Salsa Timberjack 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Mountain Bike

The Salsa Timberjack 2020 (Review)

The Salsa Timberjack is an agile mountain bike that ensures quality rides even in long trips and rough terrains. The bike is made with parts that are smooth and excellent in aggressive riding, stable, durable, while being capable of promoting adventures and granting confidence to the riders. With this bike, going up and down the hill is made easier with its Timberjack frame, smooth rides are guaranteed with its smooth handlebar,  drivetrain and 130mm travel fork. This bike is suited to ensure great fun in rides and comply with the rider’s swift movements in all terrains, even while providing good corners.


Aluminum Timberjack Frame

These Timberjack frames are high quality and rigid frames that are resistant to rust, light, durable, stiff, and suited to make a big difference in races. The frame makes climbing and descending easier in the mountains. Additionally, it’s very responsive, stable, and suited for aggressiveness while still maintaining preciseness in backpacking and general rides. It also demonstrates flexibility at the right time, especially in sprints, and reduces the effects of bumps in rides with good traction. This frame makes the bike suitable for light and heavy riders and guarantees high excellence in performance.

Vigilante Tires

These tires are designed to overcome any terrain it crosses as it is developed to suit aggressiveness, provide good traction and cornering abilities while increasing speed, good rolling capabilities, and tenacious grip. These tires provide maximum protection even while braking, triumphs in slopes and is resistant to being punctured by rocks. The tires are also made with threads that ensure they last long and take lengthy rides in all terrains inclusive of muddy and sandy areas while maintaining consistency and lightness.

Volt Saddle

This mountain saddle is engineered to provide comfort with its perfect thickness and versatility as it has gained a good reputation amongst good riders. It had been proven to provide comfort in lengthy and fast rides and is structured for the rider to maintain a good pedaling position in any different style of riding method. It is properly padded to ensure efficiency and structured to provide maximum support in climbs and descents while possessing sleek looks and durability.

Salsa Grips 

These are comfortable grips that guarantee safety and efficiency regardless of being used with gloves or not. They are lock-on, possessing a length of 13mm with thick threads that allow for better grip and comfort even on rough terrains while being durable and convenient for the rider as it has a perfect size. It is also suited for adventurous rides.

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Fork: Beacon 130mm RockShox

Tires: Vigilante tires

Frame: Aluminum Timberjack frame

Saddle: Volt saddle

Handlebar: Salsa

Bottom Bracket: Threaded BSA

Grip: Tread Salsa lock-on

Rims: MT400 Shimano

Rear Derailleur: SLX

Stem: Guide

Disc Rotors: SLX between 160mm to 180mm 

Headset: 1.5E FSA

Shifters: Shimano

Seatpost: 170mml adjustable dropper

Crank: MT610 Shimano

  • This bike is designed to give adventurous and exciting rides
  • The bike is versatile
  • The tires are excellent
  • The fork is not so good
  • The saddle is not very light


Can the Salsa Timberjack take on long rides?

Yes, the bike features parts that are suited for long trips while also providing comfort.

Is this bike suited for beginners?

Yes, the bike is affordable enough for beginners


The Salsa Timberjack is one bike that most mountain bikes would love to ride as it is designed to provide excitement in rides that are either long or short while being efficient in performance. The bike is versatile, durable, exceptional in climbing and descending hills while also providing stability and comfort with its parts. The bike is most suited for bikepacking in all the rough trails that the mountains bring.

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