How To Measure Your Head For A Bicycle Helmet

By: Alex Bristol

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Determine the size of your head:

Many a times people fail to understand this factor and have problems of how to measure head for bicycle helmet. Safety and comfort is added when you know your head size for helmet. Another reason behind measuring your head is that we want to ensure you are safe and protected from any injury. Hence, how to measure head for bicycle helmet, is a question that needs a quick answer.

Performance of a rider may also enhance if you have the right fit. A certain type of helmet will give you everything you want; safety, security and alignment. Furthermore, we will now help you figure out what to do.

Steps for measurement:

Once you know these steps, you will understand what to do to get the best helmet for yourself. Follow these steps to help yourself:

Step 1: Make the measurements

With the help of a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head. Put the tape above the head and then bring it to your forehead in the middle from the other side. Make measurements a few more times to be sure if you are getting the right size. However, there are other ways to measure your head. A string and ruler might also work.

Step 2: Wear it

Once you have the correct measurements, now wear it and try it on yourself. With the level of your head, the helmet should be fixed properly. It should not move or slide freely when you roll your head. If it happens, then you know it is not the right one. However, there are other ways to fix this problem. Use extra paddings for a better, snug fit.

Step 3: Proper fitting

Know the facts. The helmet must be right above your eyebrows. At the back, the helmet must be above the nape of your neck. The chin strap is another factor that matters. It should not be either too tight or loose to cause problems. Therefore, make sure you have fastened your strap securely. After this, roll your head to check the helmet.

If your forehead skin is able to move freely, then buy that helmet!

Finding the right size:

After buckling up the helmet, check if you feel comfortable enough. The strap should be forming a “V” shape when it rests under your ears. To check if you have the right size, you can fit a finger between your strap and chin. If more than one finger fits in, then you need to change the helmet.


With the passage of time, it has become easier for people to check and make the right choice for themselves. People who love to ride bicycles know what to do in order to get the best.

Some people do not want to compromise their races. They just simply want to have fun with comfort. Also, many people cannot afford more than one helmet, so, it is best to choose the right one in the first go. Ride safe and happy!

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