Cleaning a Bike Saddle Bag

Last Updated on August 13, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on August 13, 2020

Cleaning a Bike Saddle Bag

It’s essential and imperative to take proper care of your leather saddlebags. Your leather saddlebags can get destroyed if it’s not properly cared for. The life of leather saddlebags can be extended by regular maintenance and care otherwise it could let you have frustration and will make you spend money.

Cleaning Your Bikes Saddle Bag
It’s equally important to always cover your bike while it’s parked as cleaning your saddlebag is important. There should not be any problem to store one in one of your sassy bar bags or saddlebags while riding the bike. The leather of your saddlebags will stay protected from damaging through the sun by covering. Covering will also keep your bike and your saddlebags dry in the rain. There are many advantages to covering your bike.


Necessary Things for Cleaning

  • Leather conditioner
  • 2 microfiber towels
  • Leather shampoo
  • Lukewarm water

 But the main point to discuss is how to clean a saddlebag. To keep your saddlebags clean and properly maintained, the following easy steps can help you very much:

1st Step
Firstly, with a little room temperature water, dampen your first towel. Then, you should pour on the soft cloth a quarter-sized amount of leather cleaner shampoo.

 2nd Step
Now it’s time to start the actual cleaning. Firstly you have to begin with rubbing the shampoo into the saddlebags while doing this you have to be extra careful. You should pay extra attention to the parts that have a lot of dirt or stains. A soft bristle brush can be used for cleaning deeply. You should be careful while using the brush with bristles because it can put scratches on your bag if the bristles are hard enough. So you should make sure to use a soft brush. It depends on the shampoo that afterwards rinsing is required or not. Most leather saddlebags don’t require it. But for this, the instructions on the leather cleaner that you are using should be followed.

3rd Step
The next step is to apply a quarter-size amount of conditioner on to your second microfiber. After that, with a smooth rubbing motion, you have to apply it to your saddlebags. It starts looking softer and suppler after working with the conditioner into the leather. Conditioners always need time to set. So you should give some time to allow the conditioner to penetrate. If the leather still feels dry another layer of conditioner can be applied to it.

Finally, to return the leather to its original matte black colour, you should buff off any excess with a dry section of your microfiber towel.

The Bottom Line
By following these steps, you can make your saddlebag clean. After cleaning the bag, a noticeable difference should be seen in the appearance of the bag. There is no need to take a dirty, neglected pair of saddlebags with you if you can make them almost new again. So, this is the time to clean the saddlebag of your bike and enjoy bike riding. Worst case scenario – if you have a ruined bag then we’ve put together a great guide on the best bike saddle bags to help you replace it.


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