Specialized CruX Expert 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

CruX Expert

Specialized CruX Expert 2020 Review

This Specialized CruX Expert is a specially designed cyclocross all-round bike that ultimately sets to improve performance in all the courses of this race by possessing innovative and reliable race components that ensure smooth and compliant rides. The components are; Rider-First Engineered Carbon frame that enhances lightness and stiffness, clearance tires, hydraulic reliable SRAM brakes, durable wheels, and smooth drivetrain. All these components combined to ensure the rider’s dominance and stability even in the slightest and steepest of corners and rugged terrains with precise agility.


Carbon FACT Frame

This frame incorporates the Rider-First Engineered design, thus enhancing the racing attribute of this bike and increasing responsiveness, accurate stiffness, power distribution, predictable steering, rigidity, rapid acceleration, and essentially lightness. This quality Carbon reactive frame is excellently suited for climbs and descents, long rides, and is fully charged for racing and high performance resulting from Specialized’s multiple processes on creating a distinct frame for races.

Tracer Bliss Pro Tires

These are race-inclined tires that support varying terrains with a tread that maximizes speed and designs that aid comfort and grips. They are made for excellent grips on steep and slimy terrains and corners. They help to promote the rider’s stability and improve the rider’s experience. Not only that, but it also keeps the rider in charge and increases confidence even at high speed and when braking and still maintains good puncture-protectedness and excellence in various courses even in muds with clearance abilities to remove muds. Thus, promoting lightness of the bike in all conditions.

Alloy Specialized Handlebar

These are fatigue-reducing bend bars that possess excellent strength, smoothness, and comfort as it reduces pressure, thus enhancing comfort and aids smooth rides and easy steering. It is light, suitable for various terrains of cyclocross and maintains stiffness that improves general ride quality and performance of the rider

Phenom Saddle

These are phenomenal saddles designed for long rides and maximum comfort by featuring support cushioning that brings about high performance in races and still maintain durability and reduced numbness. It is structured to promote proper blood flow and ensure better pedaling, being expertly structured to suit the rider’s body needs and maintain lightness, stiffness, and mobility.

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Brakes: 160mm, hydraulic SRAM brakes

Rear Derailleur: SRAM 1

Seatpost: Specialized Carbon

Wheels: Disc, 38 Roval

Handlebar: Shallow, Expert Specialized

Frame: 11r FACT frame (Carbon)

Stem: Alloy, Pro Specialized 

Saddle: Phenom Geometry saddle

Tires: 700×30mm, Tracer tires

Bottom Bracket: Praxis

Fork: 11r Carbon FACT

Cassette: 11-32t

Shifters: SRAM 1

Crank: Zayante, M30 Praxis

Chain: 40t Wave

  • The bike features great abilities in the muds
  • Specialized CruX Expert is structured for high performance in races 
  • The bike possesses a great stem with four adjustable positions thus suiting various positions in rides
  • It suits a variety of terrains


  • The handlebars and the seat post is not light
  • The color of the bike is not accommodating to all


Is the Specialized CruX Expert bike suited for road rides?

Yes, the bike provides a great feel even on roads, but a rider may need to add wider tires for stability

Can a beginner ride this bike?

Yes, the bike accommodates beginners


The Specialized CruX Expert bike is an awesome composition of all that is needed to take over cyclocross races by being perfectly suited for climbs and descents. It possesses great handling with abilities to fly and make good cornering even in steep and muddy terrains and accurately urges the rider on and still, maintains good speed, stability, comfort, and providing an overall phenomenal ride feel. The components are exotic with an adjustable seat post, hydraulic brakes, Carbon 11r frame and fork with good clearance tires; all that provides reliability in cyclocross.

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