How should your bike gloves fit?

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Determining the size of cycling gloves should be the first thing you should do when buying to ensure that you have picked a pair that fits you perfectly. A good pair should fit snug and should not be too tight or too loose. In this article, we shall take you some of the things you should consider when determining the best size of cycling gloves.

Ulnar nerve

Ulnar nerve is a nerve that runs through your palm. It is the nerve that receives impact or shock when you hit something.  The nerve is very sensitive and it responds first in case of any discomfort. When you are holding the handlebar, this nerve receives the pressure and sometimes you may even experience some numbness or pain especially if riding for long hours.  The benefit of using gloves is that they get between the points where the handlebar gets into contact with the nerve. As a result, they help in minimizing pressure. You will find that most of the gloves have a thick padding on the palm to minimize the pressure being applied on the ulnar nerve.

Determining the perfect fit

Before buying a pair of cycling gloves, you should try them first to ensure that you have picked the correct size. You also need to focus on the wedding that is usually between the pointer finger and your thumb. This webbing will guide you on determining whether the gloves will fit you or not. The best gloves should be snug enough but should not be too loose. In case they are too tight, you will experience some discomfort when holding the handlebar due to pressure.

When using the gloves for the first time, you may realize some difference when holding the handlebar. Due to the padding, you may feel like you are holding the handlebar line unnatural position. Some gloves maybe uncomfortable due to padding, but you can try a different pair if you experience some problems.

Cycling gloves are available in two designs. Some have a full finger design whole others have a half finger. In terms of padding, the two options are almost similar. However, if you are searching for cycling gloves you can use for road use, half finger gloves are the best. Unlike the full finger gloves, these ones give you a better feel when holding the handlebar. Full finger gloves are the best for off-road riding because they provide better protection in case there is an accident.

How to measure cycling gloves

If you want to take the measurement of your cycling gloves, you should consider the length and diameter of your hand. Measure from the tip of the longest finger towards the base of the palm. This will be the length of your hand.

Wrap the tape measure on the widest part of your palm and then make a fist before you take the measurement. This will help you in determining the width of your hand. Now you can use the measurement to determine the size of the gloves.


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