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How To Put Pegs On A BMX Bike

By: Alex Bristol

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Want to get some BMX pegs for your bike?

BMX bike pegs are a cool addition to your BMX bike, especially if you love doing stunts or grinds, but not every bike comes with a set included. When you want to add an extra set of stunt pegs, or replacing your worn out pegs, you need to know how to put stunt pegs on a bmx.

That’s where I come in. If you’re a beginner, it’s easier to start off with a low-cost, entry-level BMX bike pegs, but if you’re serious about BMX, you’ll want to upgrade your pegs, and to do that you’ll have to know how to remove pegs from bike.

So here’s the deal.

Whether you’re trying to know how to put pegs on a BMX that didn’t have any in the first place, or to replace your old pegs with better pegs, knowing how to put them on and how to install pegs on a BMX is key, before you can go ahead and hunt down the best BMX pegs.

Luckily I know a thing or two about BMX bikes so I will take you through all the steps you need put pegs on your BMX bike.

Grab your pegs and let’s go!

How to put pegs on a BMX bike

Types of BMX Pegs

Pegs are usually only used on BMX bikes, particularly the ones with reinforced forks and frames for strength. If you don’t own a BMX bike, installing pegs on a regular bike may not work and could end up damaging it.

You can find pegs in a variety of materials and weight, mostly metal such as steel or plastic with a core inside. They come in two sizes, 14mm or 3/8inches, depending on the kind of axle you have. BMX riders love using a variety of colors and lengths as well as slippery and grips to suit your riding style and tricks or stunts.

When removing pegs, you need to know that there are two types, either threaded or bolt on. Both of these methods are easy to install, and most importantly to remove.

Before you get stuck in to remove those pegs, you’re going to need a few things.

Which Side BMX Bike Pegs Go On?

There is no right or wrong here. You can put pegs on either side of the bike, it’s all down to the riders preference and riding style. When deciding which side you want, keep in mind that comfort and control are essential when performing stunts, and the side you choose will directly impact that.

Most people opt to put BMX bike pegs on the same side as your leading foot, so if you tend to put your right foot forward when coasting, you could have the stunt peg on the right side.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, the more time you spend on your BMX the more you’ll get comfortable doing different stunts and trying new things. When you fit your pegs to different sides of the bike, you can try out new stunts as well as other tricks with better control and agility.

For beginners, you need to be completely in your comfort zone when it comes to installing pegs on your bike, making sure that you don’t need to look at your feet when moving to and from the peg. To get used to them, I’d recommend getting four pegs on your bike and experimenting with grinding and stunts for street.

Get your tools

Once you’ve decided which side and how many pegs you’re installing, it’s time to get your tools out. You’ll need:

  • Ratchet and extension pole
  • 17 or 19mm socket wrench
  • Optional work stand

Step 1-Remove the bolt

If you have a work stand or bike stand, now would be a good time to use it, if not just flip your bike upside down. You can remove the front nut or bolt from the hub first. You need to apply a bit of grease on its threads to avoid stripping them.

Step 2- Put the peg on the axle

Now you can place the peg onto the axle, and put the nut inside your socket. This is going to make it easier to locate and tighten it on the axle. If your peg has bolts, then you need to put the bolts in the socket with the peg over the top.

Step 3- Tighten the peg

Now you need to simply guide the socket into the hub and tighten it. If you’re doing the rear of the bike don’t loosen both nuts and bolts at the same time, to avoid displacing the chain tension and rear wheel or tire if it is quick release.

Final Thoughts

Putting pegs on bmx bikes doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether they’re steel or alloy cylinders, rear pegs to be used as passenger pegs or different size bike pegs, you can attach pegs to your bike even as a beginner.

BMX stunt pegs are attached to bmx axles, which is why you need some tools to loosen the axle bolts. The tools you need will depend on the axle size.

If you want to put pegs on the back wheel then use rear axles, and the opposite is true for the front wheel or front pegs. Aside from the standard axle size, bike pegs may be made of different materials and weight such as aluminum alloy.

BMX riders who love street and grinding on the rail can make the most of BMX pegs.

Now youre ready to ride!

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