Giant Anthem 2019 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Mountain Bike

Giant Anthem 2019 (Review)

The Giant Anthem 2019 bike is an awesome mountain bike with the versatility to shine on any mountain surface it crosses by exhibiting quickness, agility, and stiffness in climbing and descending with intent to increase the rider’s skill and performance and maximize their comfort. It is made up of components dedicated to instill and increase the rider’s confidence with the Giant’s ALUXX lithe frame, SRAM brakes, high rolling tires, adjustable Seatpost, and 130mm dampening fork. With this bike, a rider rocks when climbing and rolls without worries.


ALUXX Giant Frame

This Aluminum frame ensures that a rider receives strength, smoothness, super lightness, high performance, stiffness, compliance, response, and reduced harshness. It’s also capable of accommodating racks and possessing stronger joints and demonstrates easiness and maintaining suitability for various terrains and styles of riding, including aggressive rides. With this frame, the rider is put in control and concerted effort to are made to maintain agility and produce smooth rides as it reduces road bumps and vibrations while supporting better pedaling.

Contact Neutral Saddle

This saddle supports an upright sitting position that promotes natural movements and features a hollow section for comfort and redistribution of pressure on the saddle, thus boosting comfort, compliance, and reducing shocks. It is race inclined, consistent, and designed to ensure proper blood flow throughout the rider’s body system while being structured to suit the hardness that comes with mountainous terrains, climbs, and descents. It further possesses three riding styles and eliminates numb feelings that may result from rides.

Contact Handlebar

This handlebar is designed for high performance in races, and ultimate comfort as it reduces road vibrations is smooth and wide enough. It is also light, good looking, and suited for rough surfaces, capable of sprinting and maintain good steering while also ensuring fast climbs and descents and improving ride quality.

High Roller Maxxis Tires

These are sporty tires that suit technical terrains by possessing threads that penetrate easily and support excellence on muddy terrains while uplifting braking and generally improving traction. They are suited for downhill riding and pavements while giving comfort to the rider by smoothening rocky surfaces and exhibiting tenacious grip, quickness, and uniqueness in cornering, compliance, and stability.

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Frame: Aluminum ALUXX frame

Tires: Maxxis 27.5 ll

Saddle: Contact, Giant

Crank: Dub, Truvativ 30T

Brakes: Guide, SRAM

Fork: 130mm Float Fox

Rear Derailleur: Eagle SRAM

Cassette: 11-50T, SRAM

Type: Suspension bike(27.5)

Bottom Bracket: DUB

Seatpost: Adjustable, Contact

Brake Rotor: Centerline, SRAM

Chain: Eagle

Wheels: 27.5, Giant

Shifters: Eagle

Shock: Trunnion, Fox

  • The bike is excellent has component parts that make it excel on mountainous terrains
  • The bike is light, compliant and responsive
  • The bike is suited for mountain races and ensures high performance
  •  The bike demonstrates excellent agility in relevant parts and terrains
  • The tires are not very durable as it wears out easily
  • The saddle can be hard, and the shape may not be appealing to all riders.


Can the Giant Anthem Bike be used on the road?

The bike is structured and most suited for rides on off-roads 

Is the bike suited for beginners?

Yes, the bike has parts suited for beginners and professionals alike.


The Giant Anthem Bike is designed for excellence on rough roads with agility, stiffness, lightness, compliance, and stability to enable a racer rock any riding surface with high performance. It is an aggressive race bike that demonstrates excellent speed levels and allows riders to take control while establishing a good connection between the rider, road, and bike and stands as a nimble crusher of terrains and guarantees the safety of the rider.

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