The Specialized Venge Pro Disc Force ETAP 2020 Road Bike 2020 [Review]

Reviewed by Pedallers

Last Updated on March 21, 2022


The Specialized Venge Pro Disc Force ETAP 2020 Road Bike Review

The Specialized Venge Pro Disc Force ETAP 2020 Road Bike is specially formulated to pierce the air, giving you tremendous speed entirely. It is 460grams lesser than usual weight, thus lighter and more befitting to take on a race. An added advantage for road racers.

With a Rider-First Engineered carbon frame, the bike is adequately tough and light. The saddles are very comfortable, and the wheels are slick with just the right amount of traction to take on different roads.


Hydraulic Disc Brakeset

The Specialized Venge bike uses a hydraulic disk brake set, SRAM FORCE brakes. These brakes have the power to stop in any weather condition and instantaneously too. This bike shifts and totally removes the jolts that come from immediate stops. Quite easy to maintain and long-lasting. They are also versatile, which is recommended for a professional rider. The brakes feature gearing that matches the bike. With this brake set, confidence, safety, and comfort are ensured.

Specialized Carbon Frame

The Frame is a carbon Rider-First Engineered frame. These frames are light, stiff, and extremely tough (the frames are 240grams lighter). This ensure the rider exerts control over the ride. This Rider-First Engineered frame is efficient and comfortable, so riders don’t have to worry about anything exerting energy when making jumps. The Specialized Venge is relatively stiff and projects a structure that enables the rider to have a thrilling ride.

 Tubeless-ready Wheels

These are Carbon and tubeless-ready wheels of Roval CL 50 disc. They are incredibly light wheels. Well threaded, smooth-rolling, reliable, and durable. They are tubeless. Suitable to take on all terrains. It also comes with a chainset of AXS SRAM that attaches to the wheels and aids friction reduced rolling.


This features a carbon FACT 11r S-works fork. They are high-quality forks for increased efficiency while taking power rides. The 11r FACT  carbon fork ensures rigidity and stability of the bike in a spin and reduces shocks from potholes and bumps. These forks built to be tough and light with the best in FACT engineering. S-works are high-level designs and are perfect for riders as it boosts their performance during trips.

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Frame: A carbon Rider-First Engineered frame, 11r Fact

Brakes: Hydraulic disc, SRAM FORCE

Gears: There are 12 gears

Stem: 6-degree, integrated system

Rear-wheel: Tubeless wheels, carbon, CL 50 disc, Roval

Chain: 12-speed, SRAM

Fork: Mount disc (flat), carbon 11r FACT

Front/Rear Derailleurs: AXS SRAM FORCE

Cassette: 12-speed, SRAM

Shifters: AXS, SRAM

Handle: Aerofly, S-Works

Rear Wheel: Tubeless, Roval, carbon

Bar tape: Sticky gel, S-Wrap

Bottom bracket: BB30 DUB SRAM

Chainset: 481351 AXS, SRAM

  • The bike comes with great SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.
  • It can be ridden on any given terrain or weather condition
  • It has an aerodynamic build that supports speed.
  • The handle is a lower than the seat and can cause inconvenience to the rider


Is the specialized Venge Bike a heavy bike?

It is not too heavy at just 16.8lbs

Is the Specialized Venge only suitable for races?

It is suitable for races and chain gangs and regular rides


With an aerodynamic build and and a rider first engineered frame  the Specialized venge is an awesome bike to take on the road anytime anywhere. It comes fully imbued with a Shimano Dura-ace shifts and great Roval CLX 64 disc rim, the bike was surely built for the road lovers. Taking this bike on the road is a dream come true for bikers who favour speed alongside strength.

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