How To Choose a Road Bike Helmet

By: Alex Bristol

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How to choose a road bike helmet can be one of the most confusing and difficult questions. Manufacturers these days have to offer 3 different types of road bike helmets. Each one of them has a different price rate, depending upon the type and quality.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in the United States, makes sure that the helmets produced meet the safety standards. The standards are being checked through a few tests. i.e. drop it from a height and check the retention strength.

Types of road bike helmets:

The helmets discussed here are solely made for road bikes. Each one of them are good in their own way.

Fully Vented Traditional helmets:
This one is a classic. It comes in with the 2 most prioritized features: light weight and good ventilation. Ventilation has always been a top priority for most. If you are planning to ride in a hot climate and have a long ride, choose this helmet. However, there are other models in this category as well. They have fancy features which translates to a higher price.

Aerodynamic helmets:
Aerodynamics are a priority of these helmets. Among all other factors, they’re heavier in comparison to the traditional helmets. Also, the ventilation is not so good. Choose this helmet if you are a racer by profession. Circuits, flat road races and time trials can all be dealt with, using this helmet.

The strength of this helmet is seen to operate in 8 watts in the 25-30 mph range of speed. This is faster than other helmets and so the testing is done at the speed, racers ride at.

Semi-aero helmets:
This is somehow a new category. These helmets bring benefits somewhat similar to the aero helmets. However, the ventilation is good, and the weight is pretty reasonable as well. In the near future, you will see helmet industries moving towards this. Choose this helmet when you are thinking of racing with a cool head. Also, this saves you a few watts too. This type of helmet does not give you a goofy look unlike the aerodynamic helmets.

Semi-aero helmets are a result of the limiting aero helmets. They have to offer better aerodynamics and can be the best choice for you.

Wear and check:

In order for you to choose the best road bike helmet, you have to wear it correctly first. This might sound simple but often times racers wear it the wrong way. Choose the type of helmet that is not either too tight or too lose.


Choosing the best road bike helmet will become easier for you once you read about the types in detail. After reading, when you are in a marketplace, first choose the type. Secondly, wear and check. Some have different shapes and sizes that might not fit you well.

Once you have done everything, you are now safe to get your hands on the best helmets. Ride and have fun!


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