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What is a cable lock?

I know it feels amazing when the cool summer winds hit your face while riding down a challenging terrain in the mountain side, or even through the city. Road bike riding has fans all over the world mainly due to its extreme popularity. And to protect your asset, being the bike itself, you often opt for a cable lock. The most asked question is how to carry cable lock on bike. And that is exactly what we aim to answer.

A cable lock is a lock with a long, plastic covered steel cable that creates a loop to come and attach to a metal block that holds the two ends via a key. Cable locks are super famous and are used around to world to protect bikes from theft. However important they might be, it is always important to know how to carry them and what is the most efficient way.

Modes of carriage:

There are a few ways to carry your cable bike lock. These are as follows:

Wind around the handlebar:

Cable locks are flexible. This is one of the best qualities because it allows the lock to be bent and conformed to the shape of the object you are trying to wind it around. This enables you to roll it around the handlebar in the middle. You can secure the lock in place, so it does not move. The position it is at, will also not affect your aerodynamics while riding so you can maintain high speeds. Make sure that the cable is not twisted too tight.

Wind around the side:

Cable lock can also be wound around the frame of the bike. It is preferred that you do that on the side of the frame below the seat, so it remains out of the way while riding. Once again, it is important to make sure that the cable is not too stiff. Side of the frames is one of the preferred areas for many cyclists to carry their cable locks on.

Carry in bag

This one is probably the most boring of all ways but the safest also. Locking the cable on the frame somewhere can cause it to catch any side objects while riding. Keeping it in the bag however, completely removes it out of the way. It may add some weight to your bag and cause things to move around in there.


It is well-established by now that finding out the right way to carry your cable lock is a legit question, and we have done our best to answer it. These are some of the ways you can use to carry a cable lock along with you while riding. Each has its pros and cons but at the end of the day, you have the power of decision for which one works the best for you.

Cycling is an amazing sport and setbacks are bound to come with it. It is up to us as to how we deal with them. We can rise above them and allow ourselves the pleasure of a sweet ride!


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