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Salsa Vaya 2020 [Review]

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Salsa Vaya 2020 (Review)

The Salsa Vaya is a hybrid bike, perfect for both commuting and adventures. If you are looking for a bike that has provision for tires with a large diameter, space for three bottles, racks, disc brakes, and mudguards, without adding extra weight, then the Salsa Vaya is your best choice. It has a steel tubing and a sloping geometry that supports an upright position during riding. Also, it has a stable and nimble handlebar that offers different holding options. 


Steel Frame Design 

The Salsa Vaya is made from steel material, which gives a buttery and smooth feeling when riding. It effectively supports the rider’s weight during different moves and styles. Not only that, but it also has a tubing made from Triple-butted CroMoly materials. The tubing fits perfectly into the frame. Besides, it has an internal cable routing that is more appealing, safer and makes for smooth cleaning. 

Ergonomic Shimano 105 Groupset

The Salsa Vaya has a drivetrain with an extended cable housing that enhances riding during harsh conditions and rough terrains. It features a cable guide made from derailleur BB materials, which prevents the housing from sucking in the muck. It also comes in a 2 x 11 setting, which is perfect for a smooth shifting between all cogs. The clean routing design offers additional protection during shifting. 

Relaxing Vaya Geometry

If your desire is a bike that keeps you relaxed on both even and uneven terrains, you need to consider the Salsa Vaya. It is both ergonomic and sleek, giving an emotional connection whenever you get on the bike. It provides comfort even on long miles. With its cozy drop bars, you can undoubtedly find a position that best suits you. Also, you can expect high responsiveness and easy handling while riding. 

Waxwing Deluxe Fork 

Whether you choose to ride on a concrete floor or a gravel surface, the waxwing fork makes the Salsa Vaya an excellent selection. The material for construction is carbon-fiber, giving it extra toughness and stamina. Its lightweight makes it easy to navigate as it absorbs impacts from rough terrains. It also contains 3-pack mounts, fender mounts, internal wire routing, and a mid-blade mount for a low rack.  


Frame: material – carbon, and steel; type – rigid. 

Fork: type – rigid. 

Front Axle: Type – thru axle; dimension – 12mm x 100mm; 

Rear axle: type – QR; dimension – 100mm. 

Front Derailleur: Material – Shimano Tiagra; color – Silver. 

Rear Derailleur: Material – Shimano LX; type – long cage; color – silver. 

Handlebar: model – Tape Salsa Gel Cork; color – Dark Brown

Front Brake: Material – SRAM BB5 Road; dimension – 160mm; type – Rotor; other – 6-Bolt. 

Rear Brake: Material – SRAM BB5 Road; dimension – 160mm; type – Rotor; other – 6-Bolt.

Saddle: material – Velo w/ Salsa Embroidery; color – Brown.

  • It moves smoothly on different surfaces. 
  • It provides maximum comfort for the rider. 
  • Its waxwing fork transfers weight efficiently. 
  • The handlebars fit easily into one’s hands. 
  • The steel frame makes it more sturdy and stable.
  • The port used for shifter cable is located on the side.


Does the Salsa Vaya bike have provision for a suspension fork? 

No. The frame was designed to accommodate a waxwing fork, not suspension fork. 

What type of braking system is installed on this bike?

It features a mechanical disc brake made with TRP Spyre-C.


The Salsa Vaya is a superb bike that offers more options than you’d wish for in a motorcycle. Its large tires add a cushioning effect during riding. Also, its saddle makes you comfortable, regardless of the position you maintain. Climbing mountains is a pleasurable experience, thanks to the Salsa Vaya. Nevertheless, it does not compromise on speed. It features a steel frame that is both sturdy and reliable. 

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