Specialized Tarmac SL6 Comp Disc 2020 [Review]

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Tarmac SL6
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Specialized Tarmac SL6 Comp Disc Review

The Specialized Tarmac SL6 is one of the best mountain bikes for topsy-turvy mountain landscapes. It is designed to perform great at very high speeds, with a FACT 10r carbon Fork which is specially designed to absorb trail vibrations. The lightweight body frame gives the bike great climbing ability. The hydraulic disc braking system is so reliable, helping the rider make smooth turns and sharp stops. Shifting between gears is so smooth with the Ultegra system components. 



The body frame of this mountain bike is constructed from lightweight 9r FACT carbon. This makes the bike perform well in the area of handling especially with jumps and swerves as it won’t be bulky to hoist around. The frame is flexible and has a well-rounded, sharp handling feature, which gives the biker balanced control over any terrain. It is also resistant to impacts from the rigors associated with mountain biking. It is very easy to maintain as well.



The Ultegra groupset employed whenever the rider wants to shift gears is so top-notch. The rider can shift gears seamlessly whilst employing the derailleurs and brackets regardless of the mountain trail in his path. This enables the rider to take those turns with relative ease without breaking a sweat. The hydraulic braking system is also engineered with the best in Shimano technology to control the bike effortlessly. It comes with a 22 gear system that is typical of racing bikes and fantastic for mountain bikes.



The wheels of the Specialized Tarmac SL6 are lightweight R470 DT. They are designed to make uphill ascents every easy. Their 26mm width adds a level of stability when riding, especially when climbing uphill. They have great traction especially when the brakes are applied or when rounding a bend. The tires also have a blackbelt protective coating to keep them from getting punctured in rough mountain terrain.

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BODY FRAME: lightweight carbon FACT 9r, flat-mounted disc, 12 X 142mm axle, BB thread

DERAILLEUR: front derailleur with Ultegra R8000, Shimano and back derailleur with medium size cage, Ultegra GS R8000

FORK SYSTEM: carbon dropout 10r, flat-mounted disc, 12 X 100mm axle

GEARS: 22 gears system

CHAIN: 11-speed levels, Shimano

CHAINRING: 52/36-tooth

INSIDE TUBES: 48mm sized, Presta

CRANKSET: 11-speed levels, hollow Tech 2

SHIFT LEVER: Ultegra Shimano r8020

LOW BRACKET: Shimano thread

WHEELS: 24 holes covered cartridge, Swiss DT R470, ceramic speed,

SEAT POST: carbon S-works, 20mm downturn, 27mm

SEAT: 143mm wide, hollow rails, toupe camp gel

BINDER: 31.2mm alloy

SPOKES: Stainless, 14g

STEM VERSION: 4 bolt Alloy, forged 3D, 7 degrees raise

TAPE: Sticky gel and Roubaix s-wrap

PEDAL SYSTEM: loose ball bearings, 105 X 78 x 28mm, nylon

HANDLEBARS: 70 X 125mm, clamp 31.8mm, shallow dropping

TIRES: folding beads, blackbelt protective layers, 60tpi, 700 X 26mm

CASSETTE: 11-30T, Ultegra 8000,

BRAKING SYSTEM: Hydraulic discs levers, Shimano rs505

POWER METER: Double-sided factory set

ROTOR: Front rotor of 160mm and back rotor of 140mm

SIZES: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

  • Well balanced handlebars
  • It is Lightweight made of a light carbon frame
  • Double-sided power meter
  • A bit expensive


Does the bike come with pedals pre-installed?
Yes it does


The Specialized Tarmac SL6 is a mountain bike for making those strenuous ascents with relative ease. It is lightweight, has a hard bottom bracket and ball bearings that make it go very fast. It is very efficient at taking those sharp turns swiftly with the biker having more control.  With the Specialized Tarmac SL6, a mountain biker is assured of riding in a safe, comfortable manner at high speeds which comes as a result of its 22 gears.

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