Electric Bike Health Benefits

With global warming on the rise and the recent pandemic, the cycling world has boomed, and electric bikes are on the rise. It is becoming a more popular mode of transport in the cities, and it’s even hitting the trails!

Aside from the environmental benefits, there are some serious electric bike health benefits that are worth mentioning.

Many of us underestimate how much electric bikes benefit our health as we just assume that ‘the bike is doing all the work’ when this isn’t the case.

There have been proven many benefits of cycling on both physical and mental health.

Regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy, and if you use an electric bike, you are not using too much energy when pedaling, so you can ride further and for longer– really reaping the benefits!

The motor doesn’t do all the work; you still need to pedal, and as long as you pedal, you are exercising. The motor simply helps with fatigue, and when combatting steep climbs, you get the same benefits as riding a regular bike without exhausting yourself.

So let’s run over the juicy health benefits of using an e-bike that is often overlooked.

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E-Bikes Help With Weight Loss:

While weight loss is different for everyone and everyone’s body responds differently, the best way to lose weight and improve overall health is through cardio.

Cardio-focused exercises burn calories fast. So you can burn pounds easily, all while improving your overall health. The best form of cardio on an electric bike is high-intensity interval training or HIIT.

HIIT helps boost overall fitness, metabolism, and growth hormone production, leading to a higher level of fat burn when riding electric bikes.

Interval training is when you alternate between pushing yourself and going all out for a short space of time and then recovery.

Electric bikes are brilliant for interval training as they give you the option to change the intensity level, so by keeping a moderate intensity and using alternating intervals, you can easily burn calories on an e-bike.

Since you’re saving energy by riding on an electric bike, many cyclists tend to ride of longer durations and distances than traditional bikes. You can change the intensity to less or more electric assist, making them easier to ride.

There’s not this option on conventional bikes, so many of us stop cycling when we get tired.

What I love about electric bikes is that you can easily fit bike riding into your schedule; electric bikes tend to make you less sweaty, so it means you’re more likely to bike to work each day instead of taking the car.

So as you ride more, you burn more calories, build your fitness level, improve cardiovascular health, and even lose weight.

Electric Bikes Are Easier To Exercise On:

Since you get support from the pedal-assist technology when riding an e-bike, it means that it can make a daily workout much easier for pretty much anyone.

Going on a bike ride on a regular bike can be quite intense for some people, so electric bike riding is a much better alternative to build cardiorespiratory fitness.

Regularly riding an e-bike is a brilliant way to lose weight and has some crazy fitness benefits. Walking is another brilliant low-impact exercise, but it can get quite dull, let’s face it.

When riding electric bikes, you can benefit from the lower intensity, but it provides a better workout as you can travel further distances, and if you have beautiful views around you, it makes it that much more worth it.

You won’t be looking at the clock wondering when the ride will be over but rather be admiring the views around you that you lose track of time and 1-2 hours have passed!

Anyone Can Do It:

Electrically assisted cycling can be for everyone; unlike a regular bike, electric bicycles provide support and offer a low-impact physical activity that the elderly can enjoy.

Plus, since you can ride down the bike path, it’s safe for everyone.

Walking, running, or conventional cycling may not be an option for everyone so riding an e-bike is a brilliant alternative to achieve your fitness goals.

They give you the extra boost to push further and cycle for longer; with the motor, you ride an e-bike for longer and further distances without getting tired or fatigued.

You can easily fit it into your every day, especially if you live in a built-up urban city. Riding an e-bike on their daily commutes has been a great alternative to taking the train or driving to work.

Unlike riding a traditional bike, using an electric bicycle is brilliant as you don’t end up getting to your destination feeling all hot and flustered.

Pedal Assistance:

The pedal assist on an e-bike can help reduce or increase the intensity of your ride, so you can choose to use a moderate intensity, but on hill climbs, add more of a boost to help you get up the steep incline.

You can also use this feature when you get slightly tired or fatigued when riding on your e-bike.

Low Impact:

Now some of the lucky few enjoy running in the world, but if you’re like me, then running is your worst nightmare, and I truly believe it’s not the best form of cardio.

Yes, it burns calories which eventually burns fat, but it puts strain on your joints, and it can be very damaging if you’re constantly pounding your legs down on the rough pavement.

This can do both short-term and long-term damage, so if you’re not into running, don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s a physical activity that you don’t need in your life.

