Salsa Fargo 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022


Salsa Fargo 2020 Review

If you are looking for a rugged bike that works perfectly for adventurous expeditions, then the Salsa Fargo bike is the right choice. It has an ergonomic design that supports off-road riding and gives you a chance to pack some items. It has a superb wheel and tire connection that delivers maximum momentum, reduces resistance during riding, and rolls rapidly. Moreover, you can use a belt-drive, if you so desire.  


Sturdy Firestarter 110 Fork Mechanism 

Salsa Fargo comes with a lightweight, robust, and multi versatile fork system suitable for different surfaces and terrains. Furthermore, for increased stability band resilience, it was fortified with carbon particles. Not only that, but each fork also has two sets of three-pack mounts, which provides space to hold materials such as water containers, cages, etc. Meanwhile, it also features mounts with mid-blade components to support racks used by low riders. 

Robust Fargo Frameset Geometry

Salsa Fargo has a fantastic design to function as a drop bar mountain bike. It is optimized to work correctly with other Salsa accessories such as handlebars made from Cowchipper or Woodchipper materials. In addition to this, the Salsa Fargo frame is both sturdy and durable enough to move on multiple surfaces, i.e., gravel, singletrack trails, paved roads, etc. It also guarantees predictability when riding, whether or not you have a load. 

Ergonomic Alternator Dropouts

Salsa Fargo has the latest version of the Brand’s alternator system, known as the splittable model. Essentially, it powers the maximum operation of the multifunctional drivetrain. Also, regardless of the condition, you can count on your Salsa Fargo. It works well when geared or run single speed, in thru-axle or QR mode, and with a Rohloff, freehubs, or Gates Belt Drive. 

Ultra Versatile Wheelsize And Specification

An exciting feature of the Salsa Fargo is its uniquely designed tire. When coupled with the wheel, they deliver faster propulsion and efficient weight transfer. They also provide stability, balance, secure handling, and maneuvering for the rider. Furthermore, the frameset can support various tire sizes, such as 27.5 x 3.0 inches, 29 x 2.4 inches, and 29 x 3.0 inches. 

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Brakes & Rotors: dimension -160mm; type – TRP Spyre-C. 

Shifter: Model – SRAM; type – Apex 1. 

Front wheel: dimension – 15 x 110mm; material – WTB Serra Hubs; extra – WTB ST i25 TCS 2.0; height – 32.

Rear wheel: dimension – 141mm; material – WTB Serra Hubs; extra – WTB ST i25 TCS 2.0; height – 32.

Tires: dimension – 29 x 2.2″; material – Teravail Sparwood; type – tubeless ready; extra – durable. 

Weight: 24 lb 8 oz; type – large. 

Suspension fork: length (travel) – 501 – 511 mm (100 mm).

Rigid fork: length – 483 – 486mm.

  • It moves on different surfaces with ease. 
  • It provides versatility for various uses. 
  • It transfers power smoothly to the wheels. 
  • Assembly might require a bit of technical knowledge and may take several minutes.


What is the appropriate tire geometry for the Salsa Fargo frameset?

The ideal geometry for stability and optimum mobility is 27.5 x 3.0″.

Is there provision for suspension fork?

Yes. The Salsa Fargo frameset was designed to use a suspension fork. However, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


The Salsa Fargo is an excellent bike configured to deliver under the toughest of terrains and different conditions. It features a tube set made from triple-butted Cromoly materials. Also, the fork is made from light and sturdy materials to transfer weight efficiently and keep it low throughout the journey. The frame is strong enough to support different rider weights and heights. Still, it works well with varying sizes of the tire to deliver an unforgettable riding experience. 

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