How To Remove Front Brakes From A Bike

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People often think that it is quite an easy task to purchase bike tires. However, one must know that it is not child’s play. In fact, it is one of the most critical things. Purchasing the perfect tires for your bike is a must. This ensures that your bike runs in a smooth manner with great traction. One of the most important things to look for are road bike tires with tread.

Furthermore, a tire must be built in such a way so as to avoid punctures etc. It should also withstand rough surfaces, high temperatures and different weather conditions. All these aspects add to its durability and reliability. There are a few things that one must keep in mind before buying road bike tires. These include beads, casing, size, and most importantly – tread.

How to select tires:


Sub-Treads are commonly present on tires that have extra protection against puncture. Thus, keeping this in mind, all tires do not have a sub-tread. An example of this is that an extra layer of nylon might be set underneath the tread in the tire. This is usually done to prevent sharp objects from puncturing the tube.

If you get the right tire for your bike, it will save you from a lot of hassle. Thus, if you are someone who goes through a lot of flat tires every other day, then buying a tire with sub-treads is a perfect option. The same goes for all those who do not like to deal with the stress of a flat tire. Save yourself from all the worry and make a smart purchase now. The only drawback with tires having a sub-tread is that they weigh slightly more. This is usually not suitable for racers and those who like to ride fast.


The piece of rubber that meets the road or trail is known as the tread. Having a tread on road tires means extra weight and more wear. Thus, it is important for you to maintain a balance between a smooth ride and durability. Harder rubber in road tread bikes lasts for a longer time while the softer rubber results in a better grip around the corners. You can also find tires with both of these qualities. These dual compound tires have excellent traction and are super durable.

Furthermore, there are also bike treads that are specially made for wet roads. The pattern of tread also ensures the quality of the ride and the traction. A good tread in a road bike tire offers good handling of the bike on different types of terrain.


A Road bike tire with tread offers maximum durability. These aspects in a bike prevent the tire from puncturing. Every road has a different texture. Thus, in order to ensure a smooth ride on all terrains, a road bike with tread is a great choice. E.g. Riding in the mud etc. requires different tires with tread.

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Why do you need to remove the front brakes of a bike?

After the question of why you need to remove the front brakes, comes how to remove the front brakes from a bike? Many skilled riders, initially, remove the front brakes of the bike because they want to practice and enhance their skill of stopping the bike faster than the unexperienced riders.

Now we come to the next question of how to remove the front brakes; when we are removing the front brakes from a bicycle, the brake shoes should be cleared. For this, you may find a tab or a button present on the brake lever. A few times, you will come across a quick release lever present on the brake, consisting of a center pull brake. Often times, you will see a quick release on the cable hanger. It might be a little hard to pull up on the yoke and transverse, so you will need to use your hand instead of the lever.

What you need to do for removing the front brakes?

There is a direct pull brake in the front which is called the V brake. By disconnecting the part which is known as the noodle, it gets release by this brake. The cantilever brakes, traditionally, have a cable that can be detached easily. The slotted cable can be loosened sometimes, in order to be adjusted and aligned in the slots. This way you can unlock the nut and pull out the housing cable.

What do you need to remove the brakes?

First of all, you need to have the widest array of tools. This includes the ten millimeter wrench and an allen key set. The reason behind using the entire set is because you will need both, 5mm and 2.5mm wrench for removing the brakes. The brake levers present have a hinge and so you have to remove this 5 millimeter bolt on the backside and simply unhinge the brake lever. Unlike the old ages, you will not have to remove the grip and the bar. The cable lever can be removed easily as it is present only on the inside. It is just a piece of wire that keeps the bike in place.

Knowledge you need to have while removing:

There is a straddle installed at the bottom of the lever. It is basically a bolt with a hole in it. You will also find a nut underneath which you will have to tighten up. When you loosen this straddle, then it becomes easier for you to remove the wire inside it.

However, most of the times, when people have removed the front brakes they end up regretting their decision. This is because when they ride their bike without front brakes, they face a lot of security problems. A lot of times people have complained about sudden jerks and injurious accidents. Even the skilled riders who know how to do their job, avoid removing brakes.

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