How To Install a New Cassette on a Road Bike

By: Alex Bristol

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Finding the right cassette can be tough, but it’s even tougher to fit it.

A road bike set up is a very sensitive topic for cyclists.

Therefore, they would love to keep a check on everything that needs to be looked after on a regular basis.

But many times, racers do not know how to install a new cassette on a road bike. And that is a very important piece of information.

There are a few reasons as to why somebody would install a new cassette.

One of the most common is that the cassette was worn out. This becomes obvious the moment you see your cassette becoming pointy and the chain begins to slip.

Sometimes, it slips out of the saddle too. Secondly, if you are trying to fit in a new chain, it might not work with the old worn out chain.

Last but not the least, in order to fit various gear ratios, you would want to install a new cassette.

Things you need:

Installation of a new cassette in a road bike needs a few things to help you out. They are:

  • A chain whip
  • A cassette lock ring tool
  • A few paper towels
  • Grease

How to install a new cassette?

These are a few steps that need to be followed in order to change or install a new cassette.

  1. Rear-wheel removal and quick release:

The smallest sprocket should be shifted. The brakes released and then quickly remove the wheel. The quick-release must be unscrewed, and the skewer removed. But make sure all the parts remain together.

  1. Removing the cassette:

Around the sprockets, wrap your chain and then put in the lock ring tool. The chain whip should be pushed down so that the lock ring can loosen the lock. Keep continuing to unscrew.

  1. Freehub body cleansing:

With the help of paper towels, give your freehub body a quick clean.

  1. Install the new cassette:

With the biggest groove on the body, make a line of the large spline present on the new cassette. Push the cassette while making sure all sprockets are in place. The speed of the cassette matters.

  1. Lock ring attachment:

The threads of the lock ring need to be greased properly. Then put them gently by using hands. The lock ring tool will be used for tightening it further. This should be done with extreme care because the thread might cross the lock ring. However, you can use a torque wrench also, but it is not important to use every time.

  1. Quick-release reattachment and fixation of wheel:

The quick-release skewer must be greased and put back on the axle. Put the wheel back on the bike carrying out the quick release and brakes.


After following these steps, you will get to know the techniques and ways to install a new cassette on a road bike.

You now know how to install a new cassette on a road bike. Follow the steps and get a new bike without much hassle!

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