Road Bike Tires to Avoid Punctures

By: Alex Bristol

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Road Bike Tires to Avoid Punctures

Road bikes are very enjoyable to ride. However, there is nothing more frustrating than tire punctures especially for beginners. You may spend a lot of time as you try to fix them. At times, you may be forced to buy a new tire. The good thing is that road bike tire punctures can be avoided by doing the following.

How to Prevent Tire Punctures

  1. Tire Pressure

Always ensure that the tires have the recommended amount of air pressure. Pounds per square Iinches or PSI usually determine tire pressure. In most case, the recommended maximum tire pressure is displayed on the sidewalls. If the tire is underinflated, it will be more susceptible to pinches. Again, less air will also lead to higher rolling resistance.

As a result, it will be a bit difficult to pedal. On the other hand, over inflation will provide less traction which means that that you may not be able to enjoy your rides. What you need to know is that if the tires are under inflated, it means that they will not be hard enough and once they come into contact with solid objects, you are likely to cause punctures. Again, putting more pressure than the recommended may cause the tire to burst.

  1. Road conditions

Avoid riding on roads where the tires are likely to get into contact with glass and sharp stones. Always ride on the clearest roads like tarmac roads. Don’t forget to use safety features especially when you are riding as a group.

  1. Avoid old tires

In case you are experiencing frequent flats, the best thing you can do is to replace the tires with new ones. You should also check the fabric inside the tire to ensure that the thread is in good condition. When the inside part of the tire is worn out, it is likely to get pinched by the rim which may cause punctures.

  1. Always check the rims

If you have been experiencing flats which are not caused by sharp objects, you may need to check the rims. When checking, ensure that the rim tape is flat and very smooth around the wheel. Also check if the rim tape is covering the spokes. Don’t forget to check the edges of the rim and the valve hole. Remove any sharp objects that may cause flats. Before installing the tire, file all sharp edges of the rim. Avoid using household or electrical tapes to cover the rim.

  1. Use a wide tire

If you ride on rough roads, you need to look for a wide tire. Since wide tires have a high volume of air, they are able to resist punctures and pinch flats. However, if you decide to use a wide tire, you should remember to the correct inner tube. If the tire is wider than the inner tube, the rubber that covers the tube may be spread too thin and this may lead to flats. Ensure that the tire fits the inner tube perfectly.

  1. Purchase puncture resistant tires

The most effective way of preventing punctures is by ensuring that you have purchased high quality tires that are resistant to punctures. Ensure that they are made of high quality materials.


Tire punctures can be very frustrating when they occur. However, you should follow the above tips to prevent road bike tire punctures.


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