Many people often forget that running can do a lot of harm to your body.

The high levels of impact can also make it harder to recover and cause wear and tear to your joints, and if you feel sore in your knees and legs, you’re less likely to do that physical activity again.

Low-intensity e-cycling puts less strain on your joints, so you can enjoy physical activity without having to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to walk tomorrow.

Cycling, in general, has major health benefits for those with poor joints or issues like arthritis.

You can completely alternate how much intensity you want from the e-bike; some days, you can give yourself a bit of a challenge, or another, you can take it easy.

You can always change the level of intensity at any point, which is the beauty of riding electric bikes. So some days, you may want physical exertion, while others, you may need some support from the electric motor.

E-bikes are ideal for everyone with all fitness levels. They can improve your heart health and fitness levels; it is a moderate-intensity activity that won’t leave you on the floor after completing.

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Electric Bikes Get Your Blood Pumping:

Improving your heart health is an essential part of your overall fitness; regular exercise such as riding an e-bike can help keep your heart in tip-top shape.

Since riding an e-bike or any bike for that matter is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity for adults, you can really reap the health benefits without hurting yourself.

With an e-bike, you can push far further than you would’ve ever dreamed of on a traditional bicycle; just exercising two and a half hours a week has sustainable health benefits for adults.

The more you put into your bike ride, the more you get out of it.

The heart is the essential muscle and organ in the body; without a doubt, it is what keeps us alive, and it is crucial for pumping oxygen around your body, especially to your brain.

It is so important to keep it in good shape because as you work out, your heart rate rises and pumps oxygen to your muscles. The benefit of regular e-bike cycling and regular activity is to achieve a lower resting heart rate.

The lower the heart rate, the better; a healthy resting heart rate should be between 60–100 beats a minute. While exercising, you get your heart pumping, and your heart rate can rise between 130-150 beats per minute to pump your blood around your body.

Cycling can strengthen your heart and has major benefits for your heart’s health. Those who cycle are less likely to get heart attacks as their heart health is strong and in good shape.

Cycling on an e-bike will put less strain on your heart; it will also reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. If you have high blood pressure, then using an e-bike may be your new best friend as it can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation overall.

E-bikes will give you the push you need for incredible cardiovascular health benefits.

Electric Bikes Get You Outside:

So let’s face it when we think about improving our health and fitness, we always turn to inside solutions– am I right? Gyms are convenient for a quick workout, and they have all the equipment you need.

But riding a stationary bike won’t provide you with the same health benefits of riding electric bikes, plus they’re a little bit dull. I know I’m constantly counting down the minutes, I don’t know about you.

There’s no motivation, you’re just working out between four dull walls, and after like 30 minutes, you’re so sick of the environment that you give up.

When riding e-bikes, this isn’t the case at all. You can take in the beautiful scenery around you, if you live near the beach, you can ride down the bike path alongside, or if you have a local nature reserve or mountain bike trail, you can take in all the sights from that.

E-bikes can be used for a wonder of different things too, they offer an excellent form of exercise as well as being a great alternative to commuting– they’re a convenient way for you to do your bit to help combat climate change, plus save a few bucks on travel expenses and gas.

You can also use bike lanes, so this also has positive impacts on your mental health, as sitting in traffic on a daily basis can be frustrating and is not a good way to start off your day.

Outdoor stimulation from riding e-bikes has crazy health benefits in itself, and it can improve psychological and cognitive health.

Whether you’re taking some time to yourself or going on a fun ride with family and friends, using an electric bicycle can be a super enjoyable experience for everyone.

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E-Bikes Have A Positive Impact On Mental Health:

Last but certainly not least is that e-bikes have a positive impact on your mental health. Cycling is a brilliant way to relax your mind from the stresses of the day. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Frequent cycling can also help improve cognitive health such as concentration and awareness skills, your decision-making skills will also improve as you make quick impulse decisions on the road or on the trails.

Plus, getting fresh air every day also has positive impacts on your mental health; it can help improve your overall mood. Exercising also produces endorphins which are the happy hormone, which can also help lift your mood.


So there you have all the health benefits of riding electric bikes; they’re brilliant fun for everyone and an alternative method to improve your cardiovascular system, immune system, and brain function.

It even helps reduce the change of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues as you age.

Whether you’re going on a leisurely ride with family and friends or looking for an alternative to commute to work, e-bikes will beat your traditional bike every time.

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