How Does Pivotal BMX Seat Work?

By: Alex Bristol

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Before buying a BMX seat, you need to be aware that there are different types of seat post filaments. This term refers to how the base of the BMX saddle attaches to the top of the seat post. One of the most popular types of BMX seat filament is the pivotal BMX seat. In this article, we shall discuss more about it features and some of the best pivotal BMX seats on the market.

What is pivotal BMX Seat?

A pivotal BMX seat is a modern form of the standard seat which has become very common in the recent years. Unlike other BMX seats, its top is usually molded using a series of adjustment grooves and this is where the BMX seat sits. The two are then joined together by a single bolt that passes through the seat top. The easiest way you can recognize pivotal seats is that they have a bolt slot which is located between the tail and the nose. However, you need to note that pivotal seats only work with pivotal seat posts.

Major benefits of Pivotal seat

• Weight – Pivotal BMX seats are a bit heavy due to the groove moldings that are usually attached on both the post and the seat.
• Adjustability- Unlike other types of BMX seats, pivotal seats are easy to adjust. However, you can only adjust once and then use that angle forever.
• Angles- Another benefit is that they allow you to use different angles when riding which are a plus if you are not sure the best angle to use.

• One of the major complains about these seats is that they frequently become loose which means that that they also break easily.
• Price – In terms of price, they are more expensive than the integrated BMX seats.

Which are the best Pivotal BMX saddles?

If you would prefer to go for a pivotal BMX saddles, below are some of the best options that will give you the best value for your money.

1. Promax VL-7232 BMX Freestyle Pivotal Seat

This one is specifically build for comfort and durability. You will find that it has a midsized base, subtle promax imprint and a well-padded leatherette surface. In addition, it comes with strong plastic bumpers which are located under the tail and the nose. This means that it is very reliable in terms of shock absorption. You should also note that it has a unisex design and a pivotal clamp style.

2. Tree Bicycle Co Slim Ergo Pivotal Seat

Tree Bicycle Co Slim Ergo Pivotal Seat is among the most comfortable pivotal seats you can find today. It has an ergonomic design and you can find it in black or green colors. Additionally, it features a Kevlar cover which holds the seat firmly between the legs during bar spins. You will also find that it is well contoured to provide maximum comfort. Lastly, it uses patented pivotal technology.


Pivotal BMX Seats are among the most preferred BMX seats you will ever find. You will find that they are a bit heavy than the rest but are very reliable in terms of quality. If you are searching for the best pivotal BMX seat, you can select any from the two you have reviewed.


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