Other Uses For Cycling Sunglasses

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

Wearing sunglasses is essential for most cyclists. After being blinded a couple of times by sunlight or glare, everyone convinces themselves to buy a pair of bike sunglasses. Sometimes, after you’ve spent money to purchase your bike and any mandatory gear you need (such as helmet, front and tail light, and perhaps a bike bell), it’s annoying to spend more to buy one more accessory.

But with all their features, cycling sunglasses can have many more uses than just cycling.

Bike sunglasses protect your eyes from sunlight, harmful U.V. rays, wind, bugs, and dust. Unlike traditional sunglasses, bike glasses are provided with a wraparound design to protect your eyes, and they also allow enhanced peripheral vision. These features make them suitable for lots of activities that require eyes protection and clear vision.

Hiking and running

Bike sunglasses have an ultralight frame that makes them great to be worn for long periods, like during long walks or hikes.

They also fit well and comfortably around the head, and they have rubber and nose pieces so they don’t slip off or bounce on your nose as you move, that’s why they are perfect for running and other sports as well.

Water activities

Cycling sunglasses’ lenses provide a clearer vision under the sun. Some glasses come with polarized lenses that reduce the glare of reflected light on flat surfaces (such as pavements or water surfaces). Fishermen and surfers found them useful for this reason. Plus, some sunglasses are provided with a hydrophobic coating to help water run off the lenses, which is an essential feature for surfing and any other water activity.


Because they improve vision in clear light conditions and reduce glare, some find bike sunglasses very good for driving.

Some sunglasses are also provided with photochromic lenses (light-adaptive lenses that lighten or darken according to light conditions) so drivers don’t need to take their glasses off at dusk or entering a tunnel.

Outdoor work

Because bike sunglasses improve vision outdoor, and because they are lightweight and you tend to forget you’re wearing them, they are useful, and sometimes essential, to all those outdoors workers who spend hours and hours under the sun and need UV protection, but also comfort and a nice fit.

Hang out

Although today cycling sunglasses can be fashionable and stylish, some look like ski goggles and aren’t suitable for hanging out in your casual clothes. But some models have simple frames and dark lenses (black or grey) that make them perfect for everyday activities.

For the reasons stated above, you can use your bike sunglasses for a lot of activities other than cycling. And even though you haven’t been riding a bike for years, but you have specific needs, nothing keeps you from purchasing a pair all the same.


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