How to Pick a Good Cycling Shoe

By: Alex Bristol

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Finding the right cycling shoes doesn’t have to be hard 

We all know that anything done with the right gear promises greater success and better results.

This is why cycling shoes are made. Sports enthusiasts know that there are a lot of shoe types made for every sport.

If you are inclined to cycling, it is important that you get a pair of shoes that can make your rides more comfortable, efficient, and smooth. Choosing the perfect pair among dozens to hundreds of pairs available in the market can be a challenge.

With this being said, it is important that you factor in important details to get the pair that best suits you.

A Useful Guide in Picking a Good Cycling Shoe

Everybody has unique preferences and needs, knowing what options you have can help you narrow down your choices and come up with the decision to get the perfect pair.

Consider your riding style

The type of riding you do has a lot of bearing on the type of shoes you have to get. Road cycling shoes are usually worn with a clipless pedal system to make sure they get the best for speed in recreational or racing settings.

These are usually rigid and lightweight. If you want cycling shoes for commuting or regular tours, go for one with excellent flexibility and sole durability.

It is important that you get one that is sturdy to take on any setting and comfortable for walking and riding.

As for mountain biking, you will need shoes depending on the terrain you are to traverse. Generally, flat shoes are good for mountain biking.

Fit, feel, and comfort matters

Cycling shoes are different from regular shoes in terms of size, feel, and fit.

The first time you are trying them on will definitely feel uncomfortable and stiff because they are designed to impact your bike pedaling through energy transfer.

The key to getting the right fit is by making sure that you do not feel constricting tightness in your feet. Make sure that you have ample space for your toes, a bit of space to make sure your heel does not rub or slide, and that your arch is well-supported.

The rule of thumb should be that the more challenging the terrain is, the more forgiving or comfortable the cycling shoes should be.

Factor in your cleats

If you have familiarized yourself with most cycling shoes, you will see that most of them work with clipless pedal systems.

In this case, you will need cleats to effectively and securely attach your shoes’ soles to the bike’s pedals. Cleats make it possible for you to move smoothly as you pedal. It enhances the push-and-pull motion of your feet when riding a bike.

With this being said, it is important that before purchasing a pair, you need to know whether the shoes you are eyeing is compatible with your cleats.

In this way, you can guarantee that your purchase will be an addition to your riding experience more than being a hassle. You can do this by checking on the type of holes that your cleats have.

Know your purpose

As you purchase your cycling shoes, make sure that you find one that matches your needs and preferences. Determine why you are buying cycling shoes.

Ask yourself questions.

Do you need this for recreation or are you going to use this on a daily basis?

Will you be using this for more walking or hiking and less for riding? Once you are clear of the purpose of the shoes, you can then choose to go into details.

Set a Budget

Allocating a specific amount that you are willing to spend will make your purchase easier.

There are hundreds to thousands of cycling shoes in the world.

By knowing how much you have in your budget to work around the features you need, you can prioritize and choose those that you want to have whenever you use it.

You do not need to spend hours and days thinking and studying a pair that is beyond your budget.

Check its ventilation

These cycling shoes will definitely be used frequently and most of the time, it will entail a lot of sweating.

At this point, we need all the comfort we can get so it is also good to check if the pair of shoes has a design that facilitates good ventilation.

There are some cycling shoes that utilize mesh panels to provide ample ventilation during use.


Cycling shoes make your rides easier and more comfortable.

These are designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

Though with the wide variety of cycling shoes available to you, choosing one that is suitable for your needs can be tough, so make sure to consider each pointer carefully before making a decision.

Those have been tried and proven to be effective in guiding people in buying good cycling shoes.