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How To Mount A Bike on A Wall

By: Alex Bristol

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How to mount a bike on a wall

Want to save up on space?

Pretty much everything in our lives requires a space to store it in, to make things ready to clean and organized so we can access it. When it comes to your bike a wall mount can be the space saving solution you’re looking for.

We’ve all been there before, out enjoying a ride and we leave the bikes in a corner of the garage, sometimes taking up lots of valuable space that we could be storing other things.

I have the perfect solution.

Using a wall bike mount doesn’t have to be complicated. The good news is once you’ve set up the wall mount, mounting the bike on the wall is the easy part. Check out the best bike wall mounts for the perfect fit for your bike.

So, if you’re unsure how to mount a bike on the wall, I’ve got you. I’ll be taking you through in a step by step process so you can hang your bike on the wall securely. Then you’ll have more space and easy access to get to your bike every time you go for a ride. How to mount a bike hook on a wall? I’ll tell you. If you’re a DIY king, then you’ll love how to build bike mount rack on wall.

Let’s go!

Benefits of storing your bike on the wall

If you’re not storing your bike on the wall, then you’re missing out. here are a few reasons why you should get your bike mounted onto your wall!

Save space- The most obvious and number 1 reason why you should mount your bike on the wall. Especially if you have multiple bikes or a family of bikers, no one has space in their garage for all of those bikes getting in the way.

Easier to clean– If you’re a neat freak like me, it will probably annoy you having to get into the nooks and crevices around your bikes, or having to move the bikes when you need to clean. No one has time for that! With your bike on the wall, you can easily clean the floor space.

Protect your bike– Storing your bike on the ground can leave it exposed to dirt and moisture from the ground. Plus your bike can get damaged if it’s just leaning in the corner of the garage with a bunch of stuff, and whether your bike is expensive or not, we don’t want damage and scratches on it. Storing it up high on the wall means it’s out of the way and safe from damage or damp.

Simply and Inexpensive- You can get bike hooks for super cheap, and they are secure enough to hook your bike up. Whether youre using a bike hook or a bike rack, they are both easy to install even if you’re not a DIY kind of person.

Decorative– How to decoratively mount a bike on a wall? Simple, you can put the bike hook anywhere you want and store your bike vertically or horizontally, and showcase your beautiful bike anywhere you like. I’d recommend storing it in a basement or garage for a cool look and a practical storage solution.

How to mount bike on wall

Bike Rack or Bike hook?

So, before you can go ahead and mount a bike rack, you need to work out if you’ve got a bike rack or a bike hook.

What’s the difference?

A bike rack will need to be drilled and generally is larger and more bulky, but can offer better and more permanent support for your bike. You can have your bike hung parallel to the floor.

With a bike hook you need to be mindful of the weight capacity or you risk it falling off. They are much cheaper to buy however and barely need any DIY mounting skills. Hooks have easy installation, hanging them buy the tire or back wheel.

How to install a bike rack

Buy a bike rack

If you’ve decided you want a bike rack, then the first step is finding one at your local hardware store or bike shop. You can try shopping around online too. If you don’t have a lot of wall space, go for a vertical bike rack. However, if you want to hang a bike rack decoratively, then a horizontal bike rack is a good idea.

Measure bike

Before you go and buy or install the bike mount, make sure you grab a tape measure and measure the length of your bike to ensure it’s compatible. For a vertical bike rack measure the length from wheel to wheel, but for a horizontal bike rack measure the height of the bike.

Mark the spot

For a wall mounted bike rack you need to hold the bike rack up on the wall roughly in the spot you want the bike to hang. Try to visualize it by not putting it too high where the bike could hit the ceiling or too close to the floor space. Before screwing it down, you’ll need to mark where all the screw holes are on the wall.

Get the drill

Now that you’ve marked the spot, it’s time to drill the holes for the screws to go in. You’ll need to use a drill and create holes deep enough for the length of the screws. They usually come with the bike rack. Make sure the drill bit matches, so for 6mm screws use a 5mm drill bit.

Using wall plugs

Wall plugs help to keep the screw nice and secure. Put a wall plug into every hole drilled for additional grip. The wall plugs need to be the same size as screws that come with the bike rack.

Line up the rack

Now’s the time to put the bike rack up and place it over the holes. You can now use a screwdriver to screw the rack into place. Make sure you screw them all the way.

Hang up your bike

Now that the bike rack is up, you can hang up your bike. If you’re using a horizontal bike rack, you’ll need to grab the top tube of the bike frame and put it on the rack. For vertical racks, hang the bike by the front tire.

That was easy, right?

How to install a bike hook

If you’ve bought yourself a bike hook, then the first thing you’ll need to do is check the weight capacity. You’ll find on the packaging that there will be a maximum load capacity, so weigh your bike to ensure it’s at the right weight. If you go over you risk the excess weight pulling it out of the wall.

Get a stud finder

A stud finder is used to find studs inside the wall, and indicate a good placement for the bike hook. You can find one at your local hardware store. To use it, all you have to do is place it on the wall and move it around until its beeps and indicates that it has found a stud. You’ll know because it lights up or makes a sound, but check the instruction manual to be sure.

Measure the bike

Whether it’s a ceiling mounted bike rack or a wall mount bike rack, you need to measure it so it fits perfectly. Use a tape measurer to measure the length f the bike, from the end of the front wheel at the widest point, to the rear wheel.

Mark the spot

You want to get it right first time when you mount bikes, especially since with careful calculation you could have up to four bikes mounted on the same wall!

Always ensuring that you are placing the bike hook where the wall studs are, you need to measure the distance between the floor and bike hook and check that the bike will indeed fit. With a pencil, mark the spot on the wall space.

Use a drill

You can now use a drill with a 3/8inch drill bit to drill a hole exactly where you marked it. The hole needs to be deep enough so the screw can fit into it. You don’t need to use wall plugs this time.

Screw the bike hook

Now you’re ready to screw in the bike hook in place. Simply insert the screw and keep turning the hook clockwise until it stops turning. The hook needs to be parallel to the floor, or sideways.

Hang the bike

Now you can hang your bike up by the front wheel, so that the hook is inside the front wheel and the tires touch the wall. The bike seat should be facing outwards.

That wasn’t so hard!

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to work out how to mount a bike on the wall, then you’re in the right spot. Bike racks are one of those essential items for any biker, whether you own a mountain bike or a road bike, a wall mount is a must have for bike storage.

It’s perfect if you have a narrow space to store your bike inside. Where you hold it up by the front tire or rear wheel, you only need some mounting hardware, drill holes and screw holes to get it wall mounted.

A single hook that holds up the back wheel or back tire is a great bike storage solution for more space. Hanging your bicycle up on the walls requires little installation is a good way to get more room and can be placed in any location.

Cyclists, pull out your toolkit and get your bicycles hung!

You won’t regret bike racks.