Everything To Look For in Cycling Sunglasses

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on July 27, 2020
Cycling sunglasses are not all about fashion. They are an essential item for cyclists throughout the whole year. But what to look for in a pair of bike glasses that can be suitable all the year-round?


Yor bike sunglasses should be comfortable and sit close to your face without obscuring your vision. They also need to be stable so they don’t slip-off or bounce as you ride. Some sunglasses have adjustable arms and nosepieces, or interchangeable rubber parts to customize your fit. If you have the chance to try the sunglasses on before purchasing them, you should do so with your helmet on. A sign of good fit is that you forget you’re wearing them when you’re cycling.


The most important part of any pair of cycling glasses is their lenses. They come in a huge range of tints, each with their own features. You need to choose a lens that matches your riding requirements. Dark lenses protect your eyes in bright sunlight, yellow ones boost contrast in poor light, while clear lenses are for night riding. Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses can be a good choice. But if you do very long rides you need lenses that can adapt to different light condition. In this case, photochromic lenses, that get lighter or darker according to the conditions, are the best choice.

A problem some cyclists often struggle with is their glasses’ lenses misting as they ride. Some lenses have an anti-fogging coating, some are vented to improve air circulation and prevent fogging. Some also have a hydrophobic coating to help rain run off the sunglasses.

In any case, you always should choose lenses that ensure 100% UVA and UVB protection.


Bike sunglasses are a useful accessory for every cyclist, but they are also a fashion item. There’s a tendency on the market of making sunglasses bigger and bigger, more and more like ski goggles. If you want to follow fashion, you should opt for one of those large models. But you can find also some models that can be worn even when you’re not riding; they are smaller, have a simple design, and they come with sober lens and frame colors.


You should always consider your budget before a purchase, not only when it comes to your bike sunglasses!

A good pair of cycling sunglasses can be found at all price points, from 20$ to 200$. You won’t need to spend a huge amount of money to purchase a good-value pair of glasses, but what does paying more money get you?

The main difference would be in the lens: expensive sunglasses come very high-quality optics that provide exceptional clarity and that can be highly impact-resistant. The extra money also can get you a lighter weight frame and fitter adjustment.

Whatever your budgets and your needs are, keep these few points in mind and the choice of your new bike sunglasses will be quick and easy!


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