How many Lumens for bike headlight

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How Many Lumens for Bike Headlight

How many lumens the light contains is something that you look out for when you are buying new lights for your bike. Instead of wheeling the bike into the shed and leaving it there until next spring, we would recommend that you use those sort of bike headlights that will have luminosity levels relevant to the type of cycling you like or you are doing.

It is worth knowing what other bike lights can give you except for the ability to see or to be seen, no matter what kind of bicyclist you are! So in this article, we’ll study lumens, their ability to be waterproof, ratings and many more.

What are lumens?
Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light the human eye can see from a lamp or some other light source. The higher the Lumen rating, the higher the light intensity will be. Lumens are sometimes denoted as “Lm”. Lumens are light outputs, which mean that how bright the light is.

How many Lumens?
The backlights usually range from 50-1000 lumens while the front light’s range may vary from 10 to 1000’s of lumens. As a comparison, the full moon is about 1 lumen, mobile’s flashlight is 20 lumens and a single standard car headlight is 1200 lumens.

Many lights’ lumens output is in flashing mode, so when you consider using constant mode, keep in mind that light may be slightly less than advertised. And anywhere else, where possible, we’ll denote max lumens for all modes on a product’s page or advertisement.

What is the difference between Lux and Lumens?
Lux is defined as the surface area light takes to spread. Several brands use the term “lux” as the accurate measurement of determining the actual light we will be able to see in front of us. Whereas on the other hand, the lumen is the most common measurement of light output that doesn’t equalize the lights’ quality in a real-world setting.

Use Narrow Beam Pattern Light on the Road
When you are cycling on roads without road lights, you’ll probably require headlights with at least 600 lumens, making sure that you won’t be dazzling any on comers. Plus, it is good to have a light on your bike that will not blind the oncoming traffic. That’s why it is recommended to look for a light that has a narrow beam pattern.

How many lumens for off-road cycling?Some lumens have stated to them that they are used for off-road cycling which means that they are not to be used on public roads as they will blind the oncoming traffic. This means that, if you are going to travel off-roads at night, you are advised to use lights rated above 1000 lumens.

 Plus, it is worth knowing that continuous light performance can drop as the battery runs out, so make sure you use the lights with increased battery life, or you carry a few low-cost spare lights.

It is recommended that, if your battery is running low, you better switch to flashing or echoing where possible. Don’t ever risk yourself using flashing modes on the unlit roads but use them in built-up areas which are more ideal and can help you be visible.


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