Storage Ideas When Riding a Bike

By: Alex Bristol

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Storage Ideas When Riding a Bike
The need to carry stuff with you while riding a bike is vital, either your destination might be near or far. Everyone needs to carry stuff with them. It may be a tyre-tube, a pump or a grocery from the store.

There are many loading options available but the best one depends on your needs. The right set-up depends on your destination, the stuff you need to carry with you and the quantity as well as the size of the baggage. It also depends on the type of set-up you are comfortable with. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the storage types available there.

Carrying Small Loads
In Your Pockets
The cycling jersey has three pockets available and can be efficiently used to carry stuff around.
Can stay with you even if you are not riding your bike.

It has limited capacity.
Could ruin your jersey if you overload it with stuff.

In The Saddle Bag
There are many saddlebags available out there in the market. It ranges from small to large sizes. You can take it with you while going on a cycling adventure or even for your daily travelling. The latest designs are big enough to carry almost half of your gear.
Convenient, A tidy way to keep stuff.
Could be stolen easily and tough to carry.

Carrying larger loads
There are a wide variety of bags available for people who love to travel through cycling. Many prefer to take a hiking daypack, but there are many bag designs available for cycling whether it is commuting or mountain biking. A rucksack usually has two straps to cover the shoulder but it can have an external frame, an internal frame, and body packs.
Flexible and easy to carry, can go with you anywhere you want.
Tough to carry when overloaded,  can lead to a sweaty back and the bag could be floppy if underloaded

A pannier is a container similar to the basket. They are usually made using nylon and stitched together while in case of water-proof panniers it is welded together. To carry it on a bike you need a rack to hang it. The rack can be attached either at the back of the bike or the fork.

Rear racks are usually used more often, but some say that heavy panniers can drastically affect your handling of the bike, causing the back end of the bike to wiggle around. Hence they say that the low-rider front panniers are better. But this advantage is only available with low-rider rack heavily-laden front panniers not that efficient.
Comfortable and convenient, could be used for large capacity loading.
It is awkward to carry around, easily stolen if left unchecked. Handling becomes a challenge.

It is very efficient for carrying large loads either it is groceries from the store. Your pet animals and luggage for campaign trips.  You can even unhitch the trailer and use the bike on its own.
Capable of carrying large loads even pet animals, with no negative effect on the handling of the bike
ConsExtra things to pull while riding a bike, expensive and extra security required while locking it.

Handlebar Bag
Handlebar bags are less talked about but they can be very handy while carrying small and compact loads either they be snacks or a compact camera. Modern bags even have an attachment system attached to them so you could easily take them off whenever you need to go for a stroll or for taking your valuables with you wherever you go.
Easy to carry around.
Makes handling difficult if overloaded, Awkward to fit on some bicycle.

The Bottom Line
Whether its a saddle bag or rucksack, storing different items while riding your bike is something that every rider needs to have. Obviously, everything depends upon your requirements, available space and what you are comfortable with.

Every storage type has its pros and cons. So, the key is to choose the storage type that perfectly suits you among all.


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