How To Use Cycling Shoes

By: Alex Bristol

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Cycling shoes are among the most important gears you must have if you love cycling. The good thing about them is that they allow effective energy transfer from the pedals to your feet. They also come with clips that enables them to fit easily on the pedals. Attaching clips to the shoes is a straightforward process and you won’t have any problems even if you have never done this before. You can also use cleats to enhance contact between your feet and the pedals. For those who have never used cycling shoes before, we have explained some of the most important things you should consider when using cycling shoes.

Sole-This is the most important part of a cycling shoes. If the sole is not stiff and sturdy, your feet will not be stable while riding. Make sure that it is made of a non-slip material. A good sole should spread the force you are applying on the pedals to your feet. As a result, it ensures that you do not bend so much. Most of the soles in cycling shoes are made of rigid plastic but are also reinforced by carbon finer or fiberglass.

In addition, road-cycling shoes usually come with threaded insert which functions as the cleat, This insert is located on the other part of the insole.

Uppers –  There are different materials that are used to make the upper part of the cycling shoes.  Some are made of suede, synthetic leather, real leather or a nylon mesh. Irrespective of the material, you need to ensure that the shoe is lightweight enough for long rides. You should also check whether they have a padding at the top and around the heel for maximum comfort.

Closures – To prevent them from slipping, you need to tighten them well. Some use Velcro straps but the modern ones use a ratchet system which is more effective than the straps.

Insoles– Don’t forget to add insoles since they provide a layer of cushion to your feet when wearing the shoe. In case the ones provided are not comfortable, you can replace them with new ones.

Ventilation – Due to the pressure applied when cycling shoes can cause your feet to sweat especially during the warm days. To prevent this, you should always use lightweight shoes. Again, you can choose those that have a mesh. These shoes allow air to pass inside the shoe to prevent sweating. The insole should also have ventilation.

 Winter– Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to enjoy cycling during the cold season. However, there are shoes that are specially designed for cold weather. Unlike other types, these ones are made of waterproof and breathable materials and they also have a layer of insulation. If you want to buy the best shoes for winter, you should buy them during summer. At this time, they usually cost less.


Cycling shoes are very important but at the same time, they can be very dangerous if you do not know hope to use them correctly. If you are just starting your cycling journey, it is our hope that you have learned something from this guide. Always consider all the things we have mentioned if you want to get the best cycling experience.


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