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Specialized Langster

By: Mason Arnold

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Specialized Langster Review

Specialized Langster 2017 Singlespeed Bike is a versatile bike that handles well on smooth and rough surfaces alike. It leverages on a nimble frame, forged from A1-grade aluminum. It is decidedly stiff while in motion. There is a carbon-based FACT fork on the bike. The advantage of the fork is that the rider feels less of road vibrations. It also delivers better steering reactions when needed. The bike also comes in a comprehensive build kit for a variety of Landscapes.

Fantastic Sport Wheels

One significant feature of the Specialized Langster 2017 is its wheels. They are the Axis Sport Track wheels that deliver lots of power, especially when the rider is sprinting. The wheels are stiff, which means they would handle bends and turns more efficiently. They are strong enough for long rides and suitable for riders who intend to ride every day. They are also big on durability, which is one other essential wheel characteristics.

Great FACT fork

Specialized designed the FACT (Functional Advanced Composite Technology) fork for the Langster 2017. They used a custom layup technique, which gives the fork a unique rigidity. It sits flush with the rest of the frame. The rider would experience an increased stiffness at the front of the bike, due to the fork. It also delivers faster response times when steering. The rider can steer appropriately, depending on what kind of track on which they happen to be.

Reinforced Frames

The frame on the bike comes from an A1 premium aluminum block. Specialized tuned the frame’s geometry especially for track areas. However, they’ve also tweaked the tubings around the dimension of the frame to increase the stiffness. It translates to a dominant performance for the rider when on a street road or a bike track. It also doesn’t cut back on comfortability.

Great Alloy Crankset

The Crankset on the Langster 2017 is a tapered alloy square one. It blends well with the overall frame, as it offers the same stiffness as the rest of the bike. It delivers ample power as the drivetrain of the bike. It has a 48T chainring, which many people recognize to be a very rigid chainring. The Crankset is durable as well; the company built it to last for several years.


Fork: The Langster 2017 has a custom FACT fork, with an alloy crown

Crankset: The bike sports the 144 BCD spider crankset.

Cassette: It has a 17T track cog, along with a steel lock ring

Chain: The rider can find the 10-speed KMC Z510HX chain on the Langster 2017

Saddle: The bike uses a Body Geometry Saddle, with steel rails

Handlebars: The company used a custom handlebar with a short drop

Stem: The stem is a 3D forged alloy one, with a rise of 7°

Seatpost: The Seatpost on the bike is a 12mm offset one, with a 2-bolt clamp configuration


  • Langster 2017 makes only minimal flex when in motion
  • Its single-speed gear configuration is powerful for day to day use
  • The tires on the bike are quiet on hard pavements
  • Langster 2017 doesn’t come with a freewheel gear in the box


Q: Does Specialized Langster 2017 Singlespeed bike come in different colors?

A: No. It is only available in red paint job from the major retailers


The Specialized Langster 2017 attains high speeds quickly, despite its single gear system. The entire frame of the Langster 2017 is rigid, with very little flex while running. Riders can handle tracks and similar roads better, thanks to its geometrics. It feels well on streets with bends. The bike is ideal for city commutes and personal bike training.