Giant Defy Advanced 2 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Defy Advanced 2

Giant Defy Advanced 2 2020 Review

The Giant Defy Advanced 2 Bike is a versatile bike that renders full comfort and smoothness by conquering every terrain it crosses. It readily absorbs shocks, and guarantees quality rides with great abilities in ascending and descending hills, cornering, and stability. This bike makes long rides seem fun, possess classic looks and features a 35c clearance tires, all-round reliable brakes, less tiring rides, lightness, good gearing, and excellent speed while maintaining suitability in rough and smooth roads.


Advanced Composite Frame

This frame is suited for excellence on various terrains and maintains good speed, high performance, agility, better steering, and increased compliance that makes rides exciting and possessing a finishing that accounts for its sleek look while still retaining the ability to make good corners. This is a versatile and light frame that is specially structured by Giant to maintain speedy rides, stiffness and distribute power efficiently throughout the bike and still maintain comfort.

Tubeless-Ready Gravia Tires

These are the go-to tires for lengthy rides, puncture-protectedness, rapid acceleration, and suitability for a wide variety of terrains. Built for all seasons (wet, gravels, and muddy terrains), these tires provide the bike with efficient traction, remarkable cornering abilities, good grips, strength, and reliability. It is also highly compatible, highly efficient, makes smooth turns and bends, and guarantees smooth and confident rides.

Giant Handlebar

This is a very rigid handlebar that is suited for different terrains by reducing the number of shocks that the road produces, going on long hard rides, and permitting the bike to function effectively by allowing the rider to take control of the ride. This is a D-shaped handlebar that is enjoined with Seatpost to increase the level of responsiveness between the rider and the bike.

105 Hydraulic Shimano Brakes

These are smooth-shifting brakes that provide reliable stopping power in all terrains and seasons as they have been structured to ensure the rider is confident enough to take control of the ride. The reach of the brake is perfect, it is easy to maintain,  are powerful when while turning and descending in hilly areas, are also less noisy, thinner for comfort, and generally improve the quality of rides.

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Frame: Composite Advanced disc frame

Shifters: Shimano

Cassette: 11×34 Shimano

Tires: 700×32 Fondo Gravia tires

Brakes: 105 Shimano, Hydraulic

Fork: OverDrive, Composite Advanced disc

Saddle: Contact

Cranks: 34/50 Shimano

Rear Derailleur: Shimano

Hubs: 12mm axle, Grant

Bottom Bracket: Shimano

Seatpost: D-fuse, Giant

Handlebar: D-Fuse Giant Handlebar

Front Derailleur: Shimano

Rims: Wheelset, Giant

Weight: 9.06kg

Stem: Contact

Spokes: Wheelset, Giant

  • The tires of the bike are suited for rides all year round and in all seasons
  • The bike provides comfortable rides as its components remove shocks and vibrations that the road may produce.
  • The bike is durable and light
  • The bike is good for rides in various terrains and also provides smoothness.


  • The brakes are not very good for this bikes


Is the Giant Defy Advanced 2 Bike suited for beginners?

Yes, the bike is stable enough to allow beginners to enjoy their rides

Can the bike be used for races?

The bike is suited for races but not in a professional way and in mountainous regions


The Giant Defy Advanced 2 Bike is a versatile bike that features great movements on rough, smooth, and mountainous terrains and helps the rider maintain an upright position during rides while accelerating with great speed and ensuring the maximum comfort of the rider in all seasons of the year. It takes on lengthy and exciting trips and greatly absorbs road shocks with its handlebar, tires, frame, and fork and leaves the rider with confidence and control of the bike to bring about better rides

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