Riding a Bike at Night without Lights

By: Alex Bristol

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Riding a Bike at Night without Lights

If your bike has lights, it becomes easy to ride at night because it gives traffic more time to see and react to you. Depending only on street lights is not safe at night. The use of reflective gear can help you to see and help others to see you. If your bike doesn’t have lights, it can put you and others in danger. This is the reason why biking without lights is against the law. By following these guidelines and tips, you’ll not have any problem with riding a bike at night.

Tips To Make You Visible At Night:

 1. Put on Lights to Be Predictable

To be safe at night, put on the lights on your bike. You can put white in front and red in the back. To make the bikers visible, LED Blinky lights do a great job. But these LED lights may not help with lighting darkened roads or bike paths at night. You should look for a new generation of high-power LED lights that are powered by rechargeable NIMH batteries to brighten up the route ahead of you.

2. Have Reflectors on Your Bike
To become more visible to others, wearing reflective pant-straps, jackets, vests and other gear can help you. Also by having reflectors on your bike, it can make you visible to others. Reflectors do reflect under certain lighting conditions.

3. Use Helmet Mounted Headlights
It becomes easy to cast light on the side by using a helmet-mounted headlight. Additionally, it helps in alerting motorists at intersections.

4. Safely Riding Your Bike at Night
Most people like riding bikes at night as they find something exciting about riding a bike at night. You don’t need to worry about riding a bike at night if you have the necessary lights installed on your bike. Bike lights can ensure safety if you are riding a bike at night.

5. Keep a Day And Night Visibility Difference in Your Mind

As compared to the day time, it is dangerous to ride a bike at night because of no light or darkness. At night, riding is difficult because it makes it difficult to see others in front of you. It is also not easy for other vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians to see you. Because of this, the chance of accidents is increased at night. There are many ways by which these dangers can be lowered such as by using a solid front light on your bike.

6. Laws in the USA and Europe
In the United States, the state’s bike laws should be checked. In Europe, it is a legal requirement to have forward-facing lights and reflectors on the back, front and backside of your bike. If you don’t have the proper lights on your bike, you would be stopped by the police in Amsterdam. If you don’t want to pay for a ticket, you should put lights and reflectors on your bike.

7. Required Lights to Be Safe
Having bike lights on the front is mostly recommended because it helps you be more visible and gives enough light to see in front of you. For more visibility and safety, you can put more lights on the side and the back of the bike. If you have lights at the back, it will help others to know that you’re there. Red blinking can be purchased at a cheap price at a local bike shop.

Final Words

Riding a bike at night is dangerous; however, there is no problem if you have necessary lights and reflectors installed on your bike. Different laws in the USA and Europe also confirm it an important requirement to have installed necessary lighting on a bike while riding a bike at night. So, just install front, back headlights and reflectors on your bike and enjoy biking at night without any fear.


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