How to Soften Leather Bike Gloves

Last Updated on January 15, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on January 15, 2020

Leather cycling gloves are among the most durable types of leather gloves you can find today. They have a thick padding and have excellent shock absorptions properties. Apart from that, they provide maximum protection in case there is an accident. If you are searching for top quality gloves you can use during the cold weather, they are the best because they keep your hands warm.

However, they require special attention unlike other gloves which are made of other fabrics. At times, they may become so hard and using them might be a great challenge. If you have been wondering whether there is a method you can use to soften them, you are in the right place because this is exactly what we shall be discussing in this article.

Step 1 -Soak them in a bucket

Put hot water in a bucket and then place the bike gloves, Leave them in the water got about ten minutes. You can also wait until the water becomes luke warm. 

Step 2 -Wear your gloves

After you have removed the bike gloves from the hot water, you should put them on immediately. You will realize that they are a bit uncomfortable to wear but this will prevent them from shrinking. Stay with them for about 30 minutes or one hour. After sometime, the leather will start stretching and will eventually become soft. 

Step 3 – Hang them so they can dry

Wait until there is no water dripping from the gloves.   Hang them on the sun to dry. Check them occasionally until you find that they are slightly damp. This may take some hours depending on the weather. Avoid using a dryer to prevent damages. 

Step 4 – Put them on again

Once they are slightly damp, wear them again until they dry completely. You can use electric fan to speed up the process of drying.

Step 5 – Apply alcohol

Put a few drops of alcohol on a dry towel and rub it on the leather surface. Repeat this several times as you keep adding more amounts of alcohol. The good thing about alcohol is that it evaporates fast which means that the gloves will not be wet.

Step 6 – Remove the gloves

Make sure that the alcohol has dried completely then remove them.

Step 7- Apply a leather conditioner

Using a rag or a dry towel, apply a leather conditioner or past. Instead of applying the conditioner on the surface, it is good to apply it on a towel then rub it on the leather surface in circular motions. You should apply a lot of pressure when doing this to ensure that the conditioner gets into the pores of the leather surface.

Method 2

This one is an old school method but it is still effective. Follow the following steps.

  • Condition the cycling gloves using a conditioning oil
  • Wrap the gloves around the baseball
  • Wrap a thick rubber band around your glove
  • Allow it to dry in the sun for one or two hours
  • pen it and then flex it several times using your hands
  • Grasp the baseball again and wrap the glove around it. After this, you can wrap it then leave it in a dark and dry lace
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