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If you are searching for a perfect fitness tool you can use for high-energy exercises, Peloton Bike will be the best option.

The good thing about it is that it offers high resistance levels which makes it a great option for competitive outdoor cyclist or people who have never tried cycling before. It is an excellent option for fitness management, weight loss and cardiovascular health.

However, one of the questions most people who have never used it before ask is whether it comes with a camera. In this article, we shall give you an answer to that and also explain other impressive features that you can find in this bike.

Peloton Bike+ | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with 24” HD, Anti-Reflective Rotating Touchscreen


Large touchscreen

– One of the most outstanding features you will find in Peloton Bike is that it is equipped with a HD 21.5 inches screen which uses touch technology. The stereo speakers works perfectly with the large screen to provide similar effects like those of in-studio training.

Adjustable Seat and handlebar

Another awesome feature you will find in this unit is that the seat contains levers for easier adjustments. This makes the bike ideal for different riders. Apart from the saddle, the handlebars are also adjustable

Carbon steel frame

– To enhance stability, this bike has a carbon steel frame which has a powder coating. The finish gives it a new look and also prevents it from rusting. Transport wheels are also included for easier movement.

Long lasting moving parts

– The forged steel pedal cranks, industrial-grade bearings plus the long lasting moving parts ensures that the bike can spin for thousands of miles without any serious issues.

Peloton app

– Unlike other exercise bikes, this one comes with an app for iOS which you can use to track your workout sessions and schedule work out reminders.

Levels of resistance

– You will also find that this unit provides a top quality resistance through the magnetic dial which offers smooth transitions. The magnetic system works silently and allows you to use the bike for long hours without fatigue.

What’s the Peloton Camera For?

So, why does the Peloton have a camera? The Peloton bike is equipped with a front-facing camera so that we can take profile photos, see our reflections on the TV, and use the movement tracker feature to track our performance against various other movements. It can also make a video call and gives us more control over our workouts.

As a Peloton user, I absolutely love my camera! It might be my favorite piece of Peloton equipment.

The camera is off by default. And will only turn on when we enable self-mode. We can use the camera to compare our form to the Peloton instructors and correct it if necessary while following the class and the exercises.

Echelon EX5-S Smart Connect Fitness Bike, Black

Quick Guide On Using The Peloton Camera

To enable the camera on the Peloton, we need to open the privacy slider to expose the camera lens. We can only use it during classes. The light next to the camera will turn green to indicate it’s on. To turn it off again, close the privacy cover. 

The self mode can also be enabled by doing the following:

  1. Slide the privacy cover to open it.
  2. I then see myself on the TV once I’ve selected self-mode. The self-mode settings are in the class settings.
  3. Then select the menu or push the up arrow on the remote to select the in-class settings.

Pressing “select” allows us to switch between different display modes.

Taking photos with the Peloton camera:

  1. Remove the camera cover
  2. Turn the Peloton screen on and log in
  3. Tap the avatar and then click on the camera option
  4. Take the photo
  5. Put the camera cover on again to close it

How to enable video chatting with the Peloton camera:

  1. Remove the camera cover
  2. Select the video chat setting in the social tab to enable video chat
  3. Select “enable video chat tab.”
  4. Both my friend and I then need to enter the same Peloton class. Click on the friend and select “video chat” so that they can accept the request
  5. Press “end video chat” to close the live video 

What you may not like about peloton bikes

Requires Wi-Fi

– If you want to achieve smooth and effective workout sessions, you will need a strong Wi-Fi connection and this might not be convenient for everyone.


Peloton bikes come with a 12 months warranty which is not enough for exercise bikes of this category.

Lacks inbuilt programming

– The Peloton bike will only work when used together with class subscriptions. Again, it does not feature inbuilt programming.

Does Peloton Bike have a camera?

Yes, this bike is equipped with a 5.0 megapixel camera which faces the rider. This allows you to access in-class video chats with classmates as well as instructors. This is one of the major selling point that makes Peloton bike to be so popular. 

Peloton Bike+ | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with 24” HD, Anti-Reflective Rotating Touchscreen


How does Peloton use a camera?

Peloton uses the camera to maximize the workout experience so that I can connect with my friends and instructors. Peloton uses the camera to show me what I look like during my workouts so I can see my form. It does require an internet connection.

This way, I can correct myself, ensure I am training properly, and get the most out of my workouts. Peloton users don’t need to worry about security concerns as the camera doesn’t always stay on.

Can you see friends on the Peloton camera?

Yes, I can. I can have video chats with my friends while working out and training together. It also allows me to have live chats with them. The only way I can see my friends is if we follow each other and enter the same class together while video chatting.

My friends can only see me when I enable the video tab and connect with them. We first need to accept each other’s requests. Otherwise, in most cases, I have complete privacy when working out on my Peloton.


If you have been wondering if peloton bikes come with a camera, I hope that I have answered your question. Apart from the camera, it comes with so many fantastic options which makes it a great option for adults with different heights. It also fits homes with different sizes. It might be a bit expensive than others but I can assure you that it is indeed worth the price.


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