How To Position Yourself on a Road Bike

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

Importance of position on a road bike:

Everyone loves to go a little bit longer while riding a road bike, and a wrong body position can have a big hit on the time. How to position yourself on a road bike is very important. If you hit a pothole or are riding through bumpy terrain, your position on the bike can say a lot about fatigue that is bound to come your way. How good of a job we do avoiding it the longest we can, is up to us. Your arms can help you absorb impact while riding hence it is very important to keep your elbows a little bent so that there is less strain on the shoulders when you go through a rough spot. Reducing the pressure on your body and finding the perfect relaxed position for yourself is extremely crucial for a satisfying road bike riding experience.

Finding a neutral position:

Riding with a good position may seem like a simple basic skill to have but it is very easy to fall back into the wrong position. You have to actively make sure your body position is correct.

  1. Shoulders:

It is important to relax your shoulders and let them rest as far away from the ears as you can. This will improve your body shape and reduce strain around the scapula region.

  1. Head and elbows:

Relaxing your shoulders can free up your head and allow for uninterrupted movement. This will improve sight and neck adjustment. Bending your elbows a little will help you relax them and enable them to act as suspension. This will allow you to absorb impact in a more efficient and functional way.

  1. Maintaining a straight line on forearms:

After bent elbows, make sure your forearm is straight all the way to the tips of your finger. If this is not happening or hard to do, your handlebar position is not correct.

  1. Neutral spine:

Keeping a straight line of spine is important as the muscles supporting it can start hurting if it is bent in any way. Spinal problems can arise from riding the bike in wrong positions, and it can affect your bike riding experience.

  1. Knees:

Lastly, making sure your knees are straight upright from your foot pedalling position is very important. This is crucial for two reasons; your knees hanging out the sides of the bike will look funny and weird, and it will tremendously reduce your efficiency and cause pain.


It is clearly established by now that adjusting your body position while riding a road bike is extremely important, not only for your health but for a satisfying and engaging bike riding experience. Road bike handlebars also have 3 different positions you can hold the bike from. This allows your body to change posture while riding which can be very important since riding in the same position and posture can also be detrimental to your health. All in all, road bike riding is an amazing sport and can only be improved with a proper body position.

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