels on the P3X are the DT Swiss P1800 spline, with a 32-disc configuration

Bottom bracket: The P3X has a 24×90 BBright Connect bracket

Chain: The chain on the Cervelo P3X is the Shimano CN-HG701, configured to 11-speed levels.

  • The Cervelo P3X handles winding road courses well
  • The handlebars on the bike is built with a material that enhances grip.
  • The bike is easy to dismantle and carry about
  • It accelerates quickly from a starting point
  • It doesn’t dampen enough road vibrations


Q: How many variants of Cervelo P3X are there?

A: Two. It comes in the Ultegra Di2 R8060 and Ultegra Di2 2.0 R8060 variants.


The Cervelo P3X is stiff and aerodynamic, fit for roads with occasional turns and corners. The whole body of the bike is streamlined, despite incorporating a decently sized storage unit and cable management. The grips on the handlebars are suitable for gloved and gloveless riders over long periods. It is a fast and light built with the best in shimano and Cervelo parts and designed for riders who participate in triathlons.

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