How Much Bike Tire Pressure is Recommended

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How Much Bike Tire Pressure is Recommended?

Bike tire pressure is among the basic things you will need to do frequently when cycling. Low air pressure in the tires is the major cause of flats. This is very dangerous because you may end up with a damaged tire. Apart from that, it makes it hard for you to pedal which reduces the speed of the bike. To prevent problems, it is good to ensure that you have put the right amount of pressure in the tires before you start cycling. One of the major questions most cyclists ask is the recommended tire pressure for a bike. In this article, we shall explain this in details.

Bike Type

The pressure you put in the tires highly depends on the type of your bike. For example, a mountain bike doesn’t use a lot of pressure as compared to the road bicycles. This is because they are build to absorb shock when riding on uneven terrains. On other hand, road bikes require more pressure because they move faster on even surfaces.


When you are inflating road bikes, you should try to get very close to the maximum limit. However, for mountain bikes, you will need a lower psi so that you can allow the tires to absorb the required shock when riding on rough terrains. Again, the pressure required may also depend on your weight as the cyclist. Tires for heavy people requires a higher PSI and vice versa.

Tire Type

The two common tires of tires are tubeless and tubular tires. Tubular tires are stronger than the tubeless since they have a minimum rolling resistance. This means that they need more tire pressure than the tubules.


It is good to know the recommended pressure for your bike. You can do this by simply checking PSI [Pound per Inch] from the sidewall of the bike. This will also depend on the size of the tire. For example, the range found in many mountain bikes varies from 35-65 psi while that of a road bike is usually 120 psi.


After you have determined the correct pressure you need to put in your bike, you can now use the recommended pump to inflate them. Most of the advanced pumps will show you the actual PSI which means that you won’t need to guess whether you have put the ideal pressure. After you have pumped, you can test them with your hands to confirm if they are hard enough.


Always check the tire pressure before you start cycling. This will allow you to make the correct adjustments which suits the terrain you are intending to ride. Again case you get a lot of flats you need to check the condition of the tire because it might be damaged. This means that you will need to replace the tires with new ones.


Determining the correct pressure for your bike is not very easy because it depends on so many factors like, your weight, bike type, and the terrain. However, most of the bike usually have the recommended pressure you should put. Therefore, always check the sidewall of the bike to confirm. You should always check your bike before you start cycling.  There is nothing more frustrating for cyclists than a flat tire because it makes pedaling to be very difficult.


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