How to Change Gear Cables on a Road Bike?

By: Alex Bristol

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New gear cables feel fresh:

Firstly, any bike rider knows that a road bike has consumable parts, which is the gear cables; therefore, it is crucial to know how to change gear cables on a road bike. We need to be equipped at all times for any problems with the gear shifting due to a worn – out cable.

It is quite easy for dirt, grease, or grime to lure its way back into a squeaky – clean cable with time. This makes the gear shifting less responsive. Thus, the best is to remove the worn – out one with a new gear cable.

Do it quick on your first symptom of less responsive shifting, because it only would require you to replace the inner gear cables. Not the entire set of inside and cables on the outside, as well.

The problems one faces while picking the right gear cable:

Foremost, one of the major problems a biker faces is with the material of the cables. Mostly bikes come with pre – installed metal cables in the bike transmissions. This means they are more susceptible to wear and tear due to weather.

Any weather that would be a cause of creating rust would be bad for the gear cables. Moreover, along with rust, dirt is more likely to build up on the gear cables, as well. So, leaving your bike gear unattended in the pouring rain, or humidity is harmful.

This will make replacements more than usual, adding to the maintenance cost of the road bike. Thus, if metal cables have corroded, or your gear cables were already weary, here is your guide on how to change gear cables on a road bike.

Materials and tools required:

It is as simple as it gets. Here we have narrowed down the few essentials required for gear cable changes:

  • New cables
  • Cable cutters
  • Allen keys

Simple steps to change the gear cable on a road bike:

It is quite easy, just to change gears with new cables on a modern bike. The replacement of cables are also quite easy once you know from where to remove the cables and the internal route of the cables. Don’t worry as with our guide it takes only 5 minutes.

  1. The first step is to unfasten the old cable completely from the grooves.
  2. Next, be careful while taking out the gear cable through the derailleur’s barrel adjuster.
  3. After which, removal of the lever on the right hand side needs to take place using your 5mm Allen key to unfasten bolts.
  4. Slowly the lever on the handlebar is slid off.
  5. Pick up the new cable and choose the nipple on one end.
  6. Trim the other nipple off using your wire cutter.
  7. The fresh cut cable is fed into the holes.
  8. Nicely pull through the cable without any tugs.
  9. Grease cable if possible.
  10. Lever replacement.
  11. Thread it and guide the cable through the bike’s frame.
  12. Downtube is filled with inner cable completely.
  13. Thread along the path and into the stay as well.
  14. Then, lastly the outer piece is fitted.
  15. After fitting the derailleur, the cable clamp is tightened.

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