How To Put Front Brakes on a Bicycle

By: Alex Bristol

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Do you need front brakes on a bike?

Any person with common knowledge would suggest you to put front brakes on a bicycle, otherwise you might get a dangerous fall you were not anticipating. Riding a bike without front brakes is a common practice among skillful riders, although it is not legal. And since not everyone is skilled, lack of front brakes can be dangerous. Hence, we need to learn how to put front brakes on a bicycle.

There are many people that argue on this matter. A few skilled riders debate in favor of riding without brakes for several years with minimal harm to themselves. Some of them have front calipers and they claim to be glad about them. And although there might be people who can make do without front brakes, it does not rule out the importance of it.

How front brakes can make your bike more efficient:

When you look for brakes, there will be a variety for you to choose from but we will look at the best and easy to install brakes you can find; cantilever and linear-pull brake systems. Both of these brakes have a mechanical system which means the user will operate the device through a lever which has a wire attached to the brake. On the front fork of the bicycle, both of these systems are set up on the central pivot point. Bicycles with suspension usually have the linear pull brakes but you will hardly ever see the cantilever brakes.

3 steps to put front brakes on a bike (Installation):

Step 1:

The right handlebar needs to be removed from the grip. The brake lever should slide over the right handlebar while pointing outwards.

Step 2:

On the mounting bracket of the lever, keep tightening it with a screw. Make sure it is secure now. The grip on the right handlebar should now be replaced.

Step 3:

The brake lever should be pulled. Take the brake cable and slide it in the slot in the lever.

Things you need to keep a check on:

  1. Check the calipers:

Make sure that the caliper is moving when the cable is pulled. For this, you will have to squeeze the handle to see the caliper closing and opening, or the other way is to have someone adjust while you check for alignment.

  1. Brake pads need to be changed:

A lot of times, when people do not keep a check on brake pads, they are so worn out that they lose their efficiency. Therefore, keep a check on brake pads.

  1. Servicing of the Cables:

When you squeeze the brake handles and if they do not move, then you should make sure to get the services done. If you do not, then the cable will remain stuck in the housing and might break due to friction. Lubricate the cables.

  1. Brake Levers servicing:

The underside of your brake levers have cable clamps and they should be checked for security. If not, then you should lubricate the pivot pin on the lever handle for a better outcome.


Having front brakes is a vital part of a good and satisfying bike riding experience. it helps improve safety and that is a big part of road bike riding.