The 2–Wheeled RideKick & How It Works

By: Alex Bristol

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One of a kind 2 – wheeled Ridekick:

The 2 – wheeled Ridekick, not sure how it works? No need to worry, we got you covered on all basis with our great intel on this electric power that you can add to your bicycle to make it run like lightning on those lazy Sunday mornings.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not in the mood to pedal through the mountainous terrains every day, but sometimes you just want to admire the beauty around you. This is one cycling component not a lot of bicyclists have.

But have you ever thought of feeling the wind on your face on a Sunday hike at a full-throttle? It sounds fun no matter what anybody says. You can avail this amazing feature with none other than you very own 2 – wheeled Ridekick that can power up to a speed of 20 mph.

Benefits of owning a 2 – wheeled Ridekick

To start off, it offers you a lot of fun and it is quite easy to attach, as well. Within just 15 seconds you can clip in on, or off, while the installation would take around 10 – 15 minutes. This is not it, but it gives you a safe cargo space to accommodate 75 lbs.

What more could one want? But the manufacturers of 2 – wheeled Ridekick has stepped up their game with the weather resistance of the storage capsule. Moreover, it has a combination lock along with a cable lock, for that extra security.

You can lock up your 2 – wheeled Ridekick and wear the steel security loop on your arm. Also, rechargeable batteries are part of the package that consists of 10-mile batteries. Also, if you want to increase the time range, just upgrade to lithium batteries.

Lastly, it is safe and stable for use in difficult terrains and turns.

Tools required for assembly:

The following are all the tools you would need to assemble your very own 2 – wheeled Ridekick, such as a 4 mm Allen wrench, which is included in the package. But a 10 mm box wrench which is also required will not be found in the package. A simple 10 mm piler does the job as well.

In case of your bike model does not have an instant release axle, you would require a wrench in order to remove the rear axle nut from the back wheel. Hitch adapters are specifically designed for this delta style trikes.

How the 2 – wheeled Ridekick works?

The mechanism is quite simple, as the motor in the trailer wheels spins, which allows the wheels to grip the ground with force. Thus, it pushes the rider sitting on the bike forward with ease. It is important to note that it is an electricity-powered trailer that needs to be charged.

This is one of the easiest ways to turn a traditional bike into an electric one. Just a press away you can throttle at the speed you want to. It is amazing on the kinds of bikes it can connect easily to, such as cruiser bikes, mountain, or road, trike and hybrid as well.


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