How to Measure BMX Handlebars

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One of the things that determine your experience when riding BMX bikes is the size of your handlebars. You will never enjoy riding if the handlebars are too small or too big. You are likely to experience discomfort and again, you may not be able to control the bike. In this article, we shall outline the steps you should follow when determining the size of the BMX handlebar.


  • Tape measure
  • 36-Inch straightedge
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Penetrating oil


  1. Loosen the two handbrakes slowly by turning the screws that connects the brake clamps with the handlebar. You should do this counter clockwise using a flathead screwdriver. After this, slide the brakes from the grips of the handlebar.
  2. Push the tip of the screwdriver between the flared part of the grip which is facing the handlebar tube and the loosened brake. Spray the penetrating oil between the gap that was created by screwdriver. After you have removed the screwdriver, you can twist the grip by pulling it straight from the centre of the handlebars. Apply the same method when removing the second grip.
  3. Place the end of the tape measure on one side of the handlebar and then pull the tape measure to measure the handlebar. That will be your handlebar’s width.
  4. Ensure that the top of straightedge is on the same level with the ends of the open handlebar you had exposed after removing the handlebars. The straight edge should align with the center of each end of the tube.
  5. Hold one end of the tape measure at the centre of the bar that clamps into the stem of the bike or that part that connects the handlebars to the bike. Pull the tape measure upwards across the straightedge.. Take the measurements at the point where the tape measure crosses the upper part of the straightedge. Record that as the true rise of the handlebar.
  6. Stretch the tape measure on the two ends of the handlebar grip tube and take the measurements. It should be either 7/8 inch or 22.2mm and that is the standard measurement.

What should be the correct width of BMX handlebars?

The width of the handlebar is the distance between one end of the handlebar to the other.  Modern BMX handlebars have a width of 28-30 Inches.  However, the width of the handlebar depends on the user. In case it is too big, you can easily trim it as per your requirements. However, you need to be careful because you can only remove but you cannot take back the removed part.  If you are not sure of how to go about it, you should consult an expert or take the bike to a bike’s shop.

Our Final Verdict

Before purchasing BMX handlebars, you should ensure that you have picked the correct size. However, you may need to trim them in case they are too big. When determining this, the first thing you should consider is your size. This will help you position the bars at an angle that works well for your posture and assists with the controllability of the BMX. You should go for a handlebar that matches your height and width. After you’ve measured the bar, ensure that all the associated bolts are retightened correctly otherwise you run the risk of your set up being moved and your handlebars slipping.


